Big Event Betting With A1 Price Per Head

As a private bookie, there is nothing you can do about all the lost sports betting revenue and profit over the past few months. With three major US betting leagues back on the board along with a number of major sports betting events, you can take the proper steps to make up for lost time and money in the coming weeks and months.

The first step in your recovery plan is signing on with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie services provider. It is a whole new ball game out there. Even though there is plenty of action on the board, A1 is a bookie services site that can help you make the most of it.

What Does A1 Have to Offer?

Even if you were satisfied with a different pay per head site in the past, there is no guarantee that will be the case moving forward. While most PPH services were looking for ways to simply survive the coronavirus shutdown, A1 was looking for ways to improve its service to capitalize on better times to come.

With over 10 years’ experience in the online sports betting industry at a very high level of success, A1 PPH has the necessary resources to make the most of this unique situation. From its proprietary online gambling software solutions to a professional in-house staff, there is a strong commitment to all the products and services offered.

It all starts with an internal operating system that has eliminated downtime. Reliability in the pay per head industry is a major issue. If your PPH service is down, so is your bookie business. A1’s high level of redundancy throughout the entire database ensures this high level of online reliability.

Another concern should be internal security. These online betting software solutions offer multiple layers of encrypted security measures. This ensures that every online transaction processed safeguards both your business data as well as the betting history of your entire customer base.

How Can A1 Make The Most of Big Betting Events

Now that you know what A1 brings to the table, it is time to take a closer look at how it can help you maximize your bottom line.

The only positive aspect of the recent coronavirus shutdown is that most of the biggest betting events of the year have been rescheduled during the final five months of the year.

Professional golf’s first Major will be played early in August. Since this was one of the first professional sports leagues to resume weekly play, it has attracted quite a bit of action from sports bettors. The PGA Championship from Aug. 6 through Aug.9 presents and excellent opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

For private bookies that relied heavily on horse betting to ride out the dry spell, A1’s racebook was the perfect application to maximize profits. The Travers Stakes at Saratoga on Aug. 8 paves the way for this year’s Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Sept. 5.

Waiting in the wings on Oct. 3 is the Preakness Stakes as the final Triple Crown event. You also have this year’s Breeders’ Cup in early November to maintain interest in this profitable revenue stream.

You can add in two more Majors for golf, a steady stream of horse racing and countless other special sporting events to make up for lost time. Just make sure you turn to A1 PPH to maximize your return on each and every big betting opportunity.