Bookies Turn to A1 Price Per Head for Major Spring Betting Events

A1 Price Per Head has been helping private bookie agents run and manage their own sports bookmaking business for more than a decade. Based in Costa Rica, this bookie solutions site has grown into an industry leader through a proprietary suite of online gaming software products backed by professional in-house support.

A key aspect of that added business support is a team of in-house sports betting experts. This team has partnered with some of the best external oddsmaking services in the sports betting industry. The net result is fast and easy access to sharp betting lines and odds covering a wide variety of sports leagues.

Private bookies can also offer an expanded selection of sports betting markets covering all of these leagues. Through the use of a fully built-out betting board, you will have the ability to build your weekly sports betting handle while also generating a higher hold on that extra volume. As a major boost to your overall bottom line, these increases can be realized without having to necessarily expand your active sports betting base.

A higher hold on added betting volume while maintaining your weekly A1 pay per head fees has proven to be a winning business formula over the past several years.

Maximizing the Remaining NBA and NHL Postseason Schedule

During the colder months, it remains relatively easy to build a weekly sports betting handle that produces a profitable hold and net profit gain. Working with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie solutions provider, many bookie agents will routinely exceed the monthly revenue targets they have set for their operation.

As the weather starts to warm up in the month of May, you need a plan to make the most of your sports betting board. Both the NBA and NHL playoffs remain a major draw as each league works its way through each best-of-seven postseason round.

As the playoffs wear on there is an increased interest in betting on the games. However, there are less games on the daily board as more and more teams are eliminated. These is where A1 Price Per Head can up the ante with additional betting markets tied to the action on the court and the ice.

Through added game props and live in-game betting lines, it becomes easy to make more out of less when it comes to the actual number of playoff games played.

Special Sports Betting Events Build Weekly Betting Handles

Other popular betting sports offer various special events that can help build your overall handle. For example, professional golf’s second Major of the year is scheduled from Thursday through Sunday during the third week of May. The annual PGA Championship has the ability to build on the popularity of early April’s Masters as the first Major of year.

The same could be said for horse racing and the Triple Crown racing series for the best three-year old Thoroughbreds in each year’s class. On the heels of the Kentucky Derby as the biggest betting event of the year, the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes can maintain a high level of interest in betting on these horse races as well.

Sunday of the Memorial Day holiday weekend offers a trio of betting events for auto racing fans. The Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 fill the entire day with added betting action that will appeal to even casual motor sports fans.