Why Are More Bookie Agents Turning to A1 Price Per Head?

The start of a new football season is like New Year’s Day for a private bookie. While you may operate your bookie business on a year-round basis, you already know that football remains the biggest draw for the majority of your active sports betting customers.

A1 Price Per Head also knows that the new football season is right around corner. Every year around this time, there is a major influx of new customers signing on for A1’s professional bookie services package.

Based in Costa Rica, A1 has been working closely with bookie agents for more than a decade. The common goal is to fully automate that business while operating it online through an offshore betting platform.

This is the safest, easiest and smartest way to run and manage a successful bookie business these days. The entire sports betting industry has turned into a highly competitive business environment in recent years.
However, working directly with A1 Price Per Head, you can enhance the built-in edge you already have as a private bookie.

A1 Price Per Head Bookie Software Products

Working with proprietary sports betting software products that were developed in-house from the ground up is one of A1’s biggest selling points.

Why would you put the operational end of your business at risk through software products that are not always reliable, safe and secure? Unfortunately, there are too many PPH services in the marketplace looking to capitalize on the current sports betting boom.

PPH services offering cheap weekly fees are often working with software solutions that are generic by nature and quickly on their way to becoming obsolete.

A1’s in-house team of IT professionals is responsible for improving, upgrading and enhancing the performance of every software solution in this pay per head package. This includes an advance betting platform for mobile devises, a software app for an online racebook covering horse betting and a software app to run an online casino offering Las Vegas-style slots and table games.

The ownership group at A1 Price Per Head is made up of sports betting experts that also have a strong background in all forms of online gambling software. This provides the necessary level of experience and expertise that is lacking in many other PPH services these days.

A1 Price Per Head Professional Business Support

Along with superior software products, A1 continues to invest heavily in its business support team. As mentioned, there is a professional IT staff in place to handle the operational end of things.

On-site sports betting experts routinely work with external oddsmaking services to provide fast and easy access to a full set of sharp betting lines and odds. These lines and odds cover a wide variety of betting options for every major sport and sporting events.

Working closely with this part of the team, you can fully build out your betting board to cover each of your customer’s betting needs.

Always in place is a trained and knowledgeable staff of customer service representatives. Based on reputation in the pay per head industry, this is another reason why more and more independent bookmakers are turning to A1 as their bookie services provider.

A1 Price Per Head is so confident in the online betting products and services it offers, it is willing to cover your first four weeks of service for free as part of a trial offer. There is no up-front cost to participate and no further financial obligation once that trial ends.

Benefits You Can Bank On at A1 Price Per Head

Most pay per head bookie services sites will post of list of potential benefits tied to the plan offered. As a private bookie, these add-on features are only a benefit if they add real value to your weekly cost of a pay per head bookie services plan.

For more than a decade, A1 Price Per Head has been marketing its bookie services on benefits that can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The cost of pay per head services comes right out of your gross profit from the betting handle you bring in. By maximizing the value in that cost, A1 offers ways to increase your handle and hold without increasing your weekly pay per head costs.

A1 also offers quantity discounts on your active betting base that can also reduce costs per head as you grow and expand.

Add in software solutions to generate additional streams of revenue and you now have a weekly PPH plan that actually walks the walk when it comes to value-added benefits.

A1 Price Per Head’s ‘Complete Solution” Approach to Bookie Services

One A1 benefit that you can bank on from Day 1 is the comprehensive nature of the base bookie services weekly plan. You will have everything you need to fully automate your bookie business while taking it offshore and operating it online.

The base plan starts at $7 per head and it covers all the bases. You will never find any added fees or hidden costs in the fine print. Upgrades to premium products are available if needed. However, most bookie agents using A1 as their pay per head provider are generating a very high return on investment through the base plan.

The A1 bookie services plan is also turnkey to implement. The online betting site is easy to navigate for yourself as the bookie agent and for each of your active betting customers when placing a bet.

You can be booking action the same day you sign on with A1 behind the support of a dedicated account manager that can walk you through the entire process.

A1 is currently offering an extended four-week free trial with no upfront cost and no further obligation. The value in this highly beneficial promotional offer is rather obvious. You can take everything that A1 offers for an extended test drive before incurring any costs on your end.

A1 Sports Betting Experts Help Build Out Your Betting Board

As a private bookmaker working with A1, you will always have complete control over your betting board. You will also have all the software tools needed to properly manage that board. This takes all the guesswork out of the decision making process.

More importantly, you will have fast and easy access to sharp betting lines and odds covering a wide array of betting leagues and betting markets.

By building out your betting board with the help of A1’s in-house experts, you will continually level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against to a certain extent.

Your board now has the ability to meet and exceed the needs of each of your active betting customers. This ensures that all the weekly action will go through you and not some outside betting source.

A1 Price Per Head Improves Its Mobile Betting Capabilities

The majority of today’s sports bets placed are online. Retail sportsbooks at land-based venues make up a very small percentage of today’s actual sports betting handle.

Along with online sports betting through a desktop or laptop computer, mobile sportsbook apps have been developed to process sports wagers. These mobile apps need to be capable of accepting bets from any handheld device with internet access.

As a true pioneer in the pay per head bookie services industry, A1 Price Per Head is also viewed as an industry innovator. It has remained on the forefront of mobile betting technology over the past several years.

The Four Primary Benefits of A1 Price Per Head

Founded in Costa Rica more than a decade ago, the ownership group behind A1 Price Per Head has a wealth of experience in sports betting as well as online gambling software solutions.

That combination has taken A1 to the top of the list in the pay per head industry. The end result is a comprehensive pay per head bookie services plan built around four fundamental benefits.

–The A1 ‘Complete Solutions’ Approach

The A1 bookie services package has been designed to offer a comprehensive approach to running and managing an independent bookie business. The internal operating system at A1 along with the suite of software solutions has also been designed to be turnkey in its application.

You can be taking action from your betting clientele the first day you sign on with A1 as your bookie services provider. You can also take advantage of an expanded four-week free trial of everything this PPH service has to offer.

–A1 Dynamic Betting Lines

A1’s in-house sports betting experts work with the best external line setting services in the world. This creates easy access to sharp betting lines and odds for a wide variety of betting leagues and betting markets.

You will always have complete control of your betting board. This includes the necessary software tools needed to properly manage that board. Taking all the guesswork out of the decision making process delivers higher net profits to your company’s bottom line.

–A1’s Reliability and Performance

Going back to A1’s internal operating system and software solutions suite, this site would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their online betting platform. The site has invested heavily in its operational facilities to guarantee uninterrupted online service along with a safe and secure environment to process daily, weekly and monthly transactions online.

Heavy investments continue to be made in A1’s mobile betting platform. It is A1’s job is to keep your bookie business well ahead of the curve when it comes to industry technology and the ever changing face of the online sports betting industry.

–A1’s Advanced Software and Reporting

A big part of staying ahead of the industry curve when it comes to the technical aspect of bookie services is backend software support. Real time business analytics gives you the ability to drill down as deep as you want into your business’s performance.

You can determine your hold percentage by individual customer or individual sport. By quickly summarizing player positions, you make the necessary changes to your betting board. Individual player’s credit and betting limits can be changed in an instant.

Pre-settlement reports can summarize your accounts receivable and accounts payable situation as any point in time. A running bet ticker and online agent dashboard are critical for avoiding any unwanted negative exposure before it becomes a major issue.

Stay Competitive Against Commercial Books With A1 Price Per Head

By definition, a private or local bookie works with a select group of sports betting clientele. The player base is hand-picked by the bookie agent to create a higher level of internal control. Payments and collections are also coordinated by the bookie agent on a set settlement schedule.

The main attraction of private bookies in today’s sports betting industry comes down to enhanced customer service. A private bookie can offer a much higher level of service and personal attention to detail that cannot be matched by the commercial books.

Given these parameters, some private bookies make the mistake of believing that they do not compete against the big commercial books. With a private betting base, this is somewhat true. Yet, continued customer loyalty always needs to be earned and never expected.

A1 Price Per Head’s Operational Advantage

The main reason why private bookmakers continue to be a relevant aspect of the sports betting industry is bookie service providers. A1 Price Per Head is the perfect example.

For the past decade plus, A1 has been working directly with private bookies to accomplish the following two operational goals:

  • Fully automate the operational and administrative end of the business
  • Move that business offshore while running it completely online

That, in a nutshell, is the technical aspect of what A1 Price Per Head brings to the table. The company’s comprehensive price per head weekly plan provides everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business online. In return, you pay one, low weekly fee for each of your active players.

This is more than a fair exchange when you add up what you get for around $7 per active head. It would be cost prohibitive to try and contract these services on your own. A1 has helped thousands of bookie agents over the years. It has the economy of scale to offer the base PPH plan at such an affordable rate.

Best off, this PPH plan is turnkey to implement. Your bookie business can be up and running online the same day you sign on with A1.

How Can A1 Level the Playing Field?

It is easy to take full advantage of your built-in edge against the big commercial books when it comes to customer service. However, today’s avid sports bettor is also looking for the added bells and whistles these big books use to attract sports bettors to their sites.

Through the use of A1’s operational software solutions, you can build out your betting board to rival what the big books have to offer. As part of the weekly package, you will have the tools you need to properly manage your board as well.

The goal of this sports betting software is to take the guesswork out of the decision making process. This allows you to move betting lines and make changes to your board as needed.

It also allows you to completely level the playing field against the big books when it comes to the variety of leagues and markets available. This includes live in-game betting options, game props and exotic wagers.

A1’s software solutions ensure that if a betting league or betting option is available at a top-rated online sportsbook, you will have the ability to offer those same options through your independent bookmaking operation.