A1 Price Per Head is Your Go-To Source for More Betting Markets

As a private bookmaker, there are two main ways to make more money. The first is to build a larger active betting base. The second is to build a bigger weekly handle through your exiting active betting base.

Either way, A1 Price Per Head has the proper bookie software solutions to accomplish both. Based in Costa Rica, A1 has been working side by side with independent bookie agents for more than a decade when it comes to running and managing a successful business.

You start by setting the financial goals for your bookie business. Next, you can turn to A1 Price Per Head for the technology, software solutions and professional business support to exceed those goals.

When you sign on with A1, you will have access to a comprehensive bookie services plan that provides everything you need to run and manage your business online. Starting as low as $7 weekly per active betting customer, you can align your bookie business with the best PPH plan the industry has to offer.

A1 Price Per Head and the Basics of Sports Bookmaking

Even with pay per head weekly fees as low as $7 per active bettor, this becomes a cost of doing business that needs to be accounted for. If you have active customers betting $10 or $20 a week on a few games here and there, it is going to be tough to reach your financial goals.

You need to build an active betting base that can generate sufficient cash flow and bottom line profit to make your business a success. For example, if you have 100 active betting customers averaging $100 in wagers a week, your weekly betting handle will be $10,000. Assuming a 10% hold on that volume, you walk away with a gross profit of $1000. At $7 per head, your weekly pay per head costs add up to be $700 for a net profit of $300.

Suppose you only worked with 10 active bettors a week averaging $1000 in wagers? Your betting handle remains the same at $10,000 and your gross profit is still $1000. However, with a total pay per head cost of just $70, your net take is $930.

Most bookie agents will fall somewhere in between the two extremes. The main takeaway is building an active betting base where you have the means to maximize each bettor’s weekly potential.

Building Out Your A1 Price Per Head Betting Board

Working with the in-house sports betting experts at A1 Price Per Head, you will have the ability to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks when it comes to building out your overall sports betting board.

By adding more sports leagues while also expanding your betting markets for every sport and sporing event offered, you will be exceeding your customers’ expectations as opposed to simply meeting their sports betting needs.

You always want each of your active customers to wager within their means. However, you also want to expand your betting handle and the hold on that volume without having to necessarily add more active bettors to your base.

By maintaining the cost of your weekly A1 Price Per Head plan while increasing your hold on the higher volume, you will be putting more money directly in your pocket at the end of the day.