Pushing Betting Props With A1 Price Per Head

Purists in the sports betting industry may look at prop bets as gimmicks. Professional handicappers focus most of their energy on correctly predicting the outcome of a game either straight-up or against the closing spread. That might be true but winning a bet is the main goal of any sports gambler.

The big commercial online sportsbooks started adding prop bet options to the mix to appease their sports betting clientele that were looking for different ways to create action on the sports they love. What the big books started to realize was all the added revenue and profit these types of bets started to bring in.

Most of the money made by bookmakers still revolves around bets on a game’s side and total line. Yet, there is nothing wrong with boosting the total handle with added betting options such as props.

Prop Bet Variations

As more and more commercial books started to expand their prop bet selections on a regular basis, savvy pay per head sites such as A1 started to expand their availability for private bookie agents.

The best thing about betting props is that they are only limited by an oddsmaker’s imagination. They can cover whatever areas they want. They can be worded in any fashion they choose. There is also no limit to how many different props can cover one game or sporting event.

Betting sides is big but limited. If Green Bay is a seven-point favorite over Chicago, the only thing that can change is the actual spread. Bettors either win or lose depending on which side they bet.

Props are a whole new way to bet on a game. Does Green Bay score first and win? Does Chicago score its first points with a touchdown? Which player scores the first touchdown? The list of possibilities is almost endless.

Prop Bet Originality

Another attractive aspect to props is originality. Every sportsbook and every bookie is going to have the Green Bay vs. Chicago game on the board with a spread and total line. While there is some duplication of prop bet options between books and private bookies, there is also the ability to offer options that are unique.

A1 bookie services can help you build out your betting board with as many options as you choose. This site works with professional line setting services along with in-house sports betting experts. Their goal is to provide sharp betting lines for everything you need when you need it. This means that your overall betting board can rival the board of the biggest commercial online sportsbooks.

As a private bookie, you are only limited by your imagination. You can create your own prop bet options for anything you want. Even if you do not fancy yourself as an oddsmaker, working directly with A1, you can build out a board that is filled with betting options your customers will not find anywhere else.

This concept can also be used as a powerful marketing tool if you are trying to expand your customer base. Through your own A1 customized business website and targeted use of various social media tools, you can easily promote the fact that you are offering props for a particular sports event.

As an independent bookmaker, you always have the freedom to take action on anything you choose. A1 Price Per Head helps you formulate your betting board while also helping you execute your marketing plans to promote that board.

Create Multiple Sources of Revenue With A1 Bookie Services

Being a private bookie is generally associated with taking bets on sports. Throughout the history of sports betting, the local bookmaker was always portrayed as the guy in the backroom on the phone writing down bets on a chalkboard.

The private bookmaking business has come a long way since then. The biggest change came with the advent of the internet. The chalkboard and phone were replaced with a computer. Pay per head bookie software service providers automated the sports betting process and took it online. For a low weekly fee per active bettor, private bookies could run their entire operation online while rapidly expanding their overall customer base.

The only thing that has not really changed from the old days is the bookie’s role in the eye of today’s avid sports bettor. They tend to only focus on sports. They are not looking at their bookie in the same way they may think of a famous casino hotel & resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Yet, in reality they can each provide the exact same real money gambling services.

A1 Price Per Head’s Total Bookie Software Solutions

As a top-rated bookie services provider, A1 Price Per Head offers a comprehensive online gambling software solutions package that can turn your sports booking operation into a full-service online gambling site.
Covered under the same low weekly per head fee for any active bettor, your sportsbook can add an extended racebook for betting on horses as well as an online casino complete with live-dealer table games.

Everything a gambler would find in a Las Vegas casino can now be delivered to their desktop or laptop. A1 has developed an advanced mobile betting platform that extends all play to any handheld device with internet access.

The racebook and casino software solutions are just as easy to navigate as the online package for betting sports. Each of your customer’s online betting accounts can be integrated to combine all three forms of gambling into one centralized account. This makes it very easy to clear the ledger when it comes time to settle the balance owned or to be collected.

This all-in-one approach to running your business not only mirrors what the big commercial online books are offering, it adds the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that today’s highly sophisticated players are looking for.

Highlights of the A1 Price Per Head Racebook

At the top of this list would be fast and easy access to more than 75 different race tracks. This covers all of North America as well as international horse racing hot spots such as the UK, Australia, Japan and Dubai. If one of these tracks is running a live daily card, your customers can bet the races.

A other highlight is an extended list of betting options. From basic win, place and show bets to complex exotics, if you can bet it at the track you can bet it at your private book. You will still have the ability to set your own wager options as well as any betting limits you want in place.

Highlights of the A1 Price Per Book Online Casino

As with any land-based casino, the highlight of your online casino is diversity. From all the most popular game titles for slots and video poker to betting action at live-dealer Blackjack and Roulette tables, A1 has you covered with a wide variety of casino gambling options.

The other big highlight is your personal management tools. This includes:

  • Setting daily win and loss limits
  • Setting individual table limits
  • Create a customized selection of games

A1 PPH Bookie Services Helps You Make the Most of Holiday Action

The final few weeks of December are an excellent time to bring in some added year-end revenue and profit as a private bookie. A1 Price Per Head bookies services can help you make the most of this once-a-year lucrative business opportunity.

Along with the start of an extended college bowl game season, the end of the NFL regular season adds more drama to games with playoff spots on the line. Throw in Christmas Day in the NBA and the three biggest betting leagues are all poised to end the year with a bang. Bookies can also build out the board with the closing non-conference games in college basketball ahead of the conference portion of the schedule heading into the New Year.

There is daily action in the NHL and every weekend offers great betting action for boxing and MMA fights in the UFC as two other popular betting sports.

What makes the holiday business even more profitable are the holidays themselves. Many of your betting customers will have extended time off from work with a few extra dollars in their pockets. Working closely with A1 bookie services, you can build out your betting board to include a number of added options in conjunction with all the action on the field, court and ice.

Building a Holiday Betting Plan

The first thing you need to do is to formulate a plan that takes full advantage of this opportunity. A1 PPH has the necessary business analytics to break down your existing bookie business. You can run player profile reports for every aspect of their year-to-date betting activity.

You already know who your biggest customers are on a sport-by-sport basis. You already know what they like to bet on and how they like to bet. You can closely analyze each player’s betting habits and traits to tailor a holiday betting package that meets everyone’s needs.

While you will always have complete control of your betting board, A1 PPH can come up with betting options to enhance your offerings. College bowl props, NFL postseason futures and NBA parlay boosters are just three examples of how A1 can help you completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks.

Once you build out your board to handle the holiday rush, you need to use all your online resources to market this board to an existing customer base as well as to potential betting customers looking for a private bookmaker.

The holidays are a great opportunity to close out the year on a strong note. However, this is still a tight two to three week window to add even more importance to the planning process.

Using the Holidays to Build for The Future

You already have a strong partnership in place with A1 as your bookie services provider. Hopefully, you have an existing customer base that can help you reach and even exceed the financial goals you have set for your bookie business.

A strong end to this year will pave the way to an even stronger start to 2020. As football comes off the board, you need to be properly positioned for basketball to take its place.

You also need to build and grow that business with additional sports betting customers that can help grow your overall hold percentage and bottom-line profit. One of the best aspects of running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of A1 PPH is the ability to shape and build you customer base to meet your business needs.

Join the Winning Team at A1 Price Per Head Bookie Services

Running and managing your own private bookmaking operation can provide a very lucrative return on investment only if it is properly run and managed. Far too many bookies got caught up in dollar signs when they first started out. Many were ill prepared to operate an independent business. Some lacked the necessary business skills and many failed to find the right resources to build on the skills they had.

The sports betting game has rapidly expanded over the past year with more and more states opening the door to land-based and online sportsbooks. The original offshore sportsbooks that have been catering to the US market have upped their game through highly sophisticated online betting outlets.

Through it all, the demand for private bookmaking services has expanded as well. As the entire base of US sports bettors continues to grow at a very healthy pace, there is more than enough sports betting revenue (and profits) to go around.

If you have been operating your own private book for any amount of time, you already understand the importance of pay per head bookie services. Today’s modern bookie needs to run their business online. The most cost-effective way to do this is through a pay per head shop. They provide the necessary online sports betting software solutions for a weekly fee that is charged for a bookie’s active betting clientele.

This business model makes complete sense since you are only paying for what you use. The bigger the customer base the bigger the weekly per head cost. That is why you should build and grow a betting base that can support your personal financial goals.

Pay Per Head Winners and Losers

Another big reason why private bookies fail is the lack of support from their PPH service. There are hundreds of pay per head sites to choose from but they are far from being equal. Just like betting on sports, there are winners and there are losers in the pay per head industry. Not every service survives in a very competitive business environment.

The ‘best of the best’ keep getting bigger with more and more bookie agents signing on. When you can add in the fact that you are one of the “most trusted names in the pay per head industry” you must be doing quite a few things extremely well.

Just like the elite winning teams in any sport, A1 Price Per Head has done all the right things to join this illustrious group with their bookie services package.

Win With A1 Price Per Head

Just like sports bettors gravitate towards favorites, bookie agents looking for a winning formula turn to A1. This PPH service has been around for quite some time backed by owners that come from a long background in both sports betting and online gambling software applications.

Too many pay per head sites rely on an outdated sports betting software platform that has yet to adapt to the advanced technology and sophisticated software applications used in today’s modern online sports betting industry.

A1 has made the necessary investments over the years to develop a bookie software solutions package that would rival what the big commercial online sportsbooks are using to power their million-dollar sports betting websites.The primary goal of this price per head service is to help private bookies just like yourself level the playing field against the big online books with superior products and services.

The combination of experience and industry expertise is also built into the staff at A1. They know exactly what it takes to be highly successful as a private bookie and they can help you reach that lofty plateau.

Raise Your Expectations For Bookie Software Solutions with A1 Price Per Head

Too many private bookmakers are forced to settle for inferior pay per head bookie software solutions these days and they do not even know it. The market for quality providers as become saturated because of the steady demand for quality independent bookmakers.

Sifting through the clutter and repetition found in the current pay per head industry takes time and patience. In an industry where time is money, those same bookies tend to take shortcuts when it comes to finding a PPH service that is the best fit for their business needs.

As a private bookie, you owe it to the current and future success of that business to expand the vetting process for finding the right pay per head site. A cheap pay per head fee is often associated with cheap and unreliable service.

There are plenty of adequate pay per head sites to choose from but you will still be limited from reaching your full potential. By performing a much higher level of due diligence making the most important business decision for your bookie operation, you will also be raising your expectations for what you get in return.

A1 Bookies Services-Built for Bookmakers by Bookmakers

A1 Price Per Head has worked extremely hard to set the standard in the pay per head industry. This bookie services company was founded by sports betting experts with a keen understanding of online gambling software applications.

The entire online sports betting industry runs on common software platforms. Most of today’s pay per head sites stick to the basics with the use of the industry standard. This will work to process bets online line and track daily, weekly and monthly activity. However, it becomes a matter of good, better and best as you move up in grade.

A1 bookie services decided to jump right to the top of the list by building their online sports betting software solutions from the ground up. At the bottom is the basic industry platform. The next step in the process are in-house proprietary software applications that take a customized approach to the products and services A1 offers. The end result is a highly sophisticated solutions package that can keep you well ahead of the curve is a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment.

The ultimate goal was to build a comprehensive bookie software solutions package that takes a turnkey approach to running the day-to-day operational end of the business. As a private bookmaker, there is no real need to understand how this system works from a technical standpoint. Yet, it is important to understand why this system works to meet all of your business needs.

A1 Offers The Complete Solution for Success

This is not going to be the cheapest pay per head site in the industry but we already know how that scenario is going to play itself out. What you get is a very affordable service that can almost pay for itself from the added value it provides. A1 likes to refer to this concept as “The Complete Solution”.

Your betting customers will have the convenience of using one online betting account for all of their gambling needs from betting on the game, the horses or online casino games. You will have the benefit of business reports that break down all of your betting activity to the deepest level possible. Having instant access to real time business analytics on an account by account basis is the only way to make the right business decisions on a consistent basis.

Advanced Bookie Solutions With A1 Bookie Services

Betting on sports has been around since the beginning of staged competitive events. This almost dates back to the beginning of time. Betting on sports online goes back about two decades with the advent of the internet.

Offshore sportsbooks saw the internet as a golden opportunity to market their bookmaking services on a global scale while especially concentrating on the untapped US market. Things exploded from there with rapid industry expansion.

The pay per head industry rose up at the same time in many of the same offshore markets where sports betting was already legal and regulated by governmental jurisdiction. Those online gambling software companies used the same online sports betting technology to help private bookies conduct business on the internet as well.

The conversion from the old offline way of taking sports bets to today’s highly sophisticated online bookie sites has been a slower process but one that has been perfected over the years.

The Private Bookie Advantage

The end result of more than 20 years of hard work is a thriving online sports betting industry that accounts for the lion’s share of revenue. This has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry in the US market alone.

Lately, more and more states are opening their borders to land-based sportsbooks in existing casinos and race tracks as well as to online betting sites connected to these gambling establishments. None the less, the private bookie still handles most of the action across the entire country.

The No. 1 reason why private bookies remain the choice of today’s avid sports bettor is the higher level of service and attention to detail they can provide and the big commercial sportsbooks can never match.

Also fueling this growth is advanced sports betting technology and highly sophisticated online software solutions. For a low, weekly per head fee for each active betting customer, any private bookie can successfully run and manage their business online with the help of a quality pay per head site.

Bookie Services Through A1 Price Per Head

The rapid expansion of online sports betting has also resulted in an explosion of pay per head sites offering bookie services. Just like any industry, some PPH services are better than most and a few truly excel at what they do. A1 has been able to move into a class of their own as one of the most trusted names in the PPH industry.

It starts with an experienced staff of sports betting experts that also come from an online gambling software background. Account managers, IT specialists, betting experts and a seasoned customer support staff come together as a business support team for private bookmakers.

A1 takes on the role of a silent business partner that always has your best interests top of mind. Continual business support has always been a strong selling point for A1, but as a true industry pioneer and innovator, their comprehensive bookie services package is still the driving force of the company.

Created and developed from the ground up with proprietary software solutions, this online sports betting package was built by bookies for bookies. Even though A1’s system would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their million-dollar online betting sites, A1 has always had the private bookie in mind.

This package lets you maximize the customer service edge. It also gives you the highly professional online edge you need to completely level the playing field against the big commercial online books. These are the type of advanced bookie services that can take your business to a whole new level in a very lucrative marketplace.

Make The Most of Mobile Betting With A1 Bookie Services

It was not that long ago when the majority of sports bets where placed over the phone. Going even farther back, that bet was probably placed through a household landline. As technology continued to advance, sports bettors could place their action from anywhere with the use of a handheld mobile phone to call in that bet.

Fast forward to today’s online sports betting industry and the mobile phone remains the primary equipment to place bets but in an entirely different fashion.

Household phones gave way to mobile phones to make landlines in individual residences basically obsolete. Advanced mobile phones with direct internet access has made calling in sports bets to a bookmaker basically obsolete as well.

What is left is a sophisticated mobile betting platform that caters to sports bettors with today’s latest smartphones and tablets. Today’s private bookie has been able to rapidly expand that business with the use of this advanced mobile technology.

Unfortunately, too many private bookies are not taking full advantage of this new and improved way to generate additional sports betting revenue and net profit.

A1 Price Per Head’s Mobile Edge

Just about every pay per head bookie services provider offers a mobile betting platform for smartphones and tablets. However, do not kid yourself into thinking that every pay per head provider offers the same level of quality in that platform.

Many of the newer PPH services are simply riding on the coattails of the true online sports betting pioneers that blazed a trail in this relatively young industry. Going back two decades or so, the primary tools of the trade for private bookies were a phone, pen and notebook.

The rise of the internet gave rise to online betting software solutions that completely automated the sports betting process by taking it online. Since then, the applications have gotten more and more sophisticated through the hard work and deep investments by veteran bookie service providers such as A1 Price Per Head.

Over the years, the owners and operators of this pay per head site have remained committed to their craft. Proprietary software solutions have been developed and perfected to create a turnkey bookie services package that adds tremendous value to their low weekly per head fees.

One of the biggest advances was in the area of mobile sports betting. While most PPH services can offer this feature, few have perfected it to the level A1 has. Just because you have mobile betting capabilities does not mean they are safe, secure and reliable.

The team at A1 have made the necessary investments to ensure that every online transaction processed through their mobile platform is completed in a safe and secure manner. This platform also has an ultra-high level of reliability that keeps your bookie business up and running on a continuous basis.

There is a big difference between offering a feature and perfecting one. A1’s mobile betting platform ranks as one of the best in the online sports betting industry.

Marketing A1’s Mobile Betting Edge

Just about every daily task can be completed through today’s highly advanced mobile phones. Working with A1 as your price per head shop, their superior mobile betting app gives you something to talk about in terms of expanding your current sports betting customer base.

Fast and easy access to an online betting account, mobile betting and tracking betting results are all features of this system that can be used to market your bookie business. Ease and safety of use along with a high level of reliability are still very important benefits of your bookie services that will capture a potential sports betting customer’s attention.

Capitalize on A1 Bookie Services’ High Benefit -to- Low Cost Ratio

Just about any consumer would jump on a deal that offers more for less. The one caveat to this deal is that it has to be able to deliver the goods. Too many businesses these days peddle the concept of more for less only to fall well short of expectations.

When it comes to walking the walk, A1 Bookie Price Per Head continually delivers when it comes to their bookie services. By offering a ‘Complete Solution’ to bookmakers looking to successfully run and manage an independent online sportsbook, they also offer a highly cost-effective way to accomplish that goal.

A1 Reliability and Performance

Most private bookies take reliability for granted when they first sign-on with a pay per head provider. Every pay per head site touts a high level of reliability but far to many fail to deliver on this very important feature.

A1 turns reliable service into a major benefit through their ongoing investments in an already advanced operating system. A high level of built-in redundancy across the entire database ensures that your bookie business remains up and running at all times.

This is also a major benefit that can be part of your marketing plan to grow and expand your customer base. Today’s sports bettors have a very low tolerance for online downtime.

In addition to reliable online service, every transaction that is processed on a daily basis is completed with a high level of security. This gives you and your betting customers the peace of mind that sensitive personal information is always being safeguarded online.

A1 Business Reporting

When you get into the real nuts and bolt of running a bookie business, real time access to crucial business analytics is the only way you can always stay way ahead of the daily and weekly action coming in.

It is far more profitable to capitalize on opportunities ahead of time then trying to deal with issues after the fact. Given the high level of volatility that comes with booking sports bets, A1 has designed its software to dig deep down into all the available data to provide reports that can aid greatly in the decision making process. This applies to building out your betting board as well as managing it.

As an added plus, the backend access to A1’s online sports betting software has also been designed to be user friendly. You do not need to be concerned with how this software works Yet, you will be amazed with just how well it works.

A1 Betting Lines

The life blood of any bookie business is fast and easy access to sharp betting lines covering all the betting options your customers are looking for. You will have the ability to max out your board to rival even the biggest commercial online sportsbooks. You will also have the ability to fully customize your board based on your customers’ betting habits and preferences.

Another strong marketing tool is adding in some betting options to help raise the weekly handle coming in. Diversity is the spice of life and encouraging your betting base to expand their horizons in their overall betting strategy has never been easier.

A1 Bottom Line

With a very high benefits and lost cost pay per head fees, A1 bookie services presents the perfect way to run and manage a very successful independent bookie operation. This basic concept will not only help you grow and expand your bookie business, it will help you grow and expand the bottom-line profit it brings in.

Define Your Bookie Business With A1 Price Per Head

This is the time of the year when private bookies need to define their business goals and objectives. Some part-time bookmakers are only interested in taking bets during football season. Just like ice cream stands in summer, they only want to go after the meat of the sports betting yearly calendar.

Football is big with sports bettors but it is still just a piece of the action (and profit) that can be generated in a multi-billion-dollar industry in the US alone.

There is money to be made on a year-round basis booking sports bets but you need to define the kind of private bookie business you are looking to run and manage. Going full time takes hard work and dedication to your craft. However, given just how lucrative the overall return can be it is well worth the added effort. A big part of the equation is the pay per head bookie services site you decide to work with to achieve that high level of success.

A1 Price Per Head Makes Bookies More Money

The bottom line of running and managing an independent bookmaking business is the bottom-line profit earned. Many of the veteran independent bookies with sub-agents serving a large customer base have already turned to A1 Price Per Head bookie services to run the day-to-day online operational aspect of their business. They know and understand the value this PPH service brings to the table.

From a cost factor, the weekly rate they are paying for a large customer base equates to the same cost ratio you will be paying for your smaller customer base. While there are generous per head fee discounts starting at just 30 players, the value is more about what you actually get for your pay per head fees regardless of the active bettors you have using your bookie services.

This pay per head site’s goal for every one of their bookie agents is the same; making more money. This pertains to the entire 12-month sports betting calendar. It also pertains to money made with an expanded racebook for horse betting and a sophisticated online casino games software application.

Working with A1 bookie services is all about creating and growing multiple revenue streams that equate to profitable income. This expands way past a limited football season.

A1 Price Per Head Puts Benefits Ahead of Features

Too many sales people for any product or service get hung up on features. The end consumer is actually way more concerned with the benefits those features provide.

A1 lists “Instant Account Setup” as one of their many features. What this really translates to is ease of entry when taking your bookie business online. Business support makes the transition to this service seamless.

Online account setup also creates a highly detailed profile for each of your betting customers. These profiles are a strategic aspect of your overall marketing plans. They also provide a ultra-high level of control through established betting and credit limits before the first wager is ever made.

An individual account’s activity is the basis to rollup any number of important real time business analytics that drive your business. Full accounting on an individual basis lets you drill down as deep as you want when it comes to running and managing the entire operation.

Once you decide to define your bookie business as a full-service operation working through a highly professional online presence, A1 Price Per Head fills in all the gaps with features that quickly translate to value-added benefits.

March is Not Just For College Basketball Betting With A1 Bookie Services

It is very natural for any private bookie to take the path of least resistance when it comes to running and managing an online independent sportsbook. This is why A1 Price Per Head bookie services has been so successful over the years. This online sports betting software provider has perfected the products and services needed to reach all of your set financial goals. Best of all, they accomplish this my making your job easier.

Unfortunately taking the path of least resistance when it comes to actually booking bets is the equivalent of throwing money down the drain. This type of bookie only focus on football during the fall and college basketball in the month of March.

One of the main benefits of working with A1 is fast and easy access to an almost endless supply of betting options covering dozens of sports and sporting events every month of the year.

A1’s Inside Edge for March Madness

It is pretty obvious that college basketball moves to the top of the list with sports bettors once the calendar turns the page to March. Starting off with more than 30 season-ending conference tournaments, the opportunity to make money on the games grows with each passing day.

The second half of March reaches a whole new level of betting excitement with the start of the annual men’s basketball NCAA Tournament. A 68-team field is whittled down to the Final Four ahead of the national championship game over the span of three weeks. It does not get any bigger than this for private bookies with a strong betting base.

A1 will be right by your side the entire way with fast and easy access to all the college basketball betting lines you need, when you need them. This starts with the games themselves and moves to futures and prop bet odds for individual conference tournaments, the NCAA Tournament as a whole and each round of the Big Dance from the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four and ultimately the title game as the final betting event of the season.

A1 Expands Your Edge for March

The best way to avoid that dreaded path of least resistance during March by only focusing on college basketball is to fully embrace everything else that is going on in the realm of sports betting at the same time.

Obvious betting opportunities exist for the final full month of the NBA and NHL regular season. As an added bonus, MLB, as another major professional sports betting league, adds to the mix in March. The action starts with betting lines for each day’s spring training exhibition games.

This paves the way for a huge betting opportunity for MLB Opening Day at the end of the month. Even casual MLB bettors will be looing to get in on all the action that day. A1 can help add to the excitement of the new season with an extensive set of MLB futures odds and prop bet opportunities.

Professional golf and horse racing present two more big betting opportunities throughout the month. The PGA Tour kicks off its Florida Swing with the Honda Classic running through March 1. Later in the month, the Arnold Palmer Invitational and The Players Championship in the Sunshine State help to build excitement for the sport’s first Major at Augusta, Georgia in early April.

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse race of the year for bettors. Several big-money prep races in March will shape the 20-horse field for the annual Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs come the first Saturday in May.