Benefit From More Betting Options With A1 Price Per Head

If last year’s unforeseen shutdown of almost every major betting sport taught bookies anything, it is to be prepared for anything. That is why more and more private bookie agents have turned to A1 Price Per Head for their online betting solutions over the past 12 months.

Private bookies without the experience and expertise that A1 was able to provide last March were left scrambling. Unfortunately, many of these independent bookmakers failed to navigate the storm that dragged on much longer than expected.

The new normal in the sports betting industry has led to far more diversity when it comes to an average sports bettor’s overall strategy. With little or no access to mainstream sports betting, options such as eSports, international leagues and daily horse betting became highly popular overnight.

Flash forward to this March and the prospect for success as a private bookie has never been higher. That is why you need A1 Price Per Head right by your side as an experienced bookie services provider.

Benefit From A1’s Expanded Betting Board

Before last year’s shutdown, A1 already offered one of the most diverse lineups of global betting options. Based in Costa Rica, this bookie services provider took full advantage of this jurisdiction’s favorable stance towards extremely liberal betting regulations.

This enabled A1’s in-house sports experts to turn over every stone when it came to finding viable activities to wager on. This search reached outside the realm of sports into other aspects of everyday life.

You may not have any customers looking to bet on entertainment award shows or financial markets. Yet, you still have the ability to add those options through A1’s expansive betting menu.

Benefit from A1’s Overall Diversity

Diversity was a necessity last year at this time just to keep some action coming it. Now it can be used as an attractive option to increase your weekly betting handle without having to increase the size of your active betting base.

It is vitally important to build out your betting board to meet all of your customer’s betting needs. You never want to risk losing even one wager to something that was not available through your bookie service. With A1 as your bookie services provider, you can now give your customers betting options they did not even know existed.

Many of these added options are also more profitable as a whole when compared to the typical weekly action coming in. Straight bets on a game’s spread, total and money line still accounts for the bulk of the action you take in. However, diversifying that mix as much as possible should be one of your higher priorities.

Diversification in the type of bets taken in is another way to enhance your overall hold. By making parlay options more attractive, you can shift some betting volume towards a series of exotic wagers. Futures and props remain two extremely attractive ways to build some additional diversification into your betting handle. These types of wagers are also proven to be more profitable than standard straight-up game bets.

If we have learned anything from last year’s struggles, it is how to persevere through tough business conditions. Having A1 Price Per Head by your side this year can help you flourish in the new normal of sports betting.