A1 Price Per Head Improves Its Mobile Betting Capabilities

The majority of today’s sports bets placed are online. Retail sportsbooks at land-based venues make up a very small percentage of today’s actual sports betting handle.

Along with online sports betting through a desktop or laptop computer, mobile sportsbook apps have been developed to process sports wagers. These mobile apps need to be capable of accepting bets from any handheld device with internet access.

As a true pioneer in the pay per head bookie services industry, A1 Price Per Head is also viewed as an industry innovator. It has remained on the forefront of mobile betting technology over the past several years.

The Four Primary Benefits of A1 Price Per Head

Founded in Costa Rica more than a decade ago, the ownership group behind A1 Price Per Head has a wealth of experience in sports betting as well as online gambling software solutions.

That combination has taken A1 to the top of the list in the pay per head industry. The end result is a comprehensive pay per head bookie services plan built around four fundamental benefits.

–The A1 ‘Complete Solutions’ Approach

The A1 bookie services package has been designed to offer a comprehensive approach to running and managing an independent bookie business. The internal operating system at A1 along with the suite of software solutions has also been designed to be turnkey in its application.

You can be taking action from your betting clientele the first day you sign on with A1 as your bookie services provider. You can also take advantage of an expanded four-week free trial of everything this PPH service has to offer.

–A1 Dynamic Betting Lines

A1’s in-house sports betting experts work with the best external line setting services in the world. This creates easy access to sharp betting lines and odds for a wide variety of betting leagues and betting markets.

You will always have complete control of your betting board. This includes the necessary software tools needed to properly manage that board. Taking all the guesswork out of the decision making process delivers higher net profits to your company’s bottom line.

–A1’s Reliability and Performance

Going back to A1’s internal operating system and software solutions suite, this site would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their online betting platform. The site has invested heavily in its operational facilities to guarantee uninterrupted online service along with a safe and secure environment to process daily, weekly and monthly transactions online.

Heavy investments continue to be made in A1’s mobile betting platform. It is A1’s job is to keep your bookie business well ahead of the curve when it comes to industry technology and the ever changing face of the online sports betting industry.

–A1’s Advanced Software and Reporting

A big part of staying ahead of the industry curve when it comes to the technical aspect of bookie services is backend software support. Real time business analytics gives you the ability to drill down as deep as you want into your business’s performance.

You can determine your hold percentage by individual customer or individual sport. By quickly summarizing player positions, you make the necessary changes to your betting board. Individual player’s credit and betting limits can be changed in an instant.

Pre-settlement reports can summarize your accounts receivable and accounts payable situation as any point in time. A running bet ticker and online agent dashboard are critical for avoiding any unwanted negative exposure before it becomes a major issue.