OSGA Includes A1 Price Per Head in the Short List of Top Bookie Services Providers

The Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) has become a highly respected news source for the entire online gaming industry. This site’s tagline is “Protecting Online Players Since 1998.”

One of OSGA’s regular tasks is to evaluate the pay per head industry as it relates to providing quality bookie services. The basic business model behind pay per head is paying one weekly fee for active betting customers for everything needed to run and manage a successful bookmaking operation.

As with any industry, some providers are going to do this better than others. At the top of the list are the “best of the best” in the bookie services industry.

A1 Price Per Head has been offering quality bookie services for more than a decade. For its efforts over all that time, A1 has been elevated to the category of the “best of the best” by OSGA.

What Can A1 Price Per Head Do for You?

Making it onto the short list at OSGA is quite an achievement given the crowded marketplace in today’s bookie services industry. However, the ownership group at A1 has never been one to tout these types of accomplishments.
The primary goal for this bookie software provider is constantly improving the process. This includes both the products and services that are included in the weekly pay per head plan.

With weekly per head fees as low as $7 per active bettor, A1 automatically becomes one of the best values on the board for private bookmakers. This lets you create a very manageable budget for one of your biggest costs of doing business in the bookmaking industry.

The real value lies in what is included in the A1 weekly PPH plan at this affordable rate. Built from the ground up by an in-house staff of IT professionals, A1 offers proprietary software solutions that cover all the bases when it comes to running and managing a private bookie business.

This plan was built to be comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application. This means that you can be taking online action from your betting clientele the same day you sign on with A1. A dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire start up process.

Breaking Down the A1 Price Per Head Software Suite

One of the most important aspects of any pay per head site review covers the software products offered in detail. This has always been one of A1’s strong suits.

These software solutions really standout when it comes to betting board management along with managing individual players.

A1’s betting board management software tools can take all the guesswork out of the decision making process. Through real time business analytics, you will always stay way out in front of and in complete control of your betting board.

This facilitates making adjustments to your betting lines in a timely fashion. They can be executed immediately across your entire customer base. You will also have the ability to instantly make changes to mitigate unwanted negative exposure.

The other set of professional software tools are geared towards proper player management. You can instantly adjust both betting and credit limits on an individual basis.

Player position reports and settlement summaries are two more examples of important A1 management tools.

More and More Bookie Agents Turned to A1 Price Per Head This Past Year

Another year is just about in the books heading into the month of December. The overall sports betting industry can hang its hat on a banner 2021 campaign. As good as things got this past year, there were still some big winners (and unfortunate losers) in every facet of the industry.

When it came to offshore sportsbooks operating in the global online sports betting segment, the highest rated books expanded the gap against the rest of the existing competition. The first books out of the gate in the US-based online sportsbook industry gobbled up even more market share over the newer competition.

Turning to the pay per head industry for independent bookmakers, A1 Price Per Head shined as bright as ever in terms of its active bookie agent base.

In business, there are more than a few factors that point to a successful run. Leading that list is continual customer satisfaction. When someone is happy with the service you provide, they have a tendency to spread the word.

Favorable word of mouth recommendations have always been and will always be the most effective marketing tool for expanding any business.

A1 Price Per Head Makes a Habit of Exceeding Expectations

Most customers are happy when a product or service meets their expectations. A1 strives to offer both products and services that exceed them.

This could pertain to an internal operating system that guarantees reliable online service while also processing every online transaction in a safe and secure manner.

A1 also scored high grades for providing a comprehensive price per head plan that is also turnkey to implement.
Maybe exceeding expectations pertains to the value vs. cost relationship between A1’s professional gaming software solutions and the low, weekly cost per player tied to this plan.

Whatever the case may be, the ownership group this PPH site continues to invest heavily into the entire price per head bookie services package that as attracted thousands of bookie agents to A1 over the past decade in business.
Like a fine wine, A1 continues to get better with age. The company is closing out its best year ever with the intention of topping that performance in the coming year.

Why Should You Turn to A1 Price Per Head for Your Bookie Software Solutions?

If A1 Price Per Head is not your current bookie services provider, there are any number of reasons to make a change.

Past success in a very crowded and competitive marketplace is a starting point. However, A1 has never been content with touting what it has already accomplished. The focus constantly remains on how to improve all the products and services offered.

Most pay per head sites are quick to tell you about how great their gaming software solutions are.

A1 is more interested in telling you how its gaming software fills a business need and creates solutions that can drive the growth of your bookie operation. In this industry, as in most, it is all about results.

If you are coming off a record year behind your existing PPH service, you could make the case for leaving well enough alone.

However, if you are looking to take your bookie business to a level of success that you only ever dreamed of, it is time to join the winning team at A1 Price Per Head.

Close Out the 2021 Sports Betting Calendar Strong With A1 Price Per Head

Thanksgiving marks the start of the official holiday season. It also kicks off six weeks of some of the best sports betting opportunities of the year.

College football moves into its postseason schedule while it is crunch time in the NFL heading into this league’s annual drive towards the Super Bowl next February.

The NBA and NHL regular season schedule is in full gear while non-conference play in college basketball features some great matchups in holiday tournaments all across the country.

Add in betting events for soccer, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA fights and this becomes an excellent opportunity to end the year on a highly profitable note as a private bookmaker taking action from a select clientele.

To make the most of this unique situation, you need A1 Price Per Head as your bookie services provider. Based in Costa Rica as the center of the universe for pay per head sites, A1 has been helping bookie agents just like yourself run and manage a successful bookmaking business for more than a decade.

What Does A1 Price Per Head Bring to the Holiday Table?

The in-house IT professionals at A1 have created a suite of proprietary software solutions exclusively for bookmakers running and managing a private bookie business. This price per head plan is both comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application.

What this means for you is fast access to an efficient bookie software system that gives you everything you need. Along with software solutions for an online sports betting platform, you can also generate additional revenue streams.

Included in your weekly A1 plan are online software platforms to offer an online racebook for wagering on horse races and an online casino filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games. Everything is included for one low weekly per head fee covering each of your active players.

Build a Higher Holiday Handle and Hold With A1

With fast and easy access to a full array of betting lines and odds, you can offer your customers more betting options across a wide spectrum of sports and sporting events. This gives you the ability to build and expand your weekly betting handle.

In return, you can also build and expand your overall hold percentage on that added weekly volume without having to increase your active customer base. This is the ultimate way to add more profit to your bookie business’s bottom line.

Take Advantage of A1’s Professional In-House Business Support

Also included in your weekly A1 Price Per Head bookie services plan is 24/7 access to professional in-house business support.

Along with a trained and knowledgeable customer service team, you will have a dedicated account manager that will walk you through the entire startup process. You can be up and running online the same day you first sign on with A1.

In-house sports betting experts work closely with some of the best external line setters in the sports betting industry. This ensures that you will have fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need when you need them.

By building out your betting board with sharp betting lines and odds, you will be able to level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against to a certain extent.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Net Profit Per Player With A1 Price Per Head

As a private bookie, you make your money on the hold from your overall betting handle. This is the difference between the money you pay out on winning bets and the money you collect on losing wagers plus the standard 10% commission (or juice) charged.

When you factor out your costs for automated bookie services and any other operating expenses, the remaining funds would be your net profit. The best starting point for any private bookie is to set realistic financial goals and expectations for the net profit taken in.

The next step is to sign on with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie services provider. A1 has been helping private bookmakers maximize earnings for more than a decade. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind A1 knows exactly what it takes to be successful in this business.

Build Out Your Betting Board to Increase Both Handle and Hold

Building weekly betting volume among your active betting base is heavily tied to building out your overall betting board. By giving bettors more options to diversify their individual sports betting strategy, it become much easier to increase your handle and the overall hold on that added volume.

While you always want all of your players to bet within their means, a basic board with limited leagues and markets will hinder your potential.

Most of your weekly volume will still come from straight bets on a game’s point spread, total line and money line. However, the added betting volume from exotics, game props and live in-game betting will create a higher hold leading to higher profit.

The sports betting experts at A1 can show you how to increase your handle and hold without having to necessarily increase your active customer base. This directly leads to more profit in your bottom line.

Expand Your Active Betting Base for Volume Discounts

If you business model and financial goals are predicated on a large betting base, A1 can still help you minimize the cost of your weekly price per head plan.

A1 offers its weekly price per head plan for as low as $7 per active betting customer. You only have to pay for what you use. While this is one of the lowest industry rates to begin with, A1 sweetens the deal with volume discounts for as few as 30 active players.

The bigger your active betting base, the lower your weekly A1 Price Per Head costs. These discounts are incremental all the way up to 1500 players. At that point, you would qualify for a custom plan and even lower weekly rates.

Offer an Online Racebook and Casino as Additional Revenue Streams

Some private bookies opt to stick with booking sports bets as the only source of revenue. That decision is entirely up to you. However, you should keep in mind that software solutions to run and manage your own online racebook and online casino are included in A1’s base PPH plan.

Horse racing can be an excellent supplement for sports bettors looking test their handicapping skills on the daily card at their favorite track. Your online casino features Las Vegas-style slots and table games. As an added bonus, your customers will have access to live-dealer table games on a 24/7 basis.