Bookies Can Count on A1 Price Per Head for Business Recovery Support

Most industries have been impacted by the coronavirus since the month of March. With live sports and sporting events still on hold because of this health crisis, the sports betting industry has been heavily impacted as well.

Private bookmakers still account for the lion’s share of the betting revenue generated by wagering on sports. The added edge in customer service and personal attention is still a very attractive feature for today’s sophisticated players looking for the continuous VIP treatment.

However, the lack of steady revenue coming in has taken its toll on business. Things will only get better from here but the private bookie is still faced with formulating an effective recovery plan. If this pertains to your situation, there are three basic options:

  • Continue to go it alone without the help of professional bookie services.

This will most likely result in a business failure somewhere down the road. That is if your bookie business is even viable at this point.

  • Continue to stick with your current pay per head provider.

This might make sense if they have stepped up their efforts to help you get through this major business downturn. Unfortunately, many PPH services have been unable to provide the necessary level of support to the current bookie agents they serve.

  • Turn to A1 Price Per Head bookie services.

For more than a decade, this PPH service has been helping bookie agents just like you run and mange a highly successful private bookie operation.

What Has A1 Done For Their Bookie Agents

A1 bookie services remains extremely confident that their proprietary software solutions coupled with the proper business support can quickly get you back on track. They have been working closely with their bookie agents since the crisis first began.

This added level of support includes expanded access to betting options outside the realm of live sports. This has given private bookies the ability to continually engage their entire customer base with viable betting options.

It is extremely hard to replace the NBA playoffs with e-Sports like NBA 2K 20. NHL betting fans are not all that interested in betting ice hockey games in some obscure Russian league. The main reason to constantly keep your sports betting base engaged anyway possible is to remain top of mind when all the major betting sports return to action.

Along with keeping a customer base engaged, A1 has been able to deliver a pair of viable revenue streams to help the cause. Advanced software solutions for an extended racebook covering horse betting along with playing real money casino games online have been able to help bookies that have fully bought into each of these money-making opportunities.

Any added business generated from A1’s racebook and online casino has been a huge help during the current economic downturn. Moving forward, they can continue to contribute profit to the bottom line even after live sports betting is back on the board.

The biggest benefit A1 has been able to provide bookie agents is professional business support throughout this crisis. They have the necessary team in place to act as that silent business partner with your best interests top of mind. This remains constant no matter what business conditions you may face.

Teaming up with A1 now will pay some major dividends down the road. Recovery is the short-term plan. Making your bookie business more profitable than ever is the end game.

Get a Fresh Start With A1 Price Per Head Bookie Services

Coming off a great football season and gearing up for March Madness, many private bookmakers were enjoying the best run of their career in the sports betting industry. Like a bomb dropped from out of the sky, the coronavirus outbreak brought that run to a sudden stop.

Sifting through the rubble of what little is left, it is time to set the course for the future one way or the other. A full complement of sports betting will be back sooner or later but there is no guarantee it will be business as usual.

The heavy reliance on sports betting was exposed as the Achilles heel of the independent bookmaking industry. The lack of diversity in overall sports betting options shutdown the majority of those operations overnight. Poor service and weak products from their current pay per head providers did not help the dire situation that too many bookies found themselves in.

Moving forward from the wreckage, private bookies that maintain their current business practices face a longer uphill climb back to prosperity. If they can even get back in the game at all.

Private bookies that are willing to reinvent their business now have the opportunity to be more successful than ever. The first step in the process is to align your business with a pay per head site such as A1 Price Per Head.

Moving Forward With A1 Bookie Services

The best way to get a fresh start to your bookie business is by taking a whole new approach to running and managing your own bookmaking service. A1 has been working side by side with bookie agents like yourself for the past decade. They have the experience needed to help you get started.

The expert team at A1 comes from a bookmaking background. They already know how to create multiple streams of revenue that can attract a much more lucrative betting base. There is money to be made in the entire realm of online gambling, not just sports betting.

Your goal should be to build an online gambling business that resembles a trip to a Las Vegas casino. On the Strip, you can bet on everything and anything. The big fight, tournament poker, table games, horse races, slots and just about anything else you can think of.

By running a full-service online gambling operation, the various betting options translate to multiple levels of profit. Sports betting will always remain your core business profit center, but horse racing, poker and casino games are all excellent ways to supplement your bottom line.

A1 is backed by experts in the sports betting industry that also have a vast amount of experience developing online gambling software solutions. Built from the ground up through proprietary software applications, this PPH service has made the necessary investments to create a bookie services package that is superior to competition. Yet, it is priced lower than many other pay per head sites.

A1’s No-Risk Guarantee

With a tremendous amount of confidence in the products and services offered, A1 is more than willing to offer an extended four-week free trial with zero obligation. The timing could not be better to get that fresh start you are looking for.

As the sports betting business slowly begins to reemerge, you will have more than enough time to give everything they have to offer a thorough test drive. This will let you hit the ground running on the road to a more successful bookmaking operation.

2 vs 2 Golf Betting Odds: Tiger/Manning vs. Phil/Brady

Nearly two years ago, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson met up in a one-on-one golf match for a $9 million prize. That event was extremely popular, and Mickelson was able to get the better of Woods in a playoff hole.

The two giants of golf are set to meet up again in May in an effort to raise some money to aid in the coronavirus relief and recovery efforts. This match won’t be one-on-one though, as they have both sought out help from two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Tiger Woods was given the first pick in choosing a quarterback, and he went with future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Mickelson then chose a former rival of Manning, in picking current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Woods and Manning odds are currently listed as the favorites at -210, while Mickelson and Brady are listed at +170. Even though this match is going to benefit charity, there is plenty of reason to believe that this will be an intense competition.

The Match: Champions for Charity Details

Reports came out in April that this clash would take place at some point in May, and most experts believe that it will take place at some point on Memorial Day Weekend. The most likely date for this event is Sunday, May 24.

The course has not been revealed, but it is expected that the event will take place in the state of Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has lobbied for the state to host, and there are a number of great golf courses in the state.

TNT will air the match live on their channels, and there will not be any fans allowed on the course. Players will be mic’d up, giving fans a chance to hear some of the trash talking that takes place.

The PGA Tour had to give the green light for this event to take place, but they are willing to let it happen because it is a charity event. The PGA Tour is set to resume in June, and this will be a nice warmup to live golf returning.

Prop Bets Available

Betting on golf and the match is a great chance to win some money, but there are several intriguing prop bets being offered as well. There is a great chance to earn some extra cash by nailing some of these top prop bets.

Will Tiger Woods Wear a Red Shirt?
Yes -600
No +350

Tiger famously wears a red shirt on Sundays, but you should expect him to wear a red shirt for this event.

First Player to Have a Football Highlight Shown?

Peyton Manning -130
Tom Brady -110

You know that TNT will be airing quite a few football highlights during the broadcast. Since there are better odds with Brady, take him with this pick.

Which Player Will Make the Most Birdies?
Tiger Woods -130
Phil Mickelson -110

Tiger Woods wants to win this matchup, and he will be locked in. Look for him to make more birdies in this event.

Tiger Gets Revenge Will Help From Manning

Tiger Woods is extremely competitive, and he is not going to let Phil Mickelson get the best of him on two straight occasions. Woods is paired with the better golfer of the two quarterbacks, and that will likely make all of the difference.

You can expect that this match will be tight throughout, but Woods and Manning will eventually be too much for Mickelson/Brady. We are taking the combo of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in this one, at our top 5 per head bookie site

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Why choose A1PPH

Cover All The Bases With A1 Price Per Head Business Reports

When it comes to running and managing a successful online bookmaking business, the more detailed information you have, the better the business decision-making process will be. Even educated guesses have no place in the business world when tough decisions need to be made. There is no substitute for real-time business analytics that pinpoint and highlight every aspect of your bookie business.

Crucial numbers such as your overall hold percentage and profit per player are vital to the operational end of your business. All the revenue in the world will not add up to enough net profit to meet your set financial goals if either of those two numbers are off target.

Too many bookies sit back and hope things will get better after the fact. Working closely with A1 Price Per Head bookie services, you will always be way out in front of things and better prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

The A1 Difference in Business Reporting

Many of the other pay per head providers talk about backend access to their software solutions package. Yet, they remain rather vague as to what this really entails. With A1 PPH by your side, you will have fast and easy access to a collection of more than 45 different business reports.

This runs the gambit from drilling down into an individual player’s complete betting history to monthly summary reports detailing profit earned by each individual revenue stream. You can also run detailed reports by bet types, actual sport or sporting event, individual days and weekly recaps. There is even a pre-settlement report that can check a player’s standing at any point in time.

If you work with sub-agents, there is also a detailed set of reports to monitor all of their activity as well. By taking all the guesswork out of the equation, you will further enhance your ability to meet and hopefully exceed all financial goals and expectations.

A1 Adds a Higher Level of Professionalism

There are more than a few bookies that got into the sports betting business with expectations that were way off the mark. This is by no means an easy way to make money. Current market conditions clearly bear this out. However, hard work and dedication can go a long way towards building a business with excellent long-term potential.

By raising your level of professionalism as a private bookie, you will raise that level even higher for your actual bookie business. How you approach the day-to-day operations is just as important as the daily activity itself.

A1 PPH bookie services has been working with bookie agents just like yourself for the past 10 years. Through advanced online gambling software solutions combined with a highly experienced in-house staff, this site’s point of different against competition becomes rather obvious.

The major downturn in the current business environment is not going to last forever. However, right now you need a bookie services provider that has the necessary experience and level of expertise that can help you initiate an effective recovery plan. The business decisions you make now will have a major influence on how that plan eventually pans out. This is why having A1 PPH as a silent business partner is your best course of action.

Vital Team Business Support From A1 Bookie Services

The entire sports betting industry has been turned upside down in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. This is the 100 year storm that has effectively shutdown betting on live sports and sporting events. This multi-billion-dollar industry now has to weather this storm as best as possible until the skies start to finally clear.

The large commercial online sportsbooks are feeling the pain and the impact on independent bookmakers has also taken its toll. The one big advantage for private bookies is a pay per head site like A1 Price Per Head.

The sports betting experts at A1 cannot bring back live betting events any faster. They cannot replace the lost revenue from all the sporting events that have already been cancelled. What they can do is help you navigate your particular way through this massive storm while also putting your bookie business in excellent position to thrive once some sense of normalcy has been restored.

If you were struggling with your current pay per head site before this whole mess started, you are probably drowning right now. Fortunately, the A1 lifeline can be thrown your way with just one phone call or visit to their website at

Meet The A1 Team

As true sports betting professionals with a vast among of experience in online gambling software solutions, the team at A1 bookie services is ready and willing to help. This winning team features seasoned account managers that know what it takes to be successful running and managing your own private bookmaking operation.

Ambitious oddsmakers and line setters are in a position to fill a barren betting board with alternative options that will appeal to your sports betting customer base. Contrary to popular opinion, there are still a wide array of ways to generate weekly revenue and profit through sports. Throw in the world of entertainment, politics and current affairs and you would be amazed at all the betting options that are still available.

The IT staff at A1 has been working overtime to enhance the professional online presence of private bookmakers just like yourself. There are avid bettors out there looking for any action they can find. By creating and maintaining your custom online bookie betting portal with an advanced mobile interface, you will be able to market professional bookie services to your existing betting cliental as well as prospective customers looking for something different.

The team really comes together in terms of a highly-trained customer service staff. Based in the offshore sports betting hotbed of Costa Rica, A1 has access to service reps that come from an online sports betting background. They already know the ropes to better serve you as the bookie agent and your entire customer base.

Ramped Up Support During This Time of Need

Great players rise to the occasion when the game is on the line. Great teams find ways to win games they appeared destined to lose. Joining the A1 team during your greatest time of need is simply a smart business decision.

They have been helping bookie agents just like yourself during the good and great times over the past 10 years. They are here now to get you through the tough times until things get better. This is a temporary business downturn that can be turned around with the help of A1 Price Per Head.