A1 Price Per Head Solutions for Multiple Betting Sports

Both sports bettors and bookmakers live for football season. This is still the biggest betting sport by far, especially when you are talking about NFL games. However, once October rolls around private bookies have an excellent opportunity to expand both the weekly handle and hold with additional betting sports.

Getting back to their regular season schedule, both the NBA and NHL kickoff their new seasons this time of the year. This presents a great chance to fill in the daily schedule of betting action with college football dominating Saturdays ahead of Sunday’s packed betting schedule in the NFL.

Too many bookies make the mistake of holding back on promoting the NBA and NHL early in the season. With A1 Price Per Head as your bookie services provider, it becomes easy to build out your board for all of these popular betting leagues.

A1 Price Per Head Bookie Complete Solutions Plan

A1 has been working with independent bookmakers for more than a decade. Owned and operated by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gaming software, this top-rated bookie services provider takes a “complete solutions” approach to the products and services it offers.

The end result is a comprehensive price per head plan that is turnkey to implement. This plan provides everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business for one, low weekly fee for each active bettor.

With the help of a dedicated account manager, you can take your bookie business online and be taking action from your betting base the same day you first sign on with A1. Your account manager will walk you through the entire start up process in a seamless fashion.

Your bookie business becomes fully automated from an operational standpoint. Since A1 is based in Costa Rica, you will also be moving that business offshore to protect your interests while also safeguarding the confidentiality of your entire betting clientele. This is the ultimate plan for success as an independent bookmaker in today’s competitive marketplace.

A1 Price Per Head Built Out Betting Board

Part of the bookie services that A1 provides are in-house sports betting experts. They work closely with external oddsmakers to deliver sharp betting lines for a wide variety of both leagues and markets.

October is that rare time of the year when the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB are all in action at the same time. The NFL season is in full gear as the MLB season works its way to crowing a new World Series Champion.

With the NBA and NHL just getting underway, there is now something for anyone who loves to bet on the four biggest leagues in the US market. International action also starts to heat up for soccer, basketball and hockey as an added revenue stream.

As a private bookie, you will always maintain complete control over your betting board. A1 is in place to help you make the most of this unique opportunity. As part of your weekly plan, you have access to a compete set of software management tools that can take all of the guesswork out of the decision making process.

These tools are designed for proper betting board management as well as managing each of your active players. They can not only facilitate the decision making process, they can eliminate issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.