A1 Price Per Head Has Easy Access to Live Odds

As a private bookie agent, the lifeblood of your business is your actual sports betting board. You need fast and easy access to sharp betting lines that meet and exceed each of your active customer’s overall sports betting strategy.

You also need the proper means to manage that board on a regular basis. That is why for more than a decade, thousands of private bookie agents just like yourself have turned to A1 Price Per Head to fill this vital aspect of booking your own sports bets.

Build a Comprehensive Betting Board with A1 Price Per Head

Too many private bookie agents make the mistake of leaving money on the table each week with their betting board. You already have a significant edge over the big commercial sportsbooks with the higher level of customer service you provide. However, you must also level the playing field against the big books with a comprehensive betting board.

A1 Price Per Head has an in-house team of sports betting experts that work directly with the best external oddsmaking services the industry has the offer. The combination of the two produces an impressive daily list of betting leagues, betting markets and added betting options to choose from.

As the bookie agent, you will always have complete control over your betting board. A1 is in place to help you build out that board as well as properly manage it. Behind advanced technology and sophisticated sports betting software solutions, you will always stay way out in front of the daily action coming in.

Adjustments to your board or movements in actual betting lines are instantaneous. Real time business data is fed into a running online bookie dashboard as command central for your bookie business. You will have the proper tools to manage your board right down to an individual account basis. Any set betting and credit limits can be adjusted immediately on a player-by-player basis.

A1 Odds Help You Expand Your Weekly Handle and Hold

The biggest benefit of a built-out A1 sports betting board is enhancing your bottom line. This gives you the best chance of increasing your weekly betting handle while also building a higher hold on this added volume.

Along with the basics such as point spreads, total lines and money line odds, there is some major money to be made on an expanded listing of betting futures, daily props and live in-game betting options for each day’s games.

Diversity is the spice of life and A1 can help you maximize the financial potential in all the betting odds offered. The easiest way to make more money each week is by increasing your handle and hold while maintaining the same active base of bettors.

The weekly A1 Price Per Head fee per active bettor is around $7. This fee remains constant whether a player bets $10 a week or a $1000. It has no bearing on betting volume, rather it is completely tied to betting activity.

The A1 Price Per Head Betting Odds Board

Do yourself a favor and check out A1’s daily listing of betting odds that is posted on the company website at A1pph.com.

Click on the solid blue icon at the far top right of the home page. This will take you to a menu listing that includes an ODDS tab.