Become an Agent

Start your business TODAY!

Give us a call @ 877-386-0180. and set up your Sports Betting Agent and sub-agents accounts. Choose a user name, a password, and you are ready to go; we will set up you player’s accounts. Send in your initial Deposit, that will be applied towards future balances after your free first week, and remember we will only bill you for active players. Use our default player settings or start personalizing the settings for each of your players?And you are good to go. Don’t worry about hosting or similar details, as all of the technical aspects concerning your Sports Betting Software will be taken care of by us. Your Internet presence is very important so you can choose to either use our web site for your players to login to, or we can design your very own branded web site.

Now go out there and have fun. We will take care of your clients!

Learn more here on how to become a bookie.