Kansas State Wildcats at Baylor Bears Betting Preview

With only a handful of regular season games remaining in the Big 12 schedule, both Baylor and Kansas State head into Tuesday night’s matchup looking to get back in the win column and gain some much-needed late season momentum. For the Wildcats, wins have been tough to come by as Kansas State has dropped seven consecutive games and currently sits in last in the conference. Baylor, on the other hand, had won an impressive 23 games in a row before being tripped up at home against conference rival Kansas. In order to keep pace with the Jayhawks atop the Big 12 standings, Baylor will need a win on Tuesday night over Kansas State.

Kansas State Hoping to Claw to Victory

This season has certainly not gone as planned for Bruce Weber’s club, as the Wildcats have salvaged just two victories in 14 Big 12 games to this point in the season. Kansas State also hasn’t won a true road game since November 9th, so the odds are certainly against the boys from Manhattan to pull off the shocker. They were competitive with Baylor when the two met at Bramlage Coliseum earlier in the month, falling by just six points a tightly contested game. For a gritty bunch that has lost its last five road games by 11 points or less each, Kansas State will look to keep Baylor within striking distance in the hopes of pulling an upset.

Forward Xavier Sneed has been one of the lone bright spots on a struggling Kansas State offense, as the talented senior is averaging 14.3 points per game on the year. Guard Cartier Diarra is the only other Wildcat to average double-figures in scoring this season (12.9 ppg), as Kansas State has struggled to find much offense this season. On the year, the Wildcats average just 64.3 points per game, the lowest mark in the Big 12 and amongst the worst in the country.

Bears Look for Bounce-Back Win

As Baylor prepares to enter Tuesday night’s contest coming off a loss for the first time in more than three months, the Bears have very little to hang their heads about. Currently sitting at 13-1 and just a half-game out of the top spot in the Big 12, Baylor has much to play for over the final few regular season games. Despite entering as a massive favorite on Tuesday night, it’ll take a total team effort to get back in the win column. The 9-18 Kansas State bunch may be the perfect opponent for Baylor, who have an opportunity to notch a much-needed win and regain some momentum that was lost following this past weekend’s devastating loss.

Baylor’s two best players this season have been guards Jared Butler and MaCio Teague. With the talented tandem averaging just under 30 points per game combined, Baylor’s efficient offense has averaged just over 70 points per game on the year. The true strength of this Bears team has been their defense, which has given up just 58.4 points per game on the season, good for third-best in the country. When taking on an offensively challenged team like the Wildcats, Baylor has a strong opportunity to hold its fifth consecutive opponent under the 65-point mark.

Even with a double-digit spread, the discrepancy in talent between these two squads is quite evident. I predict Baylor comes out fired up and looking for someone to take its frustrations out on following the Kansas loss. Unfortunately the Wildcats, Kansas State will bear the brunt of that force as they enter one of the toughest venues in the nation. Give me Baylor by a huge margin on Tuesday night for an important bounce-back game for the Bears. Take the Baylor Bears -14 at www.a1pph.com our favorite pay per head bookie site.

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A1 Makes The Grade When Rating Pay Per Head Services

The rapid expansion of online sports betting in the US market alone has led to an explosion of online betting sites. One of the best ways to sift through this ever-expanding list is to study the results of comprehensive and unbiased reviews of any site taking action online.

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, you need to perform the same level of due diligence to find the right pay per head bookie services to operate your business online. These vital services take care of the operational end of your business so you can focus more of your time and attention on your customer base.

You need the peace of mind that your PPH service can meet and hopefully exceed all of your expectations. The value in the weekly per head fee that you are paying for each of your active betting customers needs to be maximized. While these fees remain your biggest business cost, this service needs to be your biggest business asset.

What is A1 Bookie Services Rated On?

Receiving an overall high grade is the end result of years and years of perfecting all the services A1 Price Per Head offers. However, there are three key categories that keep this PPH Service at the top of their game.

  • Advanced Operating System

Every pay per head site begins and ends with the technology and software applications supporting the bookie services they offer. Many of today’s sites look for shortcuts to lessen their internal costs.

A1 is owned and operated by online sports betting industry professionals. They have an extensive background in both sports betting and online gambling software. Along with the basic online gambling platform behind every PPH service, A1 has invested heavily to develop proprietary software applications that enhance the entire package.

They have also taken the proper steps to build a reliable internal operating system that can process every online transaction in a safe and secure manner. A high level of redundancy is in place to make sure your bookie business stays up and running online every hour of every day all year long.

  • Extensive Betting Options

As a full-service private bookmaker, you need a bookie services supplier that can always help you level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is through extended betting options covering a vast amount of sports and sporting events.

With fast and easy access to sharp betting lines, you can build out your betting board to meet everyone of your customer’s needs. Extensive betting options can also be used as a marketing tool to attract potential betting customers to the services you offer.

  • Exceptional Business Support

Tying everything together, the team at A1 has always received the highest grades when it comes to providing continual business support. It starts with your own personal account manager than can walk you through the simple steps of taking your bookie business online with A1. Next is an experienced IT staff that can help you create and maintain of professional online business presence. This is another powerful marketing tool for building business revenue and higher net profits.

Finally, the in-house customer service team at A1 comes from a sports betting background. They know exactly what goes into running and managing a successful private bookie business. This team will also score high grades with your betting base when it comes to managing their online betting accounts.

A1 Bookie Services and The NFL Playoffs

The biggest betting league heads into the biggest betting part of the season. As a private bookie catering to a US betting clientele, you already know how much the NFL means to your bottom line. From early September right through the end of the year, most of the weekly revenue and gross profit is directly tied to action on NFL games.

Starting the first weekend in January, the focus shifts to the postseason games in pursuit of winning the annual Super Bowl. That final game the first Sunday in February just so happens to be the biggest single-day betting event of the year.

No matter what pay per head service you have been using all season long, now is the time to get serious about finding the one that can help you make the most of this incredibly lucrative betting event.

A1 Price Per Head has risen through the ranks over the past several years to become one of the must trusted names in the pay per head industry. Along with that trust is the guarantee that this is also one of the best PPH services when it comes to making bookies more money. That is what it is all about, especially during the NFL postseason.

Build Added Business Through The Entire NFL Playoff Run

It all starts with Wildcard Weekend. This is the opening round of games pitting a pair of division title winners against a pair of wild card teams in each conference. While the top two division winners in the AFC and NFC earn a first round bye, these eight teams are ready to grind it out for that initial postseason win.

This attracts some added betting action because there are only four games on the board. Bettors that stick to just one or two games a week during the regular season can easily be enticed to bet all four games given all the added options A1 brings to your betting board.

The action junkies in your customer base will not only bet all four games but they will be looking for new ways to add even more excitement to the action on the field.

NFL Playoffs Live In-Game Betting

This is when A1 bookie services can expand your profits with an expanded board for live in-game betting options. The only thing more thrilling than betting on NFL playoff games is betting on them after the initial kickoff. By using A1’s online marketing tools, you can use live betting to fully engage your entire sports betting base while also attracting some new customers to everything you have to offer.

With the proper groundwork in place, the next four playoff games in the Divisional Round should be an even bigger weekend of action. The top four NFL teams take to the field in this round to dial up the interest from your betting base.

Building on the success from an expanded betting board and live-in game options, your revenue and gross profit figures should continue to rise.

The third Sunday in January is reserved for the two conference championships. By now, every betting customer is all in when it comes to betting on which two teams will go on to meet in the Super Bowl. Even though there are only a pair of games, with the help of A1, this has the potential to be an even bigger betting event than the first two rounds.

A1 Bookie Services and The Super Bowl

All the hard work and added effort through the first three rounds puts you in position to make this season’s Super Bowl a huge success. A1 knows how to best capitalize of the biggest betting events of the year. With this price per head shop right by your side, the money you make on the Super Bowl can start 2020 off to being your biggest and best year ever.

Max Out Your Super Bowl Revenue and Profit With A1 Bookie Services

When the biggest single-day betting event of the year rolls around, you need the right pay per head site by your side as a private bookie. This is your big chance to capitalize on the NFL’s annual Super Bowl from a revenue and profit standpoint. However, working with the wrong pay per head bookie services provider can cut deep into your bottom line for this once-a-year event.

The NFL takes two weeks to build the hype for the big game. This gives you more than enough time to ditch your current PPH service if they have not lived up to your expectations over the entire football season. Unreliable service, poor business support and hidden fees and added costs are sure signs that it is time to upgrade to A1 Price Per Head.

Why Switch to A1?

You should never stick with something that does not get the job done to your complete satisfaction. Too many private bookies settle with their same PPH service for all the wrong reasons.

A cheap weekly per head fee is not a sound business reason to put up with cheap service. Timing may be another concern. Making the change now still gives you plenty of time to meet all of your customer’s betting needs for the big game. Whatever may be holding you back from making the switch can never justify settling and leaving money on the table.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is A1 Price Per Head bookie services. Owned and operated by online sports betting experts, this bookie software solutions package takes a comprehensive approach to its design and it is delivered in turnkey fashion to make the changeover as seamless as possible.

From professional account managers, highly experienced IT technicians, in-house sports betting subject matter experts to a friendly and helpful customer service staff, you will have an entire team of business support by your side. Their bookie agents see A1 as the silent business partner with their best interests top of mind.

That same team can now be a vital part of your future success running and managing your own independent sportsbook. Getting a fast start out of the gate with the Super Bowl will set the stage for your most profitable return on investment yet.

A1 Gets You Ready For Some Football, Super Bowl Style

The Super Bowl expands the betting potential to a level that is truly its own. A1 can get you all the big game’s betting lines you need to exceed your betting customer’s expectations. Their goal is to completely level the playing field from a betting options standpoint against the big commercial online sportsbooks that are pulling out all the stops to attract bettors to their sites.

A1 offers an online operating system and a sophisticated sports betting platform that would rival what the biggest online books are using to power their million-dollar websites. You can rest with the peace of mind that everyone of your customers will find more than enough ways to bet on this game.

You can also use your expanded Super Bowl betting board to attract new sports bettors to your bookie operation. Gaining a few extra customers for the Super Bowl in early February will lead to expanded revenue of added profit all year long.

Best of all, A1 offers a complete set of real time business analytics that will always keep you way out in front of all the daily and weekly action you take it. Do yourself a favor and check out everything that A1 can bring to the table as a true value-added bookie services provider.

A1 Keeps Your Bookie Business Booming Into February

Too many private bookies make the mistake of putting too many eggs in the football basket when it comes to generating revenue and profit. Making a killing on the Super Bowl is great but plans need to be in place to fully capitalize on other major betting sports come February and beyond.

Smart bookies running and managing an independent bookmaking operation already know that building year-long revenue and profit is tied to having the right pay per head service in place. From an operational standpoint as well as when it comes to marketing your bookie services, the right pay per head can make all the difference in the world.

Achieve Your Long-Term Goals With A1 Price Per Head Bookie Services

There are a number of good pay per head sites to choose from in today’s online sports betting industry. However, if you are serious about growing and building your bookie business into the best it can be, you need A1 Price Per Head by your side as the ‘best of the best’.

Owned and operated by experienced sports betting professionals with a high level of expertise in online gambling software applications, A1 Price Per Head offers a comprehensive bookie services package at a very affordable weekly per head fee for your active betting customers.

This package is also turnkey by nature with easy site navigation, fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting lines and simple to manage with real time business analytics covering every aspect of the operation.

It all starts with the staff at A1. Account managers will work hand-in-hand with you for added business support. In-house line setters make sure everything released is sharp. IT tech support can create a professional online business presence. The A1 customer service team offers a vast amount of experience in the online sports betting industry. They know exactly what it takes to be a successful private bookie.

Plans can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. You will never have to worry about any hidden fees or added costs tapping into your profits. One low weekly per head price covers it all.

Grow and Expand Your Bookie Business With A1

Everyone knows that the NFL draws the most betting action of any professional sports league. A1 knows that serious bookies cannot grow and prosper on a long-term basis relying too heavily on pro football to meet any set financial goals.

You cannot afford to skip a beat when the NBA and college basketball become the biggest source of betting revenue. You need to also generate other action from NHL games, international soccer leagues and other smaller betting sports to round things out.

As a private bookie, you should break each sport down into individual profit centers. The more profit centers you create the better off your bottom line will be. It becomes much easier to reach any set financial goals when you are bringing in betting revenue from multiple revenue streams.

That does not happen by accident or dumb luck. Working closely with the A1 team, you can put the proper plans into motion for marketing a wide array of sports and sporting events to your existing sports betting customer base.

There are basically two ways to grow and expand business. The first is by increasing each customer’s weekly and monthly betting activity. A diverse betting board can pay major dividends with this initiative.

The other way to grow is with an expanded betting base. The combination of both of these elements is the best way to achieve your business goals.

Fine Tune Your Betting Board With A1 Bookie Services

Today’s modern pay per head bookie software service is designed to process the day-to-day online transactions that go into the overall sports betting process. They offer both the products and services that cover the operational end of the business so you can spend more of your time servicing your sports betting customer base while adding potential customers to the mix.

Another extremely important aspect for any pay per head site is offering fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need, when you need them. Given that there are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to signing on with a pay per head provider, they are not all created equal.

Some are better than others when it comes to the overall bookie software solutions package and then there is the best; A1 Price Per Head bookie services.

Experience, hard work and dedication to their craft have gone a long way towards making it to the top of the list. However, one of the biggest benefits A1 brings to the table is a high level of expertise when it comes to running and managing a successful bookmaking operation.

Owned and operated by both sports betting experts and online gambling software innovators, this combination is why more and more bookie agents are switching to A1’s bookie services to run and manage a successful independent book.

Building Up Your Betting Board With A1 PPH

Too many private bookies are content with taking basic bets for all the major betting sports as their primary stream of revenue. Granted, straight bets on the sides and total line for NFL and NBA games does drive most bookie’s overall numbers. However, you are leaving way too much money on the table if this is your focus as well.

A1 utilizes external oddsmaking services from some of the best line setters in the sports betting industry. They also offer internal line setting services as a way to further sharpen and expand their overall offering. This gives you the opportunity to build up your betting board for all of the top betting sports. By diversifying your options for betting on the NFL and NBA, you will be able to increase the total revenue for your biggest profit centers.

Building Out Your Betting Board With A1 PPH

Another important facet of your betting board is variety. If the majority of action taken in is only on a small number of sports, you are once again missing out on a tremendous opportunity to expand your business while also increasing profit to your overall bottom line.

With access to betting lines for more than 80 different sports, there are endless ways of building out your betting board with A1. As a private bookie, you never want to risk having even one customer place a bet somewhere else because that action was not on your board.

Your goal should be to completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbook betting boards and A1 give you the best chance to achieve that initiative.

Building a Winning Betting Board With A1 PPH

The end result of building up and building out your overall betting board is creating separate profit centers throughout your bookie operation. A1 also provides the instantaneous means to move your betting lines while making changes to your board with an advanced real time editing feature. This tool has proven itself to be vital in the day-to-day management of all the action coming in.

A1 Bookie Services Offers Reliability You Can Bank On

Anyone who has ever gone online to try and accomplish something has met with frustration time to time. Maybe the site you were trying to reach was completely down. Perhaps some of the basic functions of that site failed to work. Slow loading pages made the task drag on and the overall experience was rather forgettable due to the various frustrations they caused.

With some much commerce conducted online these days, reliability of online service takes on rather important role in the entire process.

The Online Sports Betting Industry

The online sports betting industry is no different. This is especially true if you are a private bookie working with a pay per head online sports betting software provider. Your entire business becomes completely dependent on that service as far as online performance.

If your betting customers are running into issues with their online betting accounts, it is going to negatively impact your bottom line. When you pay a company a weekly fee for each and every active betting customer, you expect to receive what you were promised when you first signed on.

It is next to impossible to run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation without the help of a pay per head bookie software provider’s help. However, you need to ensure that the PPH service you choose actually has a high level of security and reliability built into their operating system.

This is where A1 Price Per Head bookie services rise way above the competition. They have earned the reputation as being one of the most trusted names in the pay per head industry. This high level of success does not happen overnight and it definitely does not happen by accident.

Get to Know The Team at A1 Price Per Head

It is highly recommended that you perform your own due diligence when searching for the right pay per head site. Part of that process involves familiarizing yourself the actual team you will be working with.

Right off the bat, A1 is owned and operated by experienced online sports betting professionals with a very high level of expertise in the field of online gambling software solutions. Over the years, they have made the necessary investments in both their operating system and their proprietary online sports betting software.

This commitment ensures that every online transaction will be completed in a safe and secure manner. The A1 operating system also carries a high level of redundancy throughout the entire database. This guarantees reliable online service on a continuous basis 365 days a year.

These two features were designed to help independent bookmakers sleep at night. As a bonus to your bookie business, they can also be used as a powerful marketing tool for attracting potential bettors to your services. Guaranteed security and reliability of service are two very important benefits you can bank on.

Once you take your bookie business online with A1, you will have an experienced account manager helping you every step of the way. The in-house line setters help to provide the betting odds you need, when you need them. The entire in-house customer service staff comes from a sports betting background. They know exactly what it takes to succeed as a private bookie. The IT Department offers round-the clock support for your own business website and online business presence.

This all comes together to lend some very strong credibility to A1’s position as the most trusted name in the pay per head bookie services industry. To further prove the point, A1 offers an extended four-week free trial with no further obligation. This is the best form of due diligence you can perform.

5 Key Benefits of A1 Price Per Head Bookie Services

If you are thinking of starting up your own sports bookmaking service or currently running and managing your own independent sportsbook, you need the best pay per head bookie services possible to make your business a success. More than a few private bookies are just getting by even in a thriving sports betting industry because they do not have the right business tools and level of support needed to excel in what can be a highly competitive business environment.

Many of those same bookies think that they are saving money by signing on with a cut-rate pay per head site. In reality, this is costing them money in the long run. Every pay per head service provides bookie software solutions to run your book online. However, every PPH service is not created equal. Some are definitely better than others, but if you really want to be successful running and managing your own sportsbook, then you need the best possible bookie software service provider by your side.

A1 Price Per Head has been working closing with bookie agents for quite some time as a highly established pay per head site in the online sports betting industry. Owned and operated by industry experts, they have created an affordable bookie software service package that can take your business to a level you have probably only ever dreamed of.

The cornerstones of this PPH service are experience, expertise, service and support. As part of their complete benefits package that cannot be matched by any other competitor, A1 has identified the following five as the most important to your success:

  • Backend Software Management
  • A Reliable and Secure Online Betting Environment
  • Complete Player Management With Real Time Analytics
  • A Highly Trained Customer Service Team
  • Fast and Easy Access to Sharp Betting Lines

The main function of bookie software solutions is the day-to-day management of the operational end of your bookie business. The backend access to this software gives you all the tools you need to manage daily betting activity, payouts and collections and your overall profit derived from your betting revenue.

One of the most important benefits to both you as the bookie agent and your entire customer base is a reliable operating system that eliminates costly downtime while also creating an ultra-high level of security for every online transaction. A1 has created the necessary redundancies across their entire database to ensure consistent and reliable service. They have also built multi-layers of security into their operating software.

A very important aspect of managing your own book is complete player management. From individual account profiles complete with credit and betting limits to weekly settlement reports, everything you need to properly oversee your sports betting customer base is right at your fingertips. More importantly, all of this data is presented in real time business analytics that take the guesswork out of the decision making process.

Sophisticated software applications without the right customer support team creates an unbalanced approach to running a successful book. The expert team at A1 is by your side every step of the way. Questions, issues and concerns are bound to arise from time to time. You need a team that you can count on 24/7 to help you make the most of opportunities while quickly resolving any issue.

Betting lines are the life blood of any bookie business. Getting all the betting lines you need, when you need is vitally important to your bottom line. A1 utilizes expert Oddsmaking services along with in-house line setting capabilities to offer fast and easy access to sharp betting lines. You will always have the ability to move those lines and make changes to your betting board through mass edit capabilities and well as on an account by account basis.