Florida Gators at Texas A&M Aggies College Football Betting Preview

The SEC gets another Top 25 matchup this weekend as No. 4 Florida (2-0) travels to face No. 21 Texas A&M (1-1). The Saturday kickoff is scheduled for Noon ET at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas, and will be televised on ESPN.

These teams rarely play, with just two SEC crossover games since the Aggies left the Big 12. Florida won at College Station by three in 2012 and won at home in 1962. Texas A&M won in Gainesville by two in 2017 and beat the Gators in the 1977 Sun Bowl.

Florida Gators Betting Outlook: Don’t Slow Down

The Gators pushed against South Carolina last Saturday with a 38-24 win after covering the spread at Ole Miss in the opener. They rank seventh in the nation with 357 passing yards per game, fourth in scoring at 44.5 points per game and 13th in total yards at 495 yards per game.

The defense is 65th in the nation at 471 yards per game allowed, 68th in passing yards allowed (327.5) and 37th in rushing yards allowed (143.5).

Quarterback Kyle Trask continued his torrid start to the season with 268 passing yards and four touchdowns on 21-of-29 passing. In two games, he has 10 touchdowns and one interception.

Trask has completed 72% of his passes for 684 yards. He entered the Heisman conversation with six touchdown passes and 416 passing yards.

The top target was again tight end Kyle Pitts, who hauled in two touchdown passes with 57 total yards. Kadarius Toney had six catches for 86 yards and a score, while wide receiver Trent Whittemore caught a touchdown pass. On the season, Pitts has 12 catches for 227 yards and six touchdowns, while Toney has 11 catches for 145 yards and two scores.

Running back Dameon Price ran nine times for 51 yards and a touchdown, while Trask added 22 rushing yards. On the season, Price has 18 carries for 116 yards, while Malik Davis has 58 yards on 11 carries.

Texas A&M Aggies Betting Outlook: Feed The Playmakers

Texas A&M lost at Alabama by 28 last Saturday and is now 0-2 ATS on the season after struggling to beat Vanderbilt 17-12 in the home opener. The offense ranks 60th in the nation in scoring (20.5 points per game), 40th in total yards (411 yards per game), 30th in passing (262 yards per game) and 44th in rushing (149 yards per game).

The defense is 38th in yards allowed (399.5 yards per game), 22nd against the run (107.0 yards per game), 58th against the pass (292.5 yards per game) and 55th in scoring defense (32.0 points per game).

Quarterback Kellen Mond completed 25-of-44 passes for 318 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. On the season, he has completed 58% of his passes for 507 yards with four touchdowns while also running 15 times for 37 yards.

Running back Isaiah Spiller ran 11 times for 25 yards, and Ainias Smith ran five times for 29 yards. On the season, Spiller has 142 yards on 19 carries, while Smith has 70 yards on 15 carries with a touchdown.

Smith was the big receiver against the Tide with six catches, two touchdowns and 123 yards. Wide receiver Jalen Wydermyer had eight catches for 82 yards, while wide receiver Chase Lane had six catches for 62 yards. In the opener, Caleb Chapman caught four passes for 40 yards and a touchdown, while Jalen Preston had four catches for 39 yards.

The defense forced one turnover against Alabama with one sack. Against Vanderbilt, they had two sacks, two interceptions and 10 tackles for loss.

Florida Gators at Texas A&M Aggies Betting Lines

● Florida Spread: -6.5 (-110); Florida moneyline: -245
● Texas A&M Spread: +6.5 (-110); Texas A&M moneyline: +205
● Total Points: 57.0 (over -110, under -110)

Texas A&M got gashed for big play after big play at Alabama, allowing three touchdown passes of at least 60 yards. Now they face the top tight end in the country and a passing attack that is clicking on all cylinders.

Mond, Smith and company need to keep up with the Gators early, and they have the firepower to do so, especially against a defense not at full strength.

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Free Pick By Gameadvisers: Over 57 points (-110)

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