A1 Offers a User-Friendly Betting Experience

Private bookies turn to A1 Price Per Head to fully automate their bookmaking business while operating it online. For more than a decade, this bookie services site has helped thousands of bookie agents run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation.

As a added benefit, A1’s comprehensive pay per head package is turnkey to implement. While the software solutions are complex in their design, they are easy to navigate for both yourself as a bookie agent and for each of your active betting customers.

There is no doubt that your existing customer base will be thrilled with this sports betting software application. Also, by creating sports betting software that caters to today’s avid players, you can also use A1’s online betting platform to market your bookmaking services to prospective customers.

A1 Offers Ease of Use

This sports betting software package has been built in-house and from the ground up as a proprietary product of A1. The primary goal in its design was ease of use. The IT staff at A1 comes from an online gambling software background that understands how to enhance the online experience for end users.

From placing an actual bet to checking positions and settlement figures, your active players can easily manage their online betting account.

As a bookie agent, working the back-end of the software has been simplified as well. There is a wide variety of business reports that covers every aspect of your bookie business. Results can be produced in real time so you always know where you stand.

A1 Offers Advanced Site Mechanics

You are probably not all that concerned with how A1’s software works. However, you are interested in how it can work for you.

The mechanics of this software can be complex and highly sophisticated. The main takeaway is a product that gives you all the business tools you need to build out your betting board, properly manage the action coming and also manage each of your player’s online activity.

By taking all of the guesswork out of the decision making process, you can capitalize on opportunities ahead of time. You can also avoid dealing with issues after the fact.

Advanced site mechanics are also designed with your customers in mind. They want the added level of service you can provide but they also want all the bells and whistles that today’s commercial sportsbook betting apps provide.

A1’s complete solutions approach to the products it offers covers all the bases. The same products you are using to run and manage your bookie business would easily rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting sites.

A1 Offers Professional Customer Support

Along with best-in-class sports betting software, you will also benefit from A1’s professional in-house business support team.

A highly trained and knowledgeable customer service team is in place to aid you and each of your betting customers on a continual basis. This hands-on support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

When you first sign on with A1, you will work directly with a dedicated account manager through the entire startup process. You can be taking action online the same day you register your bookie business on the A1 site.

In-house sports betting experts can help you build out your betting board to meet each of your customer’s needs. This is just another way that A1 enhances the user experience for your bookie business.

Setting Up Your Betting Board with A1 Price Per Head

Just like the menu at a restaurant, you need to set up your betting board as a bookie in a way that satisfies all of your customer’s tastes.

From a wider selection of sports and sporting events to more betting options for the games, a built-out betting board can be used as a powerful marketing tool when it comes to attracting sports bettors to your bookie services.

Even more important to your success is the fact that a built-out betting board can build your weekly handle and hold without having to necessarily expand your active betting base.

A1 Price Per Head bookie services has a long history of helping private bookie agents just like yourself level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks with a wide selection of betting odds and betting options.

How Does A1 Set Betting Lines?

Based in Costa Rica, A1 Price Per Head has been offering its weekly bookie services package for more than a decade. During all that time, this top-rated PPH service has developed a high level of experience and expertise in the sports betting industry.

As an integral part of the in-house business support team at A1, sports betting experts work with some of the best external oddsmaking services in the world to help you build out your betting board.

The goal has always been to provide fast and sharp betting lines for a every sport and sporting event players are looking to bet on. This includes every sport and sporting event in the US as well as a host of international betting options.

Within each sporting category, A1 also looks for opportunities to expand all the betting options. This includes team and player props for every game, futures options beyond the basics and a full set of live in-game betting lines for all the daily action.

Signing on with A1, you will have fast and easy access to everything these line setters have to offer. This lets you build out your board in a way that best meets your business needs and the betting needs of your entire customer base.

How Does A1 Help You Manage That Board?

Running and managing a successful bookie business hinges on taking the guesswork out of the decision making process. With the right tools in place, A1 can provide everything you need to properly manage that betting board.

Centered around your online bookie dashboard, you always have instant access to real time business analytics that can break down every aspect of the daily and weekly action coming in.

Any of your line movements and changes to your board are instant. You can also quickly adjust betting and credit limits on an individual basis. A1 helps you take advantage of opportunities ahead of time while eliminating issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.

Everything you need to manage your bookie betting board is included in your weekly PPH plan with no added fees or hidden costs.

How Does A1 Support Your Betting Board?

The in-house business support team at A1 Price Per Head comes from an extensive background in the online sports betting industry. Many of these pros enjoyed an extended and successful career working for some of the biggest offshore books in the world.

These pros are also more than willing to share that experience and expertise when it comes to helping you run and manage your bookmaking operation.

Inner Workings Of A PPH Sportsbook?

For example, if an agent has a client that loses $5000 in one week, there are two very different scenarios: if he is using a PPH company, all he will have to pay is the small service fee; alternatively, if he is using the revenue-splitting method, he is required to pay $2500 of his winnings to the other party. So, even when he wins, he is really losing half of his earnings. The reason credit shops that practice revenue-splitting are so against it is that if their bookies use a PPH service, they will not be able to get that $2500 of winnings.

The only time the revenue-split model can be appropriate is if the agent is in the practice of taking more than he can really afford. In this case, although the agent has to fork over half of the money if his client loses, he is also insured for half if the client wins.

So, if the agent is a real risk-taker, a credit shop might seem like the better choice. However, it is simple foolishness to take more than you can afford to pay. It can often end up in your favor, but eventually this method will stop working, and you will owe a lot of people a lot of money that you simply can’t pay.

With the Price Per Head market growing so quickly, it may be hard to decide which company to use. Some important things to look at when deciding on a pay per head company include: the number of years it has been in business, the licensing and legality of its location, its reputation, the offerings and services it provides, and its security of the information you provide.

When a company has a check mark beside each of those requirements, you can trust that they will provide you with a great way to maximize your earning potential. As an agent, using a Pay Per Head service will ensure that you make as much money as you possibly can.

If you are an agent in Latin America, you can check out our site in Spanish at www.softwareparaapuestas.com

What to Look for in a Per Head Site

The importance of working with a quality Pay Per Head service cannot be overstated. If you select a service that turns out to be lackluster, most of the benefits mentioned will be negated. To get the very most out of a per head company, you need to find one that is reliable and reputable.

As mentioned before, RBPayPerHead.com is not the cheapest pay per head company but we are one of the highest quality in the industry.

The first step to finding a great PPH service is looking at its “Call Center.” This is basically the nervous system of the service. It is where the day-to-day business is conducted and it is where wagers are placed, payments are handled, and questions and complaints are taken care of. Naturally, a per head company without a well-greased Call Center is not a service that you should go with.

It is important to understand the differences between large per head companies and smaller PPH companies. Of course, the larger the service, the more employees they will have on staff. This is beneficial because there will be more representatives working to ensure that you and your clients are happy. It also usually means that the company has more technology (such as more computer screens and televisions) to monitor upcoming and in progress events.

At the other end of the stick, however, is that small companies can generally commit more time to each of their clients. Smaller PPH companies generally are more personal and work more one-on-one with their agents. Oftentimes, small companies like us offer far superior phone support and customer service.

You can track down a company that has both exceptional customer service and a reasonable amount of technology/employees. In this day and age, both small and large companies fit this bill. Pair a company that meets these two requirements up with one that has a great Call Center and there is an awesome chance that you have found a PPH company that has your best interests in mind and that will effectively handle your needs.

On a side note, the employees at RBPayPerHead are fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

How The Per Head Business Works

It is all too easy to become comfortable with your routine and the way that you conduct business. However, failing to utilize the latest trends and most recent technology will leave you in the dust.

RBPayPerHead business management software is perfect for agents that otherwise do everything by themselves. Unless you work for a larger company, chances are that you are routinely swamped with mountains of paperwork and have quite a bit of money to keep track of.

The concept behind our business is easy to understand. It simply allows you to connect your clients with our platform via a username and password generated online. This is done through an automated online system that achieves full anonymity.

As an agent, all that you have to do to use our service is pay a small fee ranging between $10 and $15 per head for each client that is active through our service. In fact, you don’t even have to place your client’s request yourself. They can make it directly through our website with a username and password or by contacting our customer service representatives by telephone. This eliminates the need for you to get involved with taking and placing every one of your client’s bets as they come in.

Our website also includes a tracking service available to the agent. This service allows you to keep track of and view full reports on each of your client’s movements. You can then use this data to ensure proper payment or collection. Most agents zero out their clients account every Sunday or some let it roll over the following week. This will be up to you on how you want to settle with your clients.

Our software will also allow you to customize the configuration to fit your client’s profile in order to maximize profits. For example, if you are from the New England area naturally most of your requests will be coming on the Patriots. If the line is at -6 at most shops, you can set the odds at -6.5 or -7 for your New England clientele. You can also adjust the juice or the vig from -110 to -120 for anyone betting New England.

This is just one of many features you can customize with our management software.

What Is Pay Per Head?

Definition Of Pay Per Head

The concept of Price Per Head or Pay Per Head (PPH) can seem very complicated to some people at first. Basically, the concept of pay per head is having an onshore agent supply his clientele with the services of a post-up offshore online service completely anonymously by using an internet-based automated software system.

When an agent joins an online Pay Per Head company, he rents a white label bookie software which is able to contend with the major offshore shops, providing 24-hour service every single day. The job of an agent using a PPH company is to use the company’s online system to assign clients with a username and password, and to pay a modest weekly fee to the company for providing the service. Thus, for only a small fee, the agent is able to compete with the world’s largest shops and even stop answering telephone calls for service without owning a call center, because the Pay Per Head company can provide these services for you at a much lower rate than you could have found by yourself.

Once involved with the PPH service, an agent might question the most effective way to manage his career on a daily basis. Instead of taking requests himself, the agent will now send his players to a website to do their requests online, or to call the pay per head company’s call center. Your clients will find betting very easy since they now have 24/7 access to a countless selection, client services, technical support, and the call center.

The options are not limited, they also include a variety of choices for the client to choose from, if the agent chooses to offer these services. Once a week, the agent will visit the Pay Per Head company’s website to download a report that will tell him whether to pay or collect each of his clients.

How Does Pay Per Head Work

Because of its ease of use, the Price Per Head concept has quickly been growing in popularity. By using PPH software to outsource their business, an agent can provide much more to his clients in a much shorter time than he would have been able to do while working independently. All it takes is for the agent to direct his clientele to the website or phone number which lets them place requests with their password and PIN.

The clients and the Pay Per Head service do most of the work, leaving the agent only to do the job of checking his weekly report and paying or collecting accordingly. All it takes is a simple, small fee paid by the agent for each of his customers that places a request that week.

Since the agent doesn’t have to track plays or answer calls anymore, he can spend more time finding new clients instead of writing requests. Many people wrongly assume that beating the clients they already have is the trick to making a lot of money as an agent. While you can definitely make money this way, it is more effective to find many new clients who will make new requests.

The game is on the agent’s side, so as long as you can find new clients, the money will come in. The real advantage to using a pay per head service is that the agent will now be able to devote almost all of his time to finding these new clients.

Using a Pay Per Head service is very different from the old revenue-splitting method of providing offshore betting in which the agent splits winnings or losses with the offshore shop. The benefits of using a PPH agency are numerous, including a greater earning potential for the agent, better service for the clientele, improved client-recruiting capability, and much more.

Although there seems to be a lot of debate over whether the PPH method is really better than the old way, looking at the facts makes it clear that PPH simply offers a greater earning potential for the same amount of work.

Despite what the credit shops might suggest, using a Pay Per Head agency is really the best way for an agent to make money. The method he uses really makes a difference. A credit shop takes half. What this means is that if the client wins, the agency will absorb half of the loss (with the agent absorbing the other half), and if he loses, the agency will take half of the winnings, leaving the other half for the agent.

The Benefits of Using PPH Software

Naturally, our software is designed to benefit both the agent and the client. If it were not mutually beneficial, there is little doubt that there would be little reason to use it.

Odds from every sport around the globe are available to choose from by your clients 24/7 in an easy and streamlined fashion. The more they use it the more money you potentially earn.

The other advantage is you can run your business from anywhere you have an Internet connection. All your reports are available online so you can keep tabs on the action no matter where you are in the world.

With your weekly fee you get access to a variety of options within the software.

Once again, our pay per head software makes life easier on agents by reducing the amount of paperwork they have to sift through on a daily basis (while also juggling phone calls from clients). Overall organization is a positive outcome of this and is one of the first benefits of our online software you will notice as an agent.

The long-term business benefits of using our company for your needs are even more enticing. As long as you invest in a good system, your overall business will appear larger than it actually is. The perception of size will ultimately create a stronger feeling of trust among prospective clients and promote an aura of success around your business.

A good per head company will also give you more free time. Since you will no longer have to worry about as much day-to-day paperwork, you will be able to use your free time to drum up business. Our software gives the small-time agent more opportunities to get out there and find new clients instead of swimming through mountains of work just to keep the wheels of their business spinning smoothly.

Another advantage of using a per head company is that you keep 100% of the winnings from your players. So at the end of the week, if your clients lost $1000, you keep all of it. You only play a small fee of $10 per player for that week depending the amount of heads you have for that week.

If you had 5 clients playing, then you would pay only $50 which would amount to a healthy net profit of $950.

There is another model called revenue splitting which most of the online shops use. They can keep anywhere between 60 to 80 percent of the profits from your client base using this system.

So if we go with the same example of you having 5 clients losing $1000 in a week,  the shop would keep anywhere from $600 to $800 leaving you with a measly earning of $400 max in profits.

So there is no doubt from the above scenario, that agents should choose to use a pay per head company over the revenue splitting model.

All of the benefits of being a member of RBPayPerHead, on the agent’s end, come down to helping the business grow and become more profitable. Our software along with our support staff will help you expand your base, maintain solid cash flow, and promote overall business stability.

Privacy Policy

Located in Costa Rica, RBPayPerHead.com offers Price Per Head Software solutions to agents worldwide. When you use the Company’s services via RBPayPerHead.com , and whether such use is via the Internet Platform or through the phone, you shall be asked to provide personal identifiable information (“PII”) to the Company.

The Company is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws and we have therefore provided this Privacy Policy to help you understand how we collect, use and safeguard your PII for the purpose of offering you bookmaking software services. If you do not understand the Privacy Policy or how we handle or use the PII which you provide to us then you are invited to send in your questions to info@a1pph.com and we will do our best to answer your questions in full as quickly as possible.

Personal Identifiable Information Collection

We collect PII when you register and use our bookmaking services, make customer inquiries, register for information or other services from the Company, or when you respond to communications from us (such as questionnaires or surveys). The PII we will collect from you may include, for example, your name, email address, and telephone number.

How Your Information is Processed (“Purposes”)

The PII which you provide to us will be processed for one or more of the following Purposes:
(i) to allow us to provide you with software services;
(ii) to process any of your requests for information;
(iii) to provide member support services to you;
(iv) to market our services or products or those of other entities existing within the same group of companies in which the Company exists;
(v) to notify you about updates to our software and/or services; and
(vi) to support any of the intended purposes specifically stated at the time at which you provided the PII.

To Whom Your Information is Disclosed (“Recipients”)

Your PII may, for the Purposes, be disclosed for processing to any of the following Recipients:
(i)RBPayPerHead.com and their employees who have a need to know such information;
(ii) to any third parties which provide services to the Company in order to allow or enable us to provide you with services,
(iii) to any potential purchasers or investors in any company within the RBPayPerHead.com Group. Any processing performed by any Recipients will, where required by law, be governed by a data processing agreement in the form required by law, preserving any and all of your statutory data protection rights and obligating the Recipients to respect the PII and handle it in accordance with the relevant laws.


Your PII will not be stored for any longer period than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Your Choice – Direct Marketing

Out of respect for your right to privacy we are happy to provide you with an easy means to decline receiving email or phone offers from us or from any other companies within the RBPayPerHead.com Group. At any time, you may request to discontinue receiving these offers by sending a blank message with the word “Remove” in the subject area to info@ RBPayPerHead.com or call 1-800-949-6285. Please note that once this request is made, all your information is deleted from our database.

Information about us

RBPayPerHead.com is located in Costa Rica

This Privacy Policy is subject to change, so please check it regularly. We reserve the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and in response to changes in applicable data protection and privacy legislation. In the event the Purposes change, we will notify you as soon as possible and, where required, seek your consent where such notification relates to a new additional purpose for processing.

If you have any enquiry about this Privacy Policy please write to info@ RBPayPerHead.com

Three Proven Ways to Make More Money with A1 Price Per Head

The most important priority of any private bookmaking business should be to reach and hopefully exceed the financial goals you have set for the business.

Too many independent bookmakers get bogged down in the day-to-day operational end of things. Your time is better spent building both the weekly handle and hold on the action you bring in.

That is how A1 Price Per Head has always approached the way it does business as a top-rated bookie services provider. For more than 10 years, A1 has helped thousands of private bookies just like yourself reach the goals they set for their operations.

Ways to Make More Money with A1: No. 1 Stick to Proven Business Practices

As a private bookie, you are not out to reinvent the wheel. However, you still need the proper tools to make those wheels roll as smooth as possible.

This is why A1 created and built a weekly bookie services package that is both comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application.

You need a weekly PPH plan that covers everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business at a fair per head cost. With A1 by your side, you will never get hit with any hidden fees or added costs for business tools that are essential to the day-to-day operation.

The fact that this weekly package is also turnkey to operate speaks to its simplicity. The software is easy to navigate as the bookie agent and for your customer base as a whole. It is also fully supported by an in-house staff of industry professionals.

Ways to Make More Money with A1: No. 2 Build Both Handle and Hold

It is one thing to build a large weekly volume of betting action. It is a whole other thing to make a solid profit from that volume. As a private bookie, you make your money on the difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money collected on losing bets plus commission or juice.

This puts a premium on profitable betting volume. That can be achieved through a higher level of diversity. A1 employs sports betting experts that work closely with external oddsmaking services. The net result is fast and easy access to a wide array of sharp betting lines and odds.

By building out your betting board with a larger selection of sports and sporting events, you are also spreading out your overall betting volume. This, in turn, will naturally build a higher hold when everything is graded out.

Also, by building out your betting board with more diversity in the betting options, you are leveling the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks that you still have to compete against. Why risk losing even one bet on something that was not available on your board.

Ways to Make More Money with A1: No. 3 Establish Multiple Streams of Revenue

This concept goes hand-in-hand with a diverse sports betting board. By adding an online racebook for horse betting and Las Vegas-style slots and table games through an online casino, you are expanding the bookmaking services offered in a profitable way.

Creating ways to expand both your betting handle and hold without necessarily expanding your active betting customer base makes business sense.

Your weekly per head fee per active customer is not based on how much they bet in that given week. As long as you apply practical guidelines for betting and credit limits, you can maximize the betting potential for your entire customer base.

Take a Team Approach to Business Success With A1 Price Per Head

Today’s commercial sportsbooks are huge operations with a full team of sports betting professionals filling a number of different roles throughout the organization.

As an independent bookmaker working on your own, how are you supposed to compete against that? The easy answer to that question is to join the team at A1 Price Per Head professional bookie services.

Working With the Complete Bookie Services Solution

There are a number of different components that go into a pay per head bookie services plan. A1PPH.com started with an in-house team of IT professionals. They were tasked with developing proprietary software solutions that could fully automate a private bookmaking business while operating it completely online.

The end result of these efforts was the creation of a bookie services plan that provides everything needed to run and manage a successful bookmaking business. A1 offers this plan for one, low weekly fee that is charged for each of your active betting customers.

By only paying for what you use, this plan is both comprehensive in its design and cost effective in its delivery. You can also add in the fact that it is turnkey to implement.

The combination of all three of these important attributes is why A1PPH.com refers to its pay per head bookie services plan as the complete solution.

Everything you need is included with no added costs or hidden fees the bold print never mentioned. Based in Costa Rica and owned by sports betting experts with a deep background in online gambling software, A1PPH.com has been able to establish itself as the premier pay per head bookie services provider in the entire industry.

Working With the A1 Price Per Head Team

You will know you are in good hands from the minute you sign on with A1PPH.com. Online registration requires an email and agent name to get started. There is no minimum customer base to employ this service and no up-front costs to get started.

As a way to welcome you to the team, A1 offers an extended four-week free trial with no further obligation. This gives you plenty of time to test drive everything this complete solutions package has to offer.

To start you off in the right direction, a dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire process of taking your business online. You can be up and running the same day you sign on.

The next step is to create a professional online presence for your bookie business. Working directly with the IT staff, you can customize a standard site design as part of your base PPH plan. By giving your business its own unique identity and flare, this online betting site becomes a powerful marketing tool for expanding your betting base.

You can also choose to upgrade your betting site with a fully customized design at a cost that is much lower than creating a new site on your own.

Internal sports betting experts working with external oddsmaking services can help you fully build out your betting board. While you control the betting options offered, you will have the ability to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against.

Finally, everything is supported by a trained and knowledgeable in-house customer service team. They are available 24/7 to help you as the bookie agent as well as your entire betting base as the need arises.