Union Berlin vs. Schalke 04 Preview

The Bundesliga goes strong this weekend! The games will still be played behind closed doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic and there’s a very exciting contest on Sunday: Union Berlin vs. Schalke 04.

Union Berlin is 14th in the standings with 31 points in 29 games while Schalke 04 is 10th with 37 points in 29 games. Union Berlin comes off a 4-1 road loss against Borussia Monchengladbach on Sunday while Schalke 04 also lost, 1-0 at home against Werder Bremen last Saturday.

Let’s take a closer look at where the value is in this matchup.

Betting Odds by A1pph.com

Team to Win (Regular Time)

Union Berlin: +151

Schalke 04: +176

Draw: +225


Union Berlin: PK, -1.5 (+107)

Schalke 04: PK, +1.5 (-127)


Over 2, 2.5 (-115)

Under 2, 2.5 (-105)

Key Points to Consider

Last Six Games in All Competitions

Union Berlin, coming off a 4-1 road loss against Borussia Monchengladbach, have four losses, two draws and zero wins in their last six overall.

Schalke 04, coming off a 1-0 home loss against Werder Bremen, have five losses, one draw and zero wins in their last six overall.

Momentum: Union Berlin has been on a downward trend — with four loss in their last five games in the Bundesliga.

Head-to-Head: These two sides last met in Bundesliga action on November 29, 2019 and Schalke 04 won 2-1.

Projected Leaders

Simulations I have run project Michael Gregoritsch, Ozan Muhammed Kabak, Marcus Ingvartsen and Robert Andrich as the players most likely to score (the first two are from Schalke 04).

Both teams are coming off tough losses and while Union Berlin will be at home, Schalke 04 is the better team and I don’t why they are not favored to win this game but I will take advantage of the line and bet on them to win.

Free Soccer Pick by Gameadvisers: Schalke 04 +176

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