A1 Bookie Services and The NFL Playoffs

The biggest betting league heads into the biggest betting part of the season. As a private bookie catering to a US betting clientele, you already know how much the NFL means to your bottom line. From early September right through the end of the year, most of the weekly revenue and gross profit is directly tied to action on NFL games.

Starting the first weekend in January, the focus shifts to the postseason games in pursuit of winning the annual Super Bowl. That final game the first Sunday in February just so happens to be the biggest single-day betting event of the year.

No matter what pay per head service you have been using all season long, now is the time to get serious about finding the one that can help you make the most of this incredibly lucrative betting event.

A1 Price Per Head has risen through the ranks over the past several years to become one of the must trusted names in the pay per head industry. Along with that trust is the guarantee that this is also one of the best PPH services when it comes to making bookies more money. That is what it is all about, especially during the NFL postseason.

Build Added Business Through The Entire NFL Playoff Run

It all starts with Wildcard Weekend. This is the opening round of games pitting a pair of division title winners against a pair of wild card teams in each conference. While the top two division winners in the AFC and NFC earn a first round bye, these eight teams are ready to grind it out for that initial postseason win.

This attracts some added betting action because there are only four games on the board. Bettors that stick to just one or two games a week during the regular season can easily be enticed to bet all four games given all the added options A1 brings to your betting board.

The action junkies in your customer base will not only bet all four games but they will be looking for new ways to add even more excitement to the action on the field.

NFL Playoffs Live In-Game Betting

This is when A1 bookie services can expand your profits with an expanded board for live in-game betting options. The only thing more thrilling than betting on NFL playoff games is betting on them after the initial kickoff. By using A1’s online marketing tools, you can use live betting to fully engage your entire sports betting base while also attracting some new customers to everything you have to offer.

With the proper groundwork in place, the next four playoff games in the Divisional Round should be an even bigger weekend of action. The top four NFL teams take to the field in this round to dial up the interest from your betting base.

Building on the success from an expanded betting board and live-in game options, your revenue and gross profit figures should continue to rise.

The third Sunday in January is reserved for the two conference championships. By now, every betting customer is all in when it comes to betting on which two teams will go on to meet in the Super Bowl. Even though there are only a pair of games, with the help of A1, this has the potential to be an even bigger betting event than the first two rounds.

A1 Bookie Services and The Super Bowl

All the hard work and added effort through the first three rounds puts you in position to make this season’s Super Bowl a huge success. A1 knows how to best capitalize of the biggest betting events of the year. With this price per head shop right by your side, the money you make on the Super Bowl can start 2020 off to being your biggest and best year ever.