Build Your Summer Marketing Plan Around A1 Price Per Head

From mid-May right through the month of August, private bookies need to make the most out of everything that is on the betting board.

The second half of May marks the start of both the NBA and NHL postseason. Each of these second seasons last around two months into early July. Once the MLB All-Star Game rolls around later that month, baseball is the only major betting sport on the board ahead of the new football season in September.

Also in the mix over the next four months are three more Majors in professional golf. Auto racing features signature NASCAR events at Talladega and Daytona along with the Indianapolis 500 for IndyCar racing.

International soccer is another sport to supplement your board and as an extra betting event for 2021, the Olympic Summer Games will be held in Japan.

You can also throw in a steady stream of boxing and UFC fights throughout the summer months as add-on betting events. Horse betting is another important draw though your own online racebook.

The bottom line is that there is more than enough action on the board during the summer to maintain a healthy weekly handle and weekly hold. However, going forward without a solid marketing plan in place is guaranteed to leave money on the table.

That is why turning to A1 Price Per Head for all of your bookie services needs should be step No. 1 in the planning process.

Profit From the Difference

In today’s competitive marketplace, there are any number of pay per head sites offering a weekly bookie services plan. The main thing to keep in mind is that all of these sites are not created equal.

Some operators are only in it for the quick buck given the rising popularity of online sports betting. Other operators do not possess the economies of scale to keep their sports betting software solutions current and up to date. Online reliability is a major issue with sites that have a substandard internal operating system.

Whatever the case may be, has spent the last 10 years plus separating its bookie services package from the competition. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this popular pay per head site has the experience, expertise and financial resources to keep A1 at the top of the list.

A1 offers a comprehensive software solutions package that is also turnkey in its application. This provides fast and easy access to everything you need to fully automate your bookie business while running it online.

Everything is backed by a professional in-house business support team that adds a tremendous amount of value to the software products A1 has to offer.

A dedicated account manager will walk you through the start-up process when you first sign on. An IT staff is on hand to enhance your online business presence through a custom betting platform fully equipped with mobile capabilities.

Internal sports betting experts work directly with external line setting services to fully build out your betting board. This is the best way to level the playing field against the big commercial books you still have to compete against.

A trained and knowledgeable customer service team is in place to help both you as the bookie agent and each of your betting customers.

Building the summer plan is made easy with highly sophisticated online marketing tools. Putting that plan into action is facilitated by the A1 business support team.

A1 Bookies Services Caters to Your Betting Customers’ Needs

As a pirate bookie agent, it is important to employ a bookie services provider that can meet and hopefully exceed all of your needs. A1 Price Per Head has being doing just that for more than a decade as a top-rated bookie services site.

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group has always remained committed to offering the most advanced products and services for bookies looking to fully automate their business while also running and managing it online.

A1 goes one step further in its approach by also offering features that benefit your betting customers. These added features can be incorporated into your overall marketing plan when it comes to growing and expanding your betting base.

One of the best aspects of being a private bookie is the ability to pick and choose the customers you wish to work with. This gives you the opportunity to create an active betting base that fits into your overall business model. A1 has developed solutions within its online gambling software to help you achieve this goal.

A1 Bookie Agent-Oriented Features

Everything starts with an individual account profile for each of your betting customers. These profiles do not contain any personal information. Rather, they are a means to an end when it comes to the business accounting side of the operation.

Betting history, settlement reports and other information tracking online activity fill out each profile. This is where any set betting and credit limits can be put in place. All the general information that pertains to an individual profile can then be rolled-up into business reports summarizing all the various accounting aspects of your bookie business.

This includes vital information such as your weekly handle and hold along with your net profit figures. You can also create betting breakdowns by individual sport, wager type and betting options. Detailed business analytics give you the ability to drill down as deep as you want into every aspect of your bookie business’s performance.

A1 Player-Oriented Features

Individual account profiles are also an excellent online tool for each of your active betting customers. They can use these profiles to summarize all of their online betting activity. They can check current positions for active bets along with graded results. These can also be broken down according to specific sports, wager types and betting options.

Account profiles also provide real time settlement figures based on any specific time frame. Whether you settle accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, your betting customers will always know exactly where they stand.
Easy site navigation probably tops the list when it comes to both agent and player features. While the A1 sports betting software is highly sophisticated in its design, its primary goal is ease of use.

Players can quicky find what they are looking for when online. The process for placing a wager has been simplified and moving from one online betting platform application to another is easy to do. This includes the mobile interface used to process wagers from any handheld device with internet access.

This means that one of your customers can place a bet on Sunday’s big game while also placing a few timely wagers at their favorite horse track running a live daily card. They can even try their luck playing slots in your online casino from one centralized online betting account.

A1 Price Per Head’s Custom Business Tools

Today’s big commercial sportsbooks rely on a massive customer base to provide the necessary balance in betting across their entire board. Sometimes the betting public comes out on top but most times the books win that battle to drive their bottom line.

As a private bookie working with a select betting base, you need the proper business tools to maintain a house edge. This is where A1 Price Per Head really earns the low weekly fee charged for each of your active betting customers.

This top-rated bookie services site has been helping bookie agents just like yourself maintain that house edge for more than a decade. Based in Costa Rica, this is one of the most trusted pay per head sites in the entire sports betting industry.

A1 Price Per Head’s Custom Player Profiles

When you first sign on with A1 as your pay per head software solutions provider, one of the first tasks is setting up a custom player profile for each of your betting customers. The actual online profile is standard. However, there are any number of ways to customize that profile based on each player’s betting strategies, habits and traits.

These are designed to paint a clear picture of each player through their online activity. While established customers are easy to read, you will quicky gain a high level of predictability for new customers based on the information contained in their individual player profile.

This is where you can set and adjust betting and credit limits on an individual basis. A1 also provides the necessary profile tools that let you take a custom approach to setting betting lines.

A1 Price Per Head Helps You Build Your Betting Board

Through the use of in-house sports betting experts and the best external line setting services, you will have the ability to build out your betting board in any fashion you choose. While you need to always keep your individual business interests in mind, you also need the ability to completely level the playing field against the big commercial books you still have to compete against.

A1 helps to ensure that you can meet each of your player’s daily and weekly betting needs. You can rest assured that no player will have to look elsewhere for a betting option that is not on your board.

When it comes to managing that board, A1 has you covered with real time business analytics that take the guesswork out of the decision making process. You can make instant line moves and changes across the board as well as on an individual basis. This includes adjustments to betting lines and betting limits.

A1 Price Per Head Remains Committed to Your Success

One of the main reasons why A1 is continually rated as a top bookie services site is the level of professionalism in the products and services offered.

You could liken this to adding a silent business partner that always keeps your best interests top of mind. Control is the key to success as a private bookmaker and A1 has designed the proper tools that will always keep you way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming it.

This proactive approach to running and managing a bookie business lets you take advantage of opportunities ahead of time while avoiding any issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.