How to Earn More Money As a Bookie

The betting industry is a multi-billion dollar minting machine. Thus, it makes sense when someone tells you that you can earn more than you usually do from offering betting services.

The thrill to earn extra bucks will always drive more people to wager. Some find betting on their favorite sports as thrilling as those that love binge-watching amazing shows on Netflix. As long as bookies continue offering their services, bettors will continue betting.

You can turn this to your advantage. You can rake in huge profits as a bookie when you do the following:

Enter the Mind of a Bettor

Bookies that were previously bettors are likely to make more money than bookmakers that have never placed bets. This is because they understand the psychology and dynamics of being a bettor.

Usually, bettors want to win big. Yet, they rarely do their research. Instead, they trust their guts or rely on emotional attachment toward the side they are wagering on.

For instance, it is impossible to convince a Cincinnati Bengals fan to support and bet on New England Patriots even though all signs show the Patriots have a better chance of winning a match. So, when you understand why bettors choose to wager on one team over the other, you can capitalize on it.

Understanding your clients can help you tailor you to tailor your services to encourage more betting. If clients love your favorable odds, they will have no other option but to place wagers with you.

Enroll More Clients

The more the merrier phrase may apply here only if you can manage to offer your services to additional clients. Always bite what you can chew. So, if you have room to add more clients to your list, do it.

The number of clients you can support is dependent on your bankroll. Do not enroll more clients if you have a small bankroll.

Having more clients increases the overall handle and ultimately the juice. For instance, if you have ten clients betting $110 each daily, your juice stands at $100 (if the vig percentage is 10 percent). Suppose you have 20 more clients; the vig will increase to $300.

Once you enroll clients, find ways to keep them happy. Ensure your services are fun to look forward to because clients may get bored seeing the same thing everyday. Introduce various promotions randomly and reward loyal clients.

We hope you were not looking for a magic trick reading this article because it takes the basics to make more money from bookmaking. Just add a few more clients to your list and understand their needs to customize your services for them. Start by partnering with A1pph, which will ensure your vig percentage is high, the odds are attractive, and your clients are happy.

How to Sign Up for Pay Per Head Service Free Trial

How many service providers would allow you to use their services or products for free? You guessed right; barely anyone wants to offer their services for free. But, a reputable pay per head (PPH) service provider has no problem offering a few weeks of free service.

Signing up for free PPH service is easy. Here are the steps to follow.

Find a Site Offering a Free Trial Period

There are tons of PPH sites offering bookmaking solutions to bookies. However, not all of them offer a trial period. So, start by identifying a site offering a free trial period.

This site openly advertises this opportunity. By visiting different homepages or keying several keywords on your browser, you can find a PPH site offering a demo period.

Sign Up

Usually, you will find a signup form on the homepage of the pay per head site. The site asks for basic information to allow you into the trial period.

You will need to fill in your name, email, phone number, preferred agent name, and the number of your players. The PPH site uses this information to create your free trial betting platform.

Characteristics of a Perfect Free Trial Period

What is the catch? Why would a business offer its services for free yet it costs money to run the PPH solution?
These are important questions to ask yourself. They can help you choose a service with your eyes open.

For starters, a perfect free trial period does not come with absurd requirements. For instance, some companies can ask bookies to deposit a certain amount. They promise not to subtract the weekly fee until the trial period is complete.

This is a huge commitment. It means you have to use the PPH service after the trial period otherwise you will lose the deposited money.

Suppose you did not like the bookmaking solutions provided by the company. You will still opt to use the service a little longer to deplete the overhead fee you already paid.

Another requirement a site may need from you is to hit a certain number of players to get free services. For instance, you may need at least 20 clients to start. You would not benefit from the service if you have ten or fewer clients.

Yet, you do not want to test the services with a lot of clients. By working with a smaller group, you can collect information from the clients to decide whether to continue using the PPH service.

A1PPH is a leading pay per head service provider. The site offers a 4 weeks trial period without any upfront deposit or absurd requirements. Fill in the contact form to get your free trial.

Be a Boss by Signing Up with A1PPH

Some people were born to be bosses. But, most miss this opportunity because not everyone can climb up a corporate ladder. Yet, this does not justify giving up on your designed path.

You will be happy to know that you can become a boss without waiting until you are 40 to inherit your boss’s position at your firm. By starting a pay per head bookie, you become a boss. The best part is that you can do this in five minutes.

That is pretty awesome. This new job will create so much wealth for you without lifting a finger. You only need a partner like A1PPH that will set up your online shop while you focus on enrolling clients.

Does this sound like something you can do? Join us as we explain to you how you can become a boss with A1PPH.

Fill Out the Contact Form at A1PPH

The first step is to launch the A1PPH official homepage on your browser. You will be welcomed on an elegantly designed website where you can easily locate the contact form.

The contact form has several fields to be filled. So, type in your name, email, phone number, preferred agent name, and the number of clients you wish to start with. An agent at the site will receive your message and get back to you.

Considering you have separate needs from other bookies, you need to be specific with what you want. Communicate your needs to help the agent customize your betting platform.

Convince Several Clients to Join You

Once the agent is through customizing the template, you can create player accounts. So, find a way to identify your clients. You can give identification numbers or use their real names.

Recruit as many clients as your bankroll can support. Start with people that you know can support your new business venture.

Choose Sports Betting Markets to Offer Your Clients

During the customer acquisition process, you will learn what your clients want. So, note your clients’ needs and activate the betting markets. So, if most of your clients want to wager on soccer, activate the market.

Start with a few markets if your bankroll is still small. Set the wager and withdrawal limits too.

You are now a bookie boss. You own one of the most lucrative businesses on the internet. You will need to work closely with your pay per head provider to ensure success.

The above three steps are the only things you need to take to become a boss. Contact A1PPH today to launch your bookie business.

How to Take the Pain Out of Managing Your Bookie Business

Let me guess, you do not use online bookie management software. If you do, you have subscribed to cut-rate software providers. It does not matter what you have been using.

What matters is that managing your bookie business is a pain. A pain you crave to get rid of as soon as possible. Fortunately, this is possible. Continue reading this article to learn how you can manage your bookie better and take it to a whole new earning level.

Get a Pay Per Head Bookie Software

We understand that bookie software can be expensive. Your small profit might not cover the cost of the software. That was before the invention of the pay per head industry.

With less than $10 per player, you can use software to manage your bookie. The software automates several processes.

For example, clients’ bets are automatically recorded and graded. This means several things. For instance, you no longer have to pick up calls every few minutes to read odds to each individual client.

Instead, the client can log in to your betting website to place their bets. It is more convenient and your clients will love you for it.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Pay Per Head Service Provider

The other reason managing your bookie business is a pain is that you do all the work. You record bets, adjust odds, grade bets, handle the technical aspects, and everything in between. This is a lot of work for one person. It is exhausting because you have to do the same things every day for 24 hours. Not to mention that you have to recruit clients.

Yet, you can leave the heavy lifting to the pay per head provider. The provider will create and adjust odds for all sports, post betting lines on time, and upgrade and maintain the bookie software.

The provider can even offer customer support to you and your clients. That way, you can take uninterrupted sleep at night or complete another task without worrying that your business is taking a hit.

Meanwhile, your task will be one. To acquire clients and to keep them happy.

The pay per head provider is already keeping your clients happy by providing great odds on all sports. Yours is to improve on that. How?

Understand what your clients want and prefer. Then, customize your product to meet your clients’ needs.
You only need these two tips to take the pain out of managing your bookie business. At A1PPH we understand the hustle bookies go through to manage their business successfully.

Thus, we have designed a bookmaking solution to take the pain out of it and increase your profits while at it. Contact us to learn more.

How to Build Your Handle and Hold With Pay Per Head Service

The best pay per head (PPH) service can change a bookmaker`s life. More importantly, the ideal service can increase your handle and hold percentage.

As a bookie, you have set a specific target amount to receive from bettors daily, weekly, or monthly. Without this target, you run your bookie blindly. Fortunately, you can leverage pay per head services to build your handle and hold.

How? Continue reading this article to learn how to grow your handle and income with PPH services.

Expanding Your Betting Board

PPH service providers have an enormous betting menu. The menu can have sports like soccer, American football, baseball, tennis, golf, crickets, darts, politics, entertainment, hockey, and volleyball. Ideally, a pay per head bookie could offer over 15 sports betting markets.

The bookie can spread the offering to include popular leagues and the least-known betting events. For instance, several soccer leagues exist, including the English Premier League, La Liga, UEFA, Serie A, and others. Instead of featuring EPL events only, a bookie can include even the least popular leagues, such as Serie A.

The goal is to have many betting options to encourage your clients to expand their scope. For instance, if you only offer bets for EPL, your clients will not feel the need to wager on another event because it is unavailable. However, once you include more betting lines, the client realizes they can wager on more than one team, sport, or player.

It is crucial to include exotic bets too. For instance, if you only offer straight bets, you can add parlay bets to increase your handle and hold. A1PPH offers an extensive betting menu to ensure your hold percentage is above average.

Enroll Only Quality Clients

Suppose you have ten clients wagering $1,000 each weekly. Now imagine you have 100 clients wagering $100 each weekly. Which situation sounds better?

Managing a few clients is better than 100, even with the best tools. So, working with a few quality clients is better than a thousand that fill your fill with small bets.

Remember, the hold percentage is the same. For instance, if your hold percentage is 10 percent, you will earn 10 percent from a client wagering $50 and a client wafering $1000.

The $50 client will wager $55, whereby the $5 is your hold, while the $1,000 client will wager $1100, leaving you a $100 profit. Subtract the overhead fee from the profit. In the first instance, you barely have enough to pay the overhead fee, while the second client will leave you with more.

Head over to A1PPH website to become a part of top bookies. Your partnership with the site will lead to a better handle and hold percentage.