Affordable, Reliable and Safe Bookie Services With A1

A1 Price Per Head was founded over a decade ago in Costa Rica by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software. The mission at hand was to help private sports bookmakers run and manage their business online.

Similar to the offshore books that cater to the US market through an online betting platform, A1 works with bookie agents to accomplish the exact same goal. This involves a highly sophisticated software solutions package and an advanced internal operating system.

A1 has always made the proper investments in both over the years. Software solutions are both proprietary and comprehensive in their design. The online application of these solutions were built to be turnkey. The result is an affordable, reliable and safe way to run and manage your bookie business online.

A1’s Affordable Bookie Services

Given the company’s strong economies of scale as an established pay per head site, A1 offers a comprehensive base plan for just $7 per week. The per head fee is only charged for active weekly bettors. If one of your customers takes a week off, there is no cost to you.

As an added plus, you can qualify for an even lower rate for a larger customer base. Volume discounts are in place for as few as 30 active betting customers.

Given the proprietary nature of A1’s software package, weekly PPH plans can be customized to meet any specific business needs. By working directly with an in-house IT staff as well as a dedicated account manager, you can determine the products and services that best meet your particular business plan.

A1’s Reliable Bookie Services

Too many bookies make the mistake of focusing in on the weekly per head fees. The proper approach is to determine what you are getting for one of your biggest business costs.

As mentioned, A1 has made the necessary investments in its internal operating system to ensure a high level of reliability on a continual basis.

Given the online nature of today’s sports betting industry, if your PPH service is down, so is your bookie business. Your betting customers expect to have fast and easy access to their online betting account on a 24/7 basis. When that is not the case, it will have an adverse impact on your bookie business in terms of handle and profit.

A1 has built various levels of redundancy into its operating system spanning the entire database. What this means for you is reliable service with no downtime issues.

A1’s Safe Bookie Services

Any online transaction is subject to outside interference. It is up to the company processing those transactions to ensure their safety. Another major investment by A1 has been in the area of cyber security.

By adding deeper levels of online security, A1 guarantees that every online transaction involving your bookie business and your betting customers will be processed in a safe and secure manner.

As a business owner, this gives you the peace of mind that all sensitive data is protected from any outside interference. It also gives your entire customer base the peace of mind when it comes to the entire online sports betting experience.

A1’s high level of security can be used as a strong marketing tool when it comes to any efforts aimed at expanding your overall customer base. This is when this price per head site’s experience and high level of expertise can add true value to the products and services it provides.