Clemson Tigers at Florida State Seminoles Betting Preview

Before the start of the bizarre and unpredictable 2020 college football season, Clemson was the clear favorite to win the national championship. With a Heisman Trophy candidate and future top draft pick at quarterback, a great offensive line, and a potentially dominant defense in a league without a true contender, it made perfect sense.

Unfortunately, very little has made much sense in 2020, so after an overtime loss to Notre Dame, the Tigers find themselves on the outside of the College Football Playoff looking in. With Notre Dame now playing for an ACC title, it will take an interesting course of events to get Clemson back inside.

On Saturday, the recent kings of the ACC will take on the dethroned ruler. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Florida State captured a national championship behind Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston and head coach Jimbo Fisher. From 1992 to 2014, the Seminoles won 15 ACC titles, including their first nine seasons in the conference.

Florida State Rebuild

Florida State is on its third head coach in the last four seasons. New leader Mike Norvell is 2-6 during a very difficult time to take over a program. The Seminoles have struggled to be competitive, much less in contention for much of the season.

After upsetting North Carolina 31-28 for its lone ACC win, Florida State has lost its last three games by an average score of 42-18. The Seminoles are giving up an average of 36 points a game while managing to score only 22 per outing.

Last year, the Seminoles were beaten 45-10 by Clemson on their way to a 6-7 record during which head coach Willie Taggert was fired. His departure came after a loss to Miami dropped Florida State to 4-5 on the season.

Clemson Juggernaut … Not

What appeared to be an easy path to a berth in the College Football Playoff suddenly became more complicated after junior quarterback Trevor Lawrence was sidelined after testing positive for COVID-19. Although his replacement, true freshman D.J. Uiagalelei, has played extremely well, Clemson has struggled.

The problems are a bit unusual since they are on the defensive side of the ball, where Lawrence has never taken a snap. Boston College led Clemson 28-10 late in the first half before the Tigers stormed back for the win. Against Notre Dame, Clemson again fell behind in the first half, only to rally and take a late 33-26 lead, before ultimately losing 47-40 in two overtimes.

Clemson has had a week off to deal with the loss and get ready for a late push to finish the season. Lawrence is expected back to face Florida State to continue the Tigers’ dominance over the ACC. The Tigers are averaging 45 points a game and giving up just under 20.

Those numbers are a bit misleading, though, because they include a 49-0 drubbing of FCS Citadel and a 73-7 beatdown of conference foe Georgia Tech. In the other six games, while still impressive, Clemson only holds a 40-25 scoring margin.

3 Betting Lines

The great betting pph site a1pph shows Clemson is favored by 35.5 points, the 2019 victory margin, over the Seminoles with the over/under at 63 points. There is virtually no money being bet on the Seminoles, with the moneyline at a ridiculous -9500 for Clemson and +5500 for the Seminoles. Both teams are 2-6 against the spread.

Game Preview and Pick

With Lawrence back in the lineup and the Seminoles in a tailspin, the only real drama should be whether the Tigers can cover the spread. Based on their performance so far this season, Clemson has had a difficult time doing that. That over/under of 63 is also a very interesting number.

If Florida State can somehow make a few plays against the Clemson defense like Boston College and Notre Dame were able to do, it could find a way to cover the spread. With Lawrence back and a week to prepare, there is a big chance this one gets ugly.

In our eyes, Clemson finds it mojo, puts up a bunch of points, and Florida State cleans up in garbage time.

Free Pick: Clemson 51, Florida State 14

A1 Benefits That Add Value to Your Price Per Head Plan

As the entire sports betting industry continues to evolve around advanced technology and sophisticated software solutions, private bookies need help in adapting to these changing times.

Online betting systems that worked just fine a few years ago are already obsolete. Too many pay per head bookie services providers have fallen behind the curve when it comes to the products and services they offer.

Over the past decade, the ownership group at A1 Price Per Head bookie services has made the necessary investments in both infrastructure, online gambling software solutions and its internal staff to remain at the top of the list in the pay per head industry.

Now is the best time to put this high level of business experience and expertise to work for your bookie business.

A1’s Complete Solution Offer Tangible Benefits

Dedicated sports betting software is just part of the equation when it comes to comprehensive bookie services. It starts with an internal operating system that is both reliable and secure.

Running and managing a private bookie business online becomes heavily dependent on the PPH service you are working with. If their systems are down, so is your business.

A1 Price Per Head has already made the necessary investments in a system that would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their online betting platform. Downtime has been eliminated and every daily online transaction is processed in a safe and secure manner.

Another important aspect of A1’s bookie services package is betting options and betting board management. As an independent bookmaker, you can build out your betting board to meet your specific business needs.

A1 guarantees that you will always have fast and easy access to sharp betting lines for a variety of sports and sporting events. You will never have to worry about losing any action on a betting option that you did not have access to.

You will also have the proper business tools to manage that board. Through the use of real time betting analytics, you can make instant moves to your lines as well as changes to your board. If you need to adjust and betting and/or credit limits, this can be done on an account by account basis.

Creating a high level of control over the action coming in on a daily and weekly basis has never been easier. A1 can help you take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time. It can also help you avoid dealing with issues after the fact.

These are just a few examples of A1’s complete solution approach to its bookie services package. The end result is an online gambling software solutions package that is comprehensive in its makeup. It has also been designed to be turnkey in its application.

A1’s Intangible Benefits

Features are important to a bookie services package. However, value-added benefits are important to your operation’s bottom line. This starts with the product-end of a pay per head plan. It is then enhanced by the service-end of the equation.

A1 has gone to great expense to build an in-house team of industry professionals. This starts with dedicated account managers. A specialized IT staff is constantly upgrading all proprietary software applications. Internal sports betting experts work on delivering sharp lines and a highly trained customer service team is in place for added support.

Continuous professional business support is the type of intangible benefit that you cannot put a price tag on.

A1 Price Per Head Offers Next-Level Bookie Solutions

Even with more and more individual states offering sports betting, the private bookie still holds a dominant position in the expanding US market. That is why the pay per head bookie services industry has also been expanding over the years.

You could even say there is a glut of pay per head sites offering software solutions to help run a bookie business online. The true pioneers in this industry grew up with the first offshore sportsbooks catering to the US market through their online betting sites.

Bookie services sites such as A1 Price Per Head turned to its own proprietary software solutions more than a decade ago to take things to the next level. That innovative approach to the bookie business continues today in all the products and services that come with this comprehensive bookie services package.

A1 Price Per Head’s Continuing Commitment

Too many of today’s newer PPH sites are still relying on outdated technology to power their internal operating system. It takes a substantial investment in time, manpower and money to constantly stay ahead of the curve. These are three crucial resources that are lacking in most of these bookie services providers.

A1 was founded over 10 years ago in Costa Rica as the business center of the pay per head industry. The site is owned and operated by an ownership group with extensive experience in sports betting. The group also has a high level of expertise in all forms of online gambling software.

The most important attribute this group brings to the table is a strong commitment to being the best at what its does. This is why the level of investment into time, manpower and money is higher today than at any other point of this successful run.

This is a bookie services site that is not content with past accomplishments. It has helped thousands of bookie agents run and manage a successful bookmaking business over the years. However, it continues to look towards the future and even better ways to help you run and manage a successful business as well.

A1 Price Per Head’s Operating System

The biggest investment for any pay per head site is spent on creating a safe and reliable internal operating system. Unlike other sites, A1 has gone to great lengths and expense to eliminate downtime while also processing every online transaction in a safe and secure manner.

As the lifeblood of its business, A1’s operating system would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting platforms.

A1 Price Per Head’s Bookie Software Solutions

As mentioned, A1 has an extensive background in online gambling software solutions. The site employs an in-house staff of IT experts to produce the most efficient and turnkey software solutions for a number of online applications.

This includes the ability to run an online racebook for horse betting and an online casino with Las Vegas-style slots and table games. Along with sports betting, you will have access to three highly profitable revenue streams as part of your base pay per head plan.

This same IT staff is constantly upgrading everything it has in place. By staying way ahead of the technology curve in the ever-changing sports betting industry, you will always be working with next-level bookie solutions.

Affordable, Reliable and Safe Bookie Services With A1

A1 Price Per Head was founded over a decade ago in Costa Rica by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software. The mission at hand was to help private sports bookmakers run and manage their business online.

Similar to the offshore books that cater to the US market through an online betting platform, A1 works with bookie agents to accomplish the exact same goal. This involves a highly sophisticated software solutions package and an advanced internal operating system.

A1 has always made the proper investments in both over the years. Software solutions are both proprietary and comprehensive in their design. The online application of these solutions were built to be turnkey. The result is an affordable, reliable and safe way to run and manage your bookie business online.

A1’s Affordable Bookie Services

Given the company’s strong economies of scale as an established pay per head site, A1 offers a comprehensive base plan for just $7 per week. The per head fee is only charged for active weekly bettors. If one of your customers takes a week off, there is no cost to you.

As an added plus, you can qualify for an even lower rate for a larger customer base. Volume discounts are in place for as few as 30 active betting customers.

Given the proprietary nature of A1’s software package, weekly PPH plans can be customized to meet any specific business needs. By working directly with an in-house IT staff as well as a dedicated account manager, you can determine the products and services that best meet your particular business plan.

A1’s Reliable Bookie Services

Too many bookies make the mistake of focusing in on the weekly per head fees. The proper approach is to determine what you are getting for one of your biggest business costs.

As mentioned, A1 has made the necessary investments in its internal operating system to ensure a high level of reliability on a continual basis.

Given the online nature of today’s sports betting industry, if your PPH service is down, so is your bookie business. Your betting customers expect to have fast and easy access to their online betting account on a 24/7 basis. When that is not the case, it will have an adverse impact on your bookie business in terms of handle and profit.

A1 has built various levels of redundancy into its operating system spanning the entire database. What this means for you is reliable service with no downtime issues.

A1’s Safe Bookie Services

Any online transaction is subject to outside interference. It is up to the company processing those transactions to ensure their safety. Another major investment by A1 has been in the area of cyber security.

By adding deeper levels of online security, A1 guarantees that every online transaction involving your bookie business and your betting customers will be processed in a safe and secure manner.

As a business owner, this gives you the peace of mind that all sensitive data is protected from any outside interference. It also gives your entire customer base the peace of mind when it comes to the entire online sports betting experience.

A1’s high level of security can be used as a strong marketing tool when it comes to any efforts aimed at expanding your overall customer base. This is when this price per head site’s experience and high level of expertise can add true value to the products and services it provides.

Profit From A1’s Comprehensive Bookie Services

There are any number of pay per head sites offering software solutions to run your bookie business online. In reality, it takes much more than a generic sports betting software package to run and manage a successful bookmaking operation.

For more than a decade, A1 Price Per Head has been helping bookie agents just like yourself make an excellent return on investment. This pay per head site’s main point of difference is the combination of products and services that take a comprehensive approach to running and managing a private book.

A1’s Complete Solution

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group at A1 comes from an extensive background in both sports betting and online gambling software applications. The combination of the two has created a “complete solutions” package for running an independent book online.

All the guesswork has been removed. The software apps are complex in design but simple in their application. The software products are supported by an in-house team of industry experts.

This group includes dedicated account managers, IT professionals, sports handicapping sharps and a highly trained customer service department.

Best of all, A1’s weekly per head fees for active bettors is comparable to most PPH sites offering far less. This bookie services site walks the walk when it comes to adding genuine value to one of your biggest business costs.

A1’s Specialized Approach

The main benefit of working with A1 is using a specialized approach to bookie services. The heavy investment into an advanced internal operating system has produced a safe, secure and reliable means of processing all the daily online transactions that take place.

The actual online sports betting software is versatile, and more importantly, user friendly. The betting platform is compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices. A clean and concise online dashboard puts everything you need at your fingertips.

Through a professional and customized business website, you will always be in complete control of your betting board. Real time changes can be made across the board. Betting and credit limits can be managed on an account-by-account basis through personalized customer profiles.

A1 has thought of everything needed to manage the day to day business. It has also added effective marketing tools to drive both your betting handle and your bottom-line profit. Whether you are working with 10 betting customers or 100, you can always stay way out in front of the action coming in.

A1’s Continuous Business Support

The main driving force that has pushed A1 bookie services to the top of the list in the pay per head industry is its continual business support.

Running and managing a private book on your own can be daunting at times, especially if you are on your own. By having a team of experts right by your side, working with A1 is like adding a silent business partner that always keeps your best interests top of mind.

The team at A1 understands that their continued success in this highly competitive business environment is directly tied to the short-term and long-term financial success of the bookie agents they serve.

By taking a ‘complete solutions’ approach to the products and services it offers, A1 has been able to fulfill those obligations time and time again. It is time to put these professional bookie services to work for you.

Managing NFL Weekly Exposure With A1 Bookie Services

The NFL remains the most heavily bet sports league in the US sports betting market. It also offers global betting appeal across any number of international markets as well. As a private bookie, this is the time of the year when you have the biggest potential to reach any set financial goals.

For 17 weeks from early September into the New Year, there are anywhere from 14 to 16 games on the board. This creates almost unlimited betting potential when you add up all the ways someone can bet on those games.

Straight bets on the sides and total line make up most of the weekly betting volume. Although, there is quite a bit of interest in betting exotics such as parlays and teasers. Betting options can be expanded into game props covering both team and player performances. Finally, live-in-game betting offers the chance to bet on a game after it has gotten underway.

Working with A1 Price Per Head, you can build out a betting board that takes advantage of all these NFL options. The most profitable way to run a bookie business is by maximizing the handle through your existing betting clientele. This, in turn, will maximize the net profit taken in.

Managing Bookie Exposure With A1 Price Per Head

Along with a high volume of weekly NFL action comes high levels of bookie exposure. The typical NFL bettor tends to gravitate to the biggest games on the board. They also lean heavily towards the favorites and the OVER on the total line.

As a private bookie, you are in a much better position to manage weekly exposure as opposed to a large commercial sportsbook dealing with the masses. However, it is always a concern.

Moving your betting lines as the week wears on can be somewhat effective in shifting some money to the other side. The most effective way to employ this strategy is by staying way out in front of the daily action coming in.

A1 bookie services has incorporated a number of business tools into a top-rated pay per head software solutions package. Through the use of real time business analytics, you can track your potential exposure from the time the NFL betting lines are first released for each week’s games.

This starts with a bet ticker that tracks every bet placed on an account by account basis. One of the biggest benefits of being a private bookie is the intimate knowledge you gain about your betting clientele. You can develop some excellent insight into every customer’s betting strategy, tendencies and habits.

As a helpful guide, you can refer to A1’s individual account profiles where everything you need to know about each bettor is collected in one place.

Another important business tool is an actual bookie exposure report. Game by game, you can assess your liability by wager type. This includes the basics such as straight bets on the spread, total and money line. You can also assess you exposure when it comes to parlay bets and any other exotics you offer.

More Control With A1 Management Tools

Maintaining a high level of control needs to be one of your top priorities during the entire NFL season. There are going to be times when your exposure is outside your comfort zone. That is the nature of the game. However, with the help of A1’s bookie services there are any number of ways to minimize the overall risk.

Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines College Football Betting Preview

It has been three weeks since the No. 13 Wisconsin Badgers (1-0) played a football game, and this week, they travel to face the slumping Michigan Wolverines (1-2). The Badgers COVID-19 cases have finally subsided enough for them to take the field, and both teams are desperate for a win. Kickoff on Saturday, Nov. 14 is set for 7:30 P.M. Eastern at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich. The game will be televised on ABC.

These teams have met 67 times in Big Ten play, with Michigan leading the series 51-16-1. Last year, Wisconsin won at home 35-14, and Michigan won at 38-13 home in 2018. The Badgers have lost two straight at The Big House since winning in 2010, and they are 7-29 all-time in Ann Arbor.

Wisconsin Badgers Betting Outlook: Rested or Rusted?

In betting with us at, the Badgers are 1-0 ATS this season, and the over is 1-0 in their game. In their 45-7 win over Illinois on Oct. 23, Wisconsin racked up 430 total yards with 248 passing and 182 rushing. The defense allowed just 87 passing yards to go with 131 rushing yards.

The big question for the Badgers this weekend is which players are 100% healthy. Their first COVID-positive test was redshirt freshman Graham Mertz who delivered five touchdown passes in the win over Illinois. His backup Chase Wolf also was positive, and if neither is available, then Danny Vanden Boom could see time under center.

Mertz completed 20-of-21 passes against Illinois for 248 yards. He was thrust into the starting role when last year’s quarterback Jack Coan injured his foot in practice leading up to the season opener.

Running back Nakia Watson ran 19 times for 62 yards against Illinois while Garrett Groshek had 70 yards on 13 carries. Groshek also caught four passes for 29 yards.

Mertz found six different receivers against Illinois, led by Jake Ferguson, who had seven catches for 72 yards and three touchdowns. Mason Stokke and Danny Davis had the other scores while Davis turned two catches into 72 yards. Kendric Pryor added 44 yards on three catches while Jack Dunn had three catches for 21 yards.

Michigan Wolverines Betting Outlook: Turn Things Around, Fast

Betting with us at, the Wolverines are 1-2 ATS this season, and the over is 2-1 in their three games. The offense ranks 27th in passing (289.7 yards per game), 82nd in rushing (139.3 yards per game), and 45th in scoring (31.3 points per game). The defense has struggled, ranking 105th in the nation against the pass (287.3 yards per game), 69th in total yards (411.7 yards per game), and 70th in points allowed (29.7 points per game).

After starting the season ranked and beating Minnesota on the road, Michigan has lost two in a row. After losing at home to Michigan State 27-24, they lost at Indiana 38-21 last Saturday. That was their first loss to the Hoosiers since 1987. Michigan gave up 342 passing yards against Indiana and 323 against Michigan State.

Against Indiana, quarterback Joe Milton was 18-for-34 for 344 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. In three games, Milton has completed 60.7% of his passes for 869 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions.

Michigan couldn’t run the ball against Indiana at all, finishing with 13 yards on 18 carries. Hassan Haskins had 19 yards on six carries, and nobody else ran for more than five yards. Haskins leads the team with 157 yards and three touchdowns on the season, while Milton has 102 rushing yards and one score.

Wideout Ronnie Ball caught six balls for 149 yards with a touchdown while Cornelius Johnson caught four balls for 82 yards and a score. Bell leads the team with 14 receptions for 269 yards on the season, while Johnson has nine catches for 134 yards. Overall, four different players have one touchdown reception each.

Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines Betting Line

Head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at, where the Badgers are favored by 4.5 points on the road. The total is 54, and the Patriots are a +150 home underdog.

Betting Analysis

If Mertz is healthy and ready to go, this is a slam dunk pick for Wisconsin, with Michigan struggling to defend the pass. Even if they aren’t at full strength, Wisconsin should have enough in the tank to take care of a struggling Michigan squad that has placed Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat.

Free Pick: Badgers -4.5 (-110)

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5 Reasons Why Today’s Bookies Choose A1 Price Per Head

If you are serious about running and managing a profitable bookie business, a crucial part of that success is tied to your pay per head site. Bookmakers going it alone have learned the hard way that there is no substitute for quality bookie services.

As an industry leader, A1 Price Per Head has been helping private bookies prosper for more than a decade. The products and services offered are superior in quality and comprehensive in design. The end result is a bookie services software package that is turnkey in its application.

This is why more and more private bookies are turning to A1 for business support. The five main reasons are highlighted below.

  • A1 Benefits that Move The Business Dial

The A1 bookie services package has been designed to meet all the business needs of today’s private bookie. Through the use of proprietary software solutions backed by a professional in-house business support team, you will have the proper tools to increase both betting volume and bottom-line profit.

  • A ‘Complete Solution’ Approach to Bookie Services

A1 was founded in Costa Rica by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software solutions. The goal from the start was to create a ‘complete solution’ to running and managing a full-service bookie operation. This includes sports betting, wagering on horses and online casino games.

  • Sophisticated Software Offering Advanced Business Analytics

Every bookie needs to stay way out in front of all the daily and weekly action coming in. You need the ability to capitalize on opportunities ahead of time as opposed to dealing with issues after the fact. Access to real time business results is the only way to stay that far ahead of the curve. From player positions to accurate settlement reports, you will have all the information you need to make the right business decisions.

  • Expanded Betting Options and Sharp Betting Lines

Private bookies also need the ability to level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks when it comes to your betting board. A1 makes sure that you always have fast and easy access to sharp betting lines for a wide variety of sports and sporting events. You should never have to worry about losing even one bet on something that was not on your board.

  • Operational Reliability and Performance

The biggest edge A1 brings to the table is a safe and reliable operating system. This is the weak link of more than a few pay per head sites. You need the peace of mind that every online transaction involving your betting base is completed in a safe and secure manner. You also need a PPH service that has eliminated costly downtime. If your online betting portal is down, your entire bookie business is down. A1 one has made the proper investment to ensure this does not happen.

The combination of all five of these reasons adds up to some tremendous business value as compared to the low weekly per head fee you pay for each active customer. Reach out to A1 Price Per Head today to see how you can take your bookie business to a brand new level of success you probably only dreamed of.

Raise The Bar on Reliability and Performance With A1 Bookie Services

The football season is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for private bookies. This only highlights the need for quality bookie services. Any issues with your current pay per head software provider are bound to cost you money up front and in the long run.

That is why more and more bookie agents have turned to A1 Price Per Head to run their business online. This bookie services site has been in business for more than a decade.

The internal staff offers a wealth of industry experience and the software products offered are both time-tested and state-of-the-art when it comes to the latest technical advances. Based in Costa Rica, A1 continues to set the pace in a rapidly changing business environment.

A1 Raises the Bar on Reliability

If your pay per head site is down, so is your bookie business. Many PPH services will tout just how affordable their software solutions are. Unfortunately, cheap weekly per head fees often comes with cheap services.

A1 does offer competitive weekly per head rates and it is more than willing to back that cost with value-added benefits. One primary benefit is guaranteed reliability. This ownership group has already made the proper investments in the site’s internal operating system.

That level of investment continues on an ongoing basis. This ensures that A1 always stays well ahead of the game when it comes to technological advances. By incorporating an ultra-high level of redundancy across the entire database, the proper measures are in place to safeguard against any downtime issues.

As a private bookie agent, you can always rest assured that your betting customers can access their online betting account on a continual basis with zero interruptions in service.

Along with that high level of reliability are deep levels of security. Another important benefit is the peace of mind that every online transaction associated with your bookie business will be completed in a safe and secure manner.

A1 Raised the Bar on Performance

Along with reliable service, site performance is as equally important. Very few bookie agents are concerned with how something works. The technical aspect of any online business system is better left to the IT professionals.

However, there is some genuine interest in why something works. A1 employs its own in-house IT professionals that have to answer that question everyday when it comes to the performance of the A1 website.

This group strives for excellent performance 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. They have the right technology in place driven by the right software solutions to make their job easier to perform.

This, in turn, makes your life easier when it comes to running and managing your bookie business. You do not care how sufficient bandwidth copes with multiple domains. You do not care how this also handles increases in traffic and large transaction volume. What you do care about is why these types of advanced solutions make the overall performance of the site as good as it is.

A1 Sells The Sizzle Not The Steak

The bottom line measure for any PPH service is the ability to keep your bookie business running smooth and efficient every day of the day. A1 steps in as that silent business partner that keeps your bookie operation top of mind.

You are probably not overly interested in how A1 raises the bar on reliability and performance. But it is in your best interest to understand why.

Join The Winning Team at A1 Price Per Head

Running and managing your own private bookmaking operation can turn into a very lucrative business proposition. The sports betting industry is expanding at a high rate of growth. This is especially true in the US market where the demand for bookmaking services is going through the roof.

As a private bookie, there is the added burden of going it alone. Even if you work with business partners, you are still competing against the big commercial sportsbooks that will go to great lengths to attract bettors to their sports betting services.

Fortunately, you have the option of signing on with A1 Price Per Head as your online bookie services provider. This is like adding a silent business partner that always keeps your business interests top of mind.

Meet The A1 Team

The average bookie sees a pay per head site as a way to handle the online administrative end of the business. In many respects, this is true. However, when it comes to A1 as a bookie services provider, this site brings so much more to the table.

Superior software products backed by a reliable and secure operating system is the steak. The real sizzle is the high level of in-house business support that is also included in your price per head plan.

A1 has been working side by side with bookie agents for more than a decade. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group comes from an extensive background in both sports betting as well as online gambling software solutions.

The end result is a proprietary online gambling software package that adds horse betting and casino gambling as additional profit centers. Everything combined, there is some tremendous value included in your weekly fees for active betting customers.

However, what adds the most value is the A1 team. It starts with a dedicated account manager that can walk you through the start-up process as well as provide support on an ongoing basis.

You will also have direct access to the in-house IT staff handling the operations end of the business. This is crucial to building a strong online business presence.

Behind the scenes, sports betting experts are in place to make sure every betting option is accompanied by sharp betting lines. They work with some of the best external Oddsmaking services in the world to help build out your betting board to meet all of your customers’ betting needs.

You will always have complete control over your betting board. Advanced A1 software tools can help you manage that board. The professional sports betting team at A1 can help you make the most of it.

The biggest edge you have as a private bookie is your elevated level of personal customer service. This edge can be enhanced with the addition of A1’s in-house customer service staff. Each member comes from an online sports betting background. This value-added benefit can be a major plus to your marketing efforts for growing your customer base.

A1’s Complete Bookie Services Solution

Everything that A1 brings to the table is designed to make your job a bit easier. From turnkey software applications to a sophisticated online betting platform, the technical aspect of your bookie business is covered.

Adding professional business support is crucial to both your short and long-team success. Once you set your own financial goals, A1 is there to help you meet and most likely exceed those numbers on a consistent basis for years to come.