Go Beyond the Technical Aspects of Pay Per Head With A1

Today’s private bookmaker understands the need for pay per head bookie software services. However, there are still some misconceptions about the pay per head weekly plans in general.

Many private bookies simply view bookie software solutions as a means to run and manage an independent bookmaking operation online. While that may be the basic gist behind what your average pay per head site has to offer, it just scratches the surface of possibilities of what A1 Price Per Head can bring to the table.

This is one of the reasons why A1 Price Per Head has worked with thousands of bookie agents since its launch more than a decade ago. Based in Costa Rica as the primary jurisdiction for PPH services, A1 has made the most of its advantageous position in the marketplace.

Understanding the Total Business Aspects of A1 Bookie Solutions

Covering the day-to-day administrative aspect of your bookie business is a crucially important aspect of what A1 Price Per Head can provide. The end goal is to fully automate your bookie business while operating it completely online.

Your business will be connected to A1’s advanced online sports betting platform with full mobile wagering capability. This gives your betting customers a safe and reliable way to place their sports bets. As part of your weekly plan, you will be able to offer your own customized sportsbook site that can also act as a mobile betting app.

That pretty much covers the technical aspect of your A1 weekly price per head plan. You pay one, low weekly fee of around $7 per active betting customer. In return, you can operate your bookie business online through the convenience of your own sports betting site.

The Added A1 Price Per Head Edge

If that was all you got for your weekly fee, this would still be a pretty good deal. However, that is just the starting point when it comes to all the vital business aspects that A1 bookie solutions provide.

When you sign on with A1 Price Per Head you are obtaining the necessary means for moving your bookie business offshore to Costa Rica. This is the only way to fully protect your financial interests while also safeguarding any sensitive data connected to the online betting activity of your customer base.

The ownership group behind A1 is constantly making the proper investments in both infrastructure and gaming software technology that will keep your bookie business well ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

This aspect of A1 business services is vital to keeping the playing field level against the big commercial sportsbooks that are pulling out all the stops for new customer acquisition.

My matching the big books from a technical aspect, you can use your edge in elevated customer service to build and grow your base. By working with A1’s in-house IT technicians, you can create a highly professional online presence for your bookie business as a powerful marketing tool.

You can also work directly with A1’s in-house team of sports betting experts to build out your betting board. This lets you both meet and exceed each of your customer’s particular sports betting strategy. Added options include betting odds for custom prop bets and live in-game betting lines.

By taking full advantage of every aspect of your A1 Price Per Head plan, you will be maximizing the value in an already low per head weekly fee.

Settle Accounts Faster With A1 Price Per Head Bookie Software

Sports bookies make their money on the hold they earn on the betting handle they bring in. The handle equates to betting volume and the hold is the difference between the money paid out on that handle for winning wagers and the money collected on losing bets plus the commission or juice charged to book those wagers.

As a private bookie, there may be some extenuating factors such as upfront credit for active betting customers. The bottom line for any bookmaker is settling accounts in a timely fashion. Whether that is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is entirely up to you as the bookie agent.

The best way to settle all of your betting accounts in the fastest and most efficient means possible is to sign on with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie services software provider.

Based in Costa Rica, A1 Price Per Head has been working with bookie agents just like yourself for more than a decade. Along with the ability to fully automate your business while operating it completely online, you will have easy access to numerous business reports that can help you manage both your sports betting board and each of your sports betting customers.

A1 Price Per Head Business Solutions

The ownership group behind A1 Price Per Head comes from an extensive background in sports betting as well as in online gaming software solutions. Through the use of a professional in-house IT staff, A1 has created a proprietary suite of bookie software solutions that cover all the bases when it comes to running and managing a successful independent bookmaking operation.

By taking all the guesswork out of the decision making process, real time business analytics will always keep you way ahead of the daily and weekly action coming in. You will always know when to move your lines and make changes to your betting board.

Another bank of reports are designed to manage your active betting base. This starts with individual account profiles for each of your customers. These profiles can be used to set and adjust any betting and credit limits you wish to put in place.

Proper betting board and player management is vital to the short and long-term success of your bookie business. A1’s weekly PPH plan ensures that you will have everything you need to get the job done and done right.

A1 Price Per Head Player Management Solutions

Your individual player profiles also become the starting point for proper player management. A player’s online betting activity is recorded, summarized and stored as the basis for any number of vital management reports.

These reports can track player positions across a wide range of betting markets. They can also trigger warnings for any possible negative exposure you are trying to avoid. One of the most helpful player reports is a pre-settlement snapshot that clarifies each player’s current standing at any point in time.

When it does come time to settle an account, you will have all the information you need to expedite the process in the most efficient manner possible. Time is money in the bookmaking business and the quicker you can settle your accounts, the quicker you can earn your share of the betting handle and hold on that volume.

A1 Price Per Head Offers the Best Value in Bookie Software Solutions

It has become next to impossible to run and manage a private sports bookmaking operation these days without the help and support of a pay per head bookie software solutions provider.

Given the overcrowded marketplace for PPH sites, the real task at hand is finding a bookie services provider that can help you maximize your efforts while adding genuine value to your weekly per head fees.

For more than a decade, A1 Price Per Head has been helping bookie agents take their operations to a whole new level of financial success. Best of all, A1 continues to set the course for the entire industry through innovative gaming software products and professional business support.

A1 Price Per Head’s “Complete Solutions” Bookie Business Approach

Using in-house proprietary bookie software solutions that have been built from the ground up, A1 Price Per Head has always taken a “complete solutions” approach to its weekly bookie services plan.

This entire package is comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application for ease of use. For one, low weekly fee for each of your active betting customers, you will have access to everything you need to run and manage a highly successful and lucrative independent bookmaking business.

At no extra cost, you will also have the necessary software solutions to offer horse betting through an online racebook and Las Vegas-style slots and table games through an online casino.

A1 Price Per Head’s “Low Cost/High Value” Bookie Business Approach

Given A1 Price Per Head’s favorable economies of scale as an established bookie services site, it can offer its weekly plan at a very competitive rate of around $7 per active head. Not only is the up-front cost of this plan more than affordable by today’s industry standards, the value-added benefits make A1 the best deal going.

To get you started on the right foot, you bookie business will be up and running online the same day you first sign on. A dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire startup process while setting up individual online account profiles for each member of your betting base.

With no up-front cost and no further financial obligation, you can take full advantage of everything A1 Price Per Head has to offer through an extended free trial.

A1 Price Per Head’s “Hands On” Bookie Business Approach

One of the biggest benefits of signing on with A1 Price Per Head is round the clock access to an in-house customer service team that comes from an online sports betting and iGaming background. This level of hands-on support can be invaluable to yourself as the bookie agent and to each of your active betting base in relation to their online betting account.

Other members of the A1 Price Per Head business support team include sports betting experts. Their job involves a coordinated effort to set sharp betting lines with the help of some of the best external oddsmaking services in the industry.

This gives you the ability to build out a betting board that more than meets each of your customer’s sports betting needs. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is extremely important to keep the playing field level against the big commercial sportsbooks when it comes to available betting leagues and betting markets.

Profit From A1 Price Per Head Professional Casino Solutions

Everyone knows that the online sports betting industry is booming. As a private bookmaker working with A1 Price Per Head, you can easily create a major point of difference against your competition.

First off, the big commercial sportsbooks are not in a position to offer hands-on customer support. Private bookies working with an average pay per head site have already fallen behind the industry curve when it comes to advanced gaming technology and sophisticated gaming software solutions.

By capitalizing on this significant edge in the marketplace as an A1 Price Per Head bookie agent, you can make the most out of your time and efforts.

The lone limitation to expanding the financial goals for your private bookmaking business is a limited schedule of sports betting events.

Reaching those goals during football season is not all that hard to accomplish. This carries over into the spring with college and professional basketball backed by a large number of major sports betting events. However, the lull in action over the summer months can cut deep into cash flow and bottom-line profits.

This is why A1 Price Per Head has invested heavily in its online software gaming solutions to run and manage a full-scale casino equipped with Las Vegas-style slots, digital table games and live access to streamed table games utilizing actual dealers.

Best of all, the gaming software solutions for running and managing your own online casino are included in your base pay per head plan with A1. These weekly plans start as low as $7 weekly per active betting customer.

A1 Price Per Head Casino

The concept of offering multiple gaming options through one centralized location can be traced back to some of the most famous casino gaming resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. As a result of the internet age, online sportsbooks started offering horse betting and casino gambling as part of their gaming options.

Going back more than a decade of operating in Costa Rica, A1 Price Per Head has always included online gaming solutions for sports betting, horse betting and casino games as a fundamental component of its weekly bookie software solutions package.

The ownership group at A1 continues to invest heavily in all of these gaming solutions with the help of an in-house staff of gaming IT professionals. Their job is to constantly improve and upgrade the entire suite of gaming solutions to always stay well ahead of the industry curve when it comes to innovation and added features.

A perfect example of this innovative approach is expanded access to live-dealer casino offerings that would rival the biggest online casino sites.

A1 Price Per Head also makes it easy to run and manage your own online casino. A few of the most important features include:

  • A customized casino website.
  • A safe and secure online betting environment.
  • Popular casino game titles.
  • An immersive online gaming atmosphere similar to land-based casino play.

When it comes to managing the daily action, you will have the ability to set daily win and loss limits, create your own table limits, pick and choose the selection of games and run player performance reports on a regular basis.

A1 Price Per Head supports everything with an online and phone-in customer support center operating on a 24/7 basis.

Run Your Own A1 Price Per Head Racebook for Free

For more than a decade, thousands of private bookie agents have turned to A1 Price Per Head for premium software solutions to run and manage a highly successful sports betting operation. Demand for private bookie services is on the rise given the rapid expansion of the entire sports betting industry.

For rates as low as $7 weekly per active sports betting customer, you can take full advantage of everything A1 Price Per Head has to offer. This comprehensive sports betting software solutions package is turnkey to implement.

There is no easier or more cost-efficient way to fully automate your bookie business while operating it completely online. With the help of A1 in-house sports betting experts, you can build out a betting board that exceeds the needs of each of your active betting clientele.

A1 also provides the means to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks in terms of the leagues and betting markets offered.

Expand Your Sports Betting Options With A1 Price Per Head

Booking your own sports bets with the help of A1 Price Per Head is a very lucrative business opportunity. Today’s sports betting industry is booming and more and more avid players are looking for the added level of personal customer service a private bookie agent can offer.

A1 gives you all the tools you need to run and manage your own successful independent sportsbook. As an added bonus, you can also offer daily horse betting as part of your gaming options.

The proper software application for running and managing your own online racebook are included in your A1 Price Per Head base plan at no extra cost. This is an excellent complement to your online sportsbooks in terms of added weekly cash flow and bottom-line profit.

A1 Price Per Head’s Expanded Online Racebook

Mirroring the live daily race cards at more than 70 different land-based horse racing tracks, your sports betting customers will also have fast and easy access to all the action at their favorite racing venues.

The list of available tracks covers all of North America as well as international racing hotspots. Your customers can bet on the races using live track odds. You can also supplement the biggest horse racing events of the year with fixed odds options through your A1 sportsbook.

The first Saturday in May is reserved for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. This is the inaugural race in the annual Triple Crown racing series for three-year old Thoroughbreds. Later in the year, the first weekend in November is reserved for the annual Breeders’ Cup. This two-day racing event offers 14 different betting events with more than $30 million up for grabs in total prize money.

High dollar graded stakes races highlight almost every weekend of the year. Local tracks running a daily race card can be a major draw for your particular sports betting customer base. Since you only pay one weekly fee for active customers, the added profit from any horse racing action you bring in is an instant financial boost.

It does not matter whether one of your customers is wagering $50 a week or $1000, you only pay one, low per head fee. Building weekly betting volume along with the profit on that action without having to necessarily increase your active betting base is a proven formula for long-term success.

A1 Price Per Head Has Easy Access to Live Odds

As a private bookie agent, the lifeblood of your business is your actual sports betting board. You need fast and easy access to sharp betting lines that meet and exceed each of your active customer’s overall sports betting strategy.

You also need the proper means to manage that board on a regular basis. That is why for more than a decade, thousands of private bookie agents just like yourself have turned to A1 Price Per Head to fill this vital aspect of booking your own sports bets.

Build a Comprehensive Betting Board with A1 Price Per Head

Too many private bookie agents make the mistake of leaving money on the table each week with their betting board. You already have a significant edge over the big commercial sportsbooks with the higher level of customer service you provide. However, you must also level the playing field against the big books with a comprehensive betting board.

A1 Price Per Head has an in-house team of sports betting experts that work directly with the best external oddsmaking services the industry has the offer. The combination of the two produces an impressive daily list of betting leagues, betting markets and added betting options to choose from.

As the bookie agent, you will always have complete control over your betting board. A1 is in place to help you build out that board as well as properly manage it. Behind advanced technology and sophisticated sports betting software solutions, you will always stay way out in front of the daily action coming in.

Adjustments to your board or movements in actual betting lines are instantaneous. Real time business data is fed into a running online bookie dashboard as command central for your bookie business. You will have the proper tools to manage your board right down to an individual account basis. Any set betting and credit limits can be adjusted immediately on a player-by-player basis.

A1 Odds Help You Expand Your Weekly Handle and Hold

The biggest benefit of a built-out A1 sports betting board is enhancing your bottom line. This gives you the best chance of increasing your weekly betting handle while also building a higher hold on this added volume.

Along with the basics such as point spreads, total lines and money line odds, there is some major money to be made on an expanded listing of betting futures, daily props and live in-game betting options for each day’s games.

Diversity is the spice of life and A1 can help you maximize the financial potential in all the betting odds offered. The easiest way to make more money each week is by increasing your handle and hold while maintaining the same active base of bettors.

The weekly A1 Price Per Head fee per active bettor is around $7. This fee remains constant whether a player bets $10 a week or a $1000. It has no bearing on betting volume, rather it is completely tied to betting activity.

The A1 Price Per Head Betting Odds Board

Do yourself a favor and check out A1’s daily listing of betting odds that is posted on the company website at A1pph.com.

Click on the solid blue icon at the far top right of the home page. This will take you to a menu listing that includes an ODDS tab.

Start Your A1 Price Per Head Bookie Business With No Front-End Fees

The main thing you need to start your own private sports bookmaking business is some active betting customers. Even if you only have a few signed up, you can sign on with A1 Price Per Head to take care of everything else.

As an industry leader in the bookie software solutions industry, A1 Price Per Head has built its reputation on both affordability and reliable online bookie service. Starting as low as $7 per active head, you can have your bookie business up and running online the same day you first sign on.

Getting started is as easy as registering online at A1PPH.com with your name, email, phone and preferred bookie agent name. Working with a dedicated account manager, they will walk you through the entire startup process.

A1 Price Per Head Does Not Require Front End Fees

You initial startup cost with A1 Price Per Head is zero. To make the entire process even easier on your budget, you will get your first four weeks of PPH service for free. This offer comes with no further financial obligation once the initial trial run is complete.

The primary idea behind four free weeks of service is the ability to take everything A1 has to offer for an extended test drive. With more than a decade of experience in the bookie software solutions industry, the ownership group behind A1 is more than confident that you will love everything this weekly plan has to offer.

As a comprehensive PPH plan that is turnkey to implement, you will feel like a pro when your four-week trial offer comes to an end. This will let you hit the ground running with the confidence and know-how to run and manage your own successful private bookie business.

Since you are only paying a weekly fee for active betting customers, this is also the most cost-effective way to start up your own bookie operation. You can grow and expand at your own pace while still taking full advantage of everything included in the A1 Price Per Head base plan.

You will also never get hit with added fees and unexpected costs for the essential products and services you need. Backed by expert in-house business support, you will have continual access to an account manager, IT technicians, sports betting experts and a helpful customer service team.

Growing and Expanding Your A1 Price Per Head Bookie Business

The best aspect of being a private sports bookie is the ability to shape and form that business anyway you choose. Some bookie agents only choose to work with high volume players. Others will concentrate their efforts on recreational sports bettors looking for added customer service.

However you decide to expand, A1 has the products and services designed to help you meet and then exceed your own set financial goals. There are also set quantity discounts in place that can lower your weekly per head fee when your active base reaches each plateau.

Making the most of your time and efforts as a private agent is a high priority at A1 Price Per Head. As true industry leaders, the ownership group at A1 has a vested interest in both the short and long-term success of the bookie agents this company represents.