A1 Price Per Head Offers Value-Added Weekly Fees

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, you need to take into consideration the weekly cost of your pay per head software solutions provider. You should be wary of any cheap low-ball prices but you do not want to pay for add-ons you are not going to use.

Firmly in the middle of this price range is A1 Price Per Head bookie services. This PPH service has already established itself as a highly trustworthy site over the past 10 years. It offers the necessary reliability that keeps your bookie business up and running online on a continual basis.

The internal operating system is also built with a deep level of security. This ensures that every day-to-day online transaction will be processed in a safe and secure manner.

Along with the peace of mind included in A1’s internal operation is an external business support team made up of experienced account managers, IT experts, professional line setters and customer service representatives that come from an online sports betting background.

A1 Basic Per Head Fee

When you sign on with A1 PPH, the total weekly cost for everything you need is just $7 per head for each active betting customer. This remains the most efficient pay per head software solutions package the industry has to offer.

This plan includes the following value-added benefits:

  • Instant Account Setup
  • Live In-Game Wagering
  • Real Time Business Analytics
  • An Advanced Mobile Interface
  • Online Racebook Software Solutions
  • Online Digital and Live Casino Software Solutions

This list only covers the basics and you will never find any added fees or hidden costs in this plan.

Save Even More With A1 Multiple Player Discounts

The $7 per head fee is the most you will pay for the plan listed above. A1 begins offering per week volume discounts for as few as 30+ active betting customers. The bigger your active account base, the lower your weekly per head fee will be.

This lets you grow and expand your overall betting base while also lowering your weekly per head costs. This plan puts more money in your business’s bottom line which, in turn, puts more money in your pocket.

If you continue to expand your betting base, A1 is more than happy to customize a price per head plan that continues to meet all of your needs at a per head fees that add even more value to the total weekly cost.

Other Value-Added Offers

A1 understands that signing on with a pay per head site is the kind of business decision you will want to get right the first time. That is why it never charges any front-end fees for new customers.

In fact, this site is looking to make your decision to sign on as easy as possible. A1 is willing to give you four free weeks of service to take advantage of everything this site has to offer.

The only effective way to accomplish this is through an extended test drive. By the time the free four-week trial offer ends, A1 is more than confident that you will become an official part of the team.

Working side-by-side with private bookies over the past 10 years has led to time-tested professional bookie services that can help you make the absolute most of your time and dedication to your craft.