Bookies Turn to A1 Price Per Head for Major Spring Betting Events

A1 Price Per Head has been helping private bookie agents run and manage their own sports bookmaking business for more than a decade. Based in Costa Rica, this bookie solutions site has grown into an industry leader through a proprietary suite of online gaming software products backed by professional in-house support.

A key aspect of that added business support is a team of in-house sports betting experts. This team has partnered with some of the best external oddsmaking services in the sports betting industry. The net result is fast and easy access to sharp betting lines and odds covering a wide variety of sports leagues.

Private bookies can also offer an expanded selection of sports betting markets covering all of these leagues. Through the use of a fully built-out betting board, you will have the ability to build your weekly sports betting handle while also generating a higher hold on that extra volume. As a major boost to your overall bottom line, these increases can be realized without having to necessarily expand your active sports betting base.

A higher hold on added betting volume while maintaining your weekly A1 pay per head fees has proven to be a winning business formula over the past several years.

Maximizing the Remaining NBA and NHL Postseason Schedule

During the colder months, it remains relatively easy to build a weekly sports betting handle that produces a profitable hold and net profit gain. Working with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie solutions provider, many bookie agents will routinely exceed the monthly revenue targets they have set for their operation.

As the weather starts to warm up in the month of May, you need a plan to make the most of your sports betting board. Both the NBA and NHL playoffs remain a major draw as each league works its way through each best-of-seven postseason round.

As the playoffs wear on there is an increased interest in betting on the games. However, there are less games on the daily board as more and more teams are eliminated. These is where A1 Price Per Head can up the ante with additional betting markets tied to the action on the court and the ice.

Through added game props and live in-game betting lines, it becomes easy to make more out of less when it comes to the actual number of playoff games played.

Special Sports Betting Events Build Weekly Betting Handles

Other popular betting sports offer various special events that can help build your overall handle. For example, professional golf’s second Major of the year is scheduled from Thursday through Sunday during the third week of May. The annual PGA Championship has the ability to build on the popularity of early April’s Masters as the first Major of year.

The same could be said for horse racing and the Triple Crown racing series for the best three-year old Thoroughbreds in each year’s class. On the heels of the Kentucky Derby as the biggest betting event of the year, the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes can maintain a high level of interest in betting on these horse races as well.

Sunday of the Memorial Day holiday weekend offers a trio of betting events for auto racing fans. The Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 fill the entire day with added betting action that will appeal to even casual motor sports fans.

Build Out Your NHL Playoffs Betting Board With A1 Price Per Head

While hockey may not be your biggest betting sport, the two-month run to the NHL Stanley Cup Championship should be a vital part of your sports betting board from the beginning of May right through the end of June.

Working with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie software solutions provider, you will have the necessary means to make the most of this extended betting opportunity.

Why Turn to A1 Price Per Head for Bookie Software Services?

The overall marketplace for bookie software solutions has become extremely crowded over the past few years. As the overall demand for private bookmakers continues to grow, so does the sheer number of sites offering weekly bookie services to help fill the need.

The first thing to keep in mind is that all bookie software sites are not created equal. Some overly complex sites couple their confusing gaming software system with exorbitant per head pricing.

Other PPH services got in the game recently to capitalize on a quick buck. Their weekly bookie solutions package may offer a cheep per head fee but their technology and gaming software is already obsolete.

A1 Price Per Head is based in Costa Rica and owned and operated by sports betting experts with an extended level of experience in the gaming software industry. For more than a decade, A1 has helped thousands of private bookies just like yourself run and manage a successful sports bookmaking operation.

The weekly per head plan starts as low as $7 per active betting customer. This plan includes everything you need to fully automate that business while also running it online through a reliable, safe and secure offshore sports betting platform.

A full staff of in-house business support specialists are on hand to get you started and keep you going through every month of the sports betting calendar. When special betting events like the NHL playoffs roll around, you will have fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need.

A1’s PPH service utilizes internal sports betting experts working with the best external odds making services in the sports betting industry. This ensures a steady stream of sharp betting lines tailored to meet your business needs.

A1 Price Per Head NHL Sports Betting Package

As far as building out your sports betting board for the upcoming NHL postseason, you will always have complete control of the betting markets offered. A1 Price Per Head remains committed to leveling the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against when the NHL playoffs are on the board.

Why take the risk of losing even one wager on a hockey market if that action is not available through your bookie board? By exceeding your customer’s expectations for betting on the NHL playoffs, you can increase your weekly betting handle while also increasing your hold on that added volume.

By maximizing player potential for specific sports betting events, you can maximize the net profit going right to your bottom line. You can increase your active betting base geared towards NHL postseason action. You can also choose to increase your betting handle through an existing betting base by offering a built-out NHL postseason betting board.

Run Your Own A1 Price Per Head Racebook for Free

For more than a decade, thousands of private bookie agents have turned to A1 Price Per Head for premium software solutions to run and manage a highly successful sports betting operation. Demand for private bookie services is on the rise given the rapid expansion of the entire sports betting industry.

For rates as low as $7 weekly per active sports betting customer, you can take full advantage of everything A1 Price Per Head has to offer. This comprehensive sports betting software solutions package is turnkey to implement.

There is no easier or more cost-efficient way to fully automate your bookie business while operating it completely online. With the help of A1 in-house sports betting experts, you can build out a betting board that exceeds the needs of each of your active betting clientele.

A1 also provides the means to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks in terms of the leagues and betting markets offered.

Expand Your Sports Betting Options With A1 Price Per Head

Booking your own sports bets with the help of A1 Price Per Head is a very lucrative business opportunity. Today’s sports betting industry is booming and more and more avid players are looking for the added level of personal customer service a private bookie agent can offer.

A1 gives you all the tools you need to run and manage your own successful independent sportsbook. As an added bonus, you can also offer daily horse betting as part of your gaming options.

The proper software application for running and managing your own online racebook are included in your A1 Price Per Head base plan at no extra cost. This is an excellent complement to your online sportsbooks in terms of added weekly cash flow and bottom-line profit.

A1 Price Per Head’s Expanded Online Racebook

Mirroring the live daily race cards at more than 70 different land-based horse racing tracks, your sports betting customers will also have fast and easy access to all the action at their favorite racing venues.

The list of available tracks covers all of North America as well as international racing hotspots. Your customers can bet on the races using live track odds. You can also supplement the biggest horse racing events of the year with fixed odds options through your A1 sportsbook.

The first Saturday in May is reserved for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. This is the inaugural race in the annual Triple Crown racing series for three-year old Thoroughbreds. Later in the year, the first weekend in November is reserved for the annual Breeders’ Cup. This two-day racing event offers 14 different betting events with more than $30 million up for grabs in total prize money.

High dollar graded stakes races highlight almost every weekend of the year. Local tracks running a daily race card can be a major draw for your particular sports betting customer base. Since you only pay one weekly fee for active customers, the added profit from any horse racing action you bring in is an instant financial boost.

It does not matter whether one of your customers is wagering $50 a week or $1000, you only pay one, low per head fee. Building weekly betting volume along with the profit on that action without having to necessarily increase your active betting base is a proven formula for long-term success.

Free A1 Bookie Services for March Madness

March Madness is back on the board for private bookies running and managing a bookmaking operation. After last season’s complete shutdown of the college basketball postseason, avid sports bettors are already geared up for this season’s conference tournaments and the annual NCAA Tournament.

What you need to make the most of this lucrative business opportunity is A1 Price Per Head bookie services by your side. Based in Costa Rica, A1 has been helping bookie agents make the most of their business efforts for more than a decade.

Get Started With A1 Price Per Head For Free

A1 can do the same thing for your bookie business through a comprehensive pay per head weekly plan. To get you started in the right direction, A1 is currently offering your first four weeks of pay per head service absolutely free. There are no upfront costs and no further obligation past the four-week free trial offer.

The main reason while A1 has put this generous promotional offer on the table heading into March is to prove a point. Once you have given everything this bookie services plan has to offer a thorough test drive, you will realize just how beneficial it can be to fully automate your bookie operation while also running it online with A1.

Even it you have been working with a different pay per head provider, you can take full advantage of this offer by signing on with A1. Once again, this PPH service has a high level of confidence in all the products and services it offers.

Get to Know A1 Price Per Head

Based in Costa Rica and owned and operated by sports betting industry experts, A1 Price Per Head has remained a step ahead of its competition since the site was first launched more than 10 years ago.

Created and built by in-house IT industry professionals, A1’s bookies software solutions package takes a proprietary approach to running and managing a successful bookie business online.

These solutions are designed to always keep you way ahead of the curve when it comes to the daily and weekly action coming in. This is especially important when the real madness of March is at a fevered pace.

In-house sports betting experts work closely with external line setting services to come up with a list of daily and weekly betting options that would rival the betting board at the biggest commercial online books.

As a private bookie, you will always maintain complete control over your betting board. This includes your actual betting options as well as any instant changes you need to make. Working with real time business analytics, any guesswork in the decision making process has been removed.

Another big benefit of making the change to A1 is easy access to a dedicated account manager that is there to walk you through the startup process step by step. In most cases, you can be taking bets the same day you first sign on.

When you join the A1 team, you will be adding an entire in-house customer call center to your bookie operation. This team comes from an extensive background in both sports betting and online gambling software. They are readily available on a continual basis to support you, as the bookie agent and your entire betting base when it comes to their online betting account.

What more could you ask for from a first class bookie services provider? This is especially true when your first four weeks of service is on the house.

A1 Price Per Head Can Build Your NHL Betting Handle

Mid-January marks the start of a new season of ice hockey in the NHL. Last year’s shutdown from March through late summer has actually set the stage for increased betting action this season.

The timing of the 56-game regular season could not be better. As the NFL season comes to a close in early February, private bookies can turn to daily NHL games as a perfect way to fill in the gaps. While ice hockey is not the biggest betting draw, it can be the perfect complement to NBA and college basketball games.

The main benefit of the 2021 schedule is at the backend of play. Both the NBA and NHL previously wrapped up play in early June. This left Major League Baseball as the only major betting sport on the board until the end of August. Both the 2021 NBA and NHL season will spill into July to create a much shorter gap before the new football season gets underway.

Even if the NHL only accounted for a small percentage of your total handle in the past, now is the time to sign on with A1 Price Per Head to make the most of this year’s opportunity.

A1 Offers Professional Bookie Services

There are a number of smart reasons to sign on with A1 as your bookie services provider in addition to NHL betting. For more than a decade, this top-rated price per head site has been providing independent bookmakers with everything they need to automate their business while running it online.

These proprietary software solutions are constantly upgraded by the in-house IT staff at A1. A team of sports betting experts work closely with the best oddsmaking services in the world to provide fast and easy access to sharp betting lines.

Dedicated account managers are in place to help along with a knowledgeable team of customer service representatives. The entire in-house business support team at A1 remains at your disposal on a consistent basis throughout the year.

Everything you need to run and manage a successful private bookie business is included in one, low weekly per head fee for each active betting customer.

A1 Offers Expanded NHL Betting Options

One of the main ways that A1 can help you increase your 2021 NHL betting handle is through an expanded NHL betting board.

This is actually the case with every major betting sport along with a wide array of other sports and sporting events.

By offering more options, you can increase your betting handle without having to increase your overall betting base.

The NHL tends to ranks lower than other professional sports when it comes to its total betting handle due to betting confusion. Along with the increase in NHL betting options, A1 can also help you increase the ice hockey betting IQ of your customer base.

Once they fully grasp how to bet on money lines, puck lines and other wagering alternatives, your customers will come to understand the added value betting the NHL brings to the table.

Through your own custom A1 bookie website, you will have the means to promote your NHL betting board to existing customers. Your own betting site combined with targeted online marketing efforts can be used to attract potential NHL bettors to everything you have to offer. Gets You Ready For College Basketball

Private bookies are posting record betting numbers this football season in both the NFL and at the college level. This should continue right through the end of the year and into the playoffs. As an added bonus, a new season of college basketball can add even more profit to your bottom line.

A1 Price Per Head has everything you need to make the most out of all the betting action on the board. In-house sports betting experts have teamed up with some of the best oddsmaking services in the world to bring you a full complement of betting options for sports and sporting events all around the world.

As a private bookie, you should never underestimate the importance to have fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need when you need them. This is one of the best ways to level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks you still have to compete against.

A1 College Basketball Betting Options

Division I college basketball is made up of more than 30 different conferences with close to 350 different teams. On any given night during the season, there is a full slate of games to help build out your betting board.

Right now, football can still dominate your weekend action with college basketball filling in the gaps during the week. Once the football season comes to an end, you will be in excellent position to shift all the focus to basketball seven days a week.

A1 can help you build out that board with spreads, total lines and money lines for the games. When it comes to the biggest matchups between ranked teams, you can offer additional betting options for first and second half betting on spreads and totals as well as individual props.

A1 can also set you up with a wide range of college basketball futures for regular season conference titles, conference tournament titles and the annual NCAA Tournament.

By fully engaging your entire sports betting base with college basketball betting options, you can increase your weekly handle without increasing your weekly per head cost.

A1 College Basketball Betting Management

Given the shear volume of games during the entire college basketball season, managing your betting board becomes a top priority. You will always have complete control over your board with the ability to instantly move lines and make changes.

The opening lines are set sharp. Yet, you still need access to a real time bet ticker to monitor where the early action is going. Unlike football, you only have hours to make the proper adjustment as opposed to days.

A1 has designed its bookie software solutions to keep you way out in front of all the daily and weekly action coming in. This gives you the ability to capitalize on opportunities ahead of time while minimizing any issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.

Control is a vital aspect of managing a betting board. The entire in-house business support team at A1 comes from a strong background in sports betting. They can provide some excellent insight to help you along the way.

Being a successful bookie is more of an art than a science. However, a combination of the two is the best way to run and manage a bookmaking operation. A1 Price Per Head has been working side by side with bookie agents just like you for more than a decade. Let this bookie services site be that silent business partner that always keeps your best interests top of mind.

The SEC Beefs Up Your A1 Price Per Head College Football Board

The college football season has basically been an afterthought for bettors this year with so much action on the board. The top four major professional leagues in the US have occupied most bettor’s attention.

The NFL is still at the top of the list but the excitement of both NBA and NHL playoff action is also commanding quite a bit of attention. With the MLB postseason ready to get underway with an expanded lineup, things are really heating up.

Normally, college football draws in quite a bit of weekly action. Next to the NFL, it can account for a large percentage of any private bookie’s weekly handle.

So far, this year has been spotty with several NCAA football conferences cancelling or postponing play. As the biggest power conference in college football, the SEC is responsible for a large share of the money bet.

Starting on Saturday, Sept. 26 with a full slate of games, the SEC is back in action. Turning to the national rankings for the Top 10 teams in nation, six of the teams are in the SEC including the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide.

It All Starts With A1 Price Per Head

As the premier bookie services site in the pay per head industry, A1 is there to help you make the most out of your entire sports betting board, especially college football.

Behind tailored software solutions and an expert in-house staff, you will have everything you need to build volume in your weekly handle while also squeezing the most profit possible out of that revenue.

Sharp lines and expanded betting options are just two of the ways you can profit from A1 as your bookie services provider. Betting board management and real time player position reports are also important to the smooth running of your bookie business.

Owned and operated by sports betting experts with a deep understanding of online gambling solutions, A1 knows exactly what it takes to run and manage a successful private bookie business.

Based in Costa Rica, A1 has access to top-notch personnel that come from a sports betting background. You can put all of this expertise and experience to work for you with one low weekly per head fee for each active betting customer.

Making the Most of 2020 College Football With A1

As mentioned, there is quite a bit of action going on right now. That is not going to last forever. Come November, football will be the only game in town.

Fortunately, the football betting handle and hold percentage is enough to reach all of your financial goals. However, you will still need to maximize your efforts for both NFL and college football games. This is where A1 can really add value to the products and services it offers.

Once again, it comes down to sharp lines to build out your football board. It also comes down to expanding betting options that meet all of your betting customers’ needs. A1 can provide both on a regular basis.

You will also have the proper business tools to manage that board. A1 offers real time business analytics that keep you way out in front of the action coming in. You can also move your betting lines in an instant across that board. Any necessary changes to your board will be in place in a moment’s notice.

Build Out Your NFL Wager Menu With A1 Price Per Head

Most private bookies are focused on making up for lost time and revenue heading into a new NFL season. The easiest way to do that is by increasing the profitable revenue taken in over the next five months.

The return of professional baseball, basketball and hockey has definitely helped the cause. However, a substantial amount of the money any private bookie makes is heavily tied to the football season. The college ranks could be iffy this season so the main focus needs to be on the NFL.

Fortunately, you have A1 Price Per Head by your side to get the job done. For more than a decade, A1 has helped bookies just like yourself gear up for the most profitable time of the year. A big part of the plan is a NFL wager menu that levels the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks.

Get The NFL Betting Edge

Competition is heating up in the entire sports betting industry. More and more states are opening their borders to US sportsbooks in land based venues. There is also a very strong movement to expand the US online sportsbook industry.

The offshore books have maintained their edge through creativity. While US books are still bound by the betting laws in each state, offshore books have the ability to expand their betting options anyway they see fit.

As a private bookie, your piece of the action in enhanced by the higher level of customer service and attention to detail you can give to your customers. However, you still need to remain competitive when it comes to your overall betting board. This fact is only heightened during the NFL season.

You never want to risk losing even one customer over a betting option that was not on your board. Your customers are loyal to a point. If they cannot find what they are looking for on your betting board, there is a very good chance they will turn to another booking source.

The sports betting professionals at A1 fully understand the current situation. They know exactly what the US books cannot offer and they know what the offshore books can. They also have long-standing relationships with the same oddsmaking experts that form the lines throughout the industry.

Combined with A1’s in-house betting experts, you will have fast and easy access to the sharp lines you are looking for. You will also have access to a long list of NFL betting options that include futures and props.

As part of your pay per head weekly fees for active bettors, you can also offer live in-game NFL betting options to add even more excitement to the action on the field.

This all adds up to a highly competitive NFL betting board that would rival even the biggest commercial online books in business today.

A1’s NFL Edge

While your success this NFL season does hinge on a competitive betting board, it does not end there. You can use a multitude of A1’s professional bookie services to expand your NFL edge.

From a safe and reliable internal operating system to a knowledgeable in-house customer service team, A1 has made the necessary investments in the products and services it offers. You can put this high level of experience and expertise to work for you. The end result will be your most profitable NFL season ever.

Big Event Betting With A1 Price Per Head

As a private bookie, there is nothing you can do about all the lost sports betting revenue and profit over the past few months. With three major US betting leagues back on the board along with a number of major sports betting events, you can take the proper steps to make up for lost time and money in the coming weeks and months.

The first step in your recovery plan is signing on with A1 Price Per Head as your bookie services provider. It is a whole new ball game out there. Even though there is plenty of action on the board, A1 is a bookie services site that can help you make the most of it.

What Does A1 Have to Offer?

Even if you were satisfied with a different pay per head site in the past, there is no guarantee that will be the case moving forward. While most PPH services were looking for ways to simply survive the coronavirus shutdown, A1 was looking for ways to improve its service to capitalize on better times to come.

With over 10 years’ experience in the online sports betting industry at a very high level of success, A1 PPH has the necessary resources to make the most of this unique situation. From its proprietary online gambling software solutions to a professional in-house staff, there is a strong commitment to all the products and services offered.

It all starts with an internal operating system that has eliminated downtime. Reliability in the pay per head industry is a major issue. If your PPH service is down, so is your bookie business. A1’s high level of redundancy throughout the entire database ensures this high level of online reliability.

Another concern should be internal security. These online betting software solutions offer multiple layers of encrypted security measures. This ensures that every online transaction processed safeguards both your business data as well as the betting history of your entire customer base.

How Can A1 Make The Most of Big Betting Events

Now that you know what A1 brings to the table, it is time to take a closer look at how it can help you maximize your bottom line.

The only positive aspect of the recent coronavirus shutdown is that most of the biggest betting events of the year have been rescheduled during the final five months of the year.

Professional golf’s first Major will be played early in August. Since this was one of the first professional sports leagues to resume weekly play, it has attracted quite a bit of action from sports bettors. The PGA Championship from Aug. 6 through Aug.9 presents and excellent opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

For private bookies that relied heavily on horse betting to ride out the dry spell, A1’s racebook was the perfect application to maximize profits. The Travers Stakes at Saratoga on Aug. 8 paves the way for this year’s Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Sept. 5.

Waiting in the wings on Oct. 3 is the Preakness Stakes as the final Triple Crown event. You also have this year’s Breeders’ Cup in early November to maintain interest in this profitable revenue stream.

You can add in two more Majors for golf, a steady stream of horse racing and countless other special sporting events to make up for lost time. Just make sure you turn to A1 PPH to maximize your return on each and every big betting opportunity.

2 vs 2 Golf Betting Odds: Tiger/Manning vs. Phil/Brady

Nearly two years ago, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson met up in a one-on-one golf match for a $9 million prize. That event was extremely popular, and Mickelson was able to get the better of Woods in a playoff hole.

The two giants of golf are set to meet up again in May in an effort to raise some money to aid in the coronavirus relief and recovery efforts. This match won’t be one-on-one though, as they have both sought out help from two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Tiger Woods was given the first pick in choosing a quarterback, and he went with future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Mickelson then chose a former rival of Manning, in picking current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Woods and Manning odds are currently listed as the favorites at -210, while Mickelson and Brady are listed at +170. Even though this match is going to benefit charity, there is plenty of reason to believe that this will be an intense competition.

The Match: Champions for Charity Details

Reports came out in April that this clash would take place at some point in May, and most experts believe that it will take place at some point on Memorial Day Weekend. The most likely date for this event is Sunday, May 24.

The course has not been revealed, but it is expected that the event will take place in the state of Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has lobbied for the state to host, and there are a number of great golf courses in the state.

TNT will air the match live on their channels, and there will not be any fans allowed on the course. Players will be mic’d up, giving fans a chance to hear some of the trash talking that takes place.

The PGA Tour had to give the green light for this event to take place, but they are willing to let it happen because it is a charity event. The PGA Tour is set to resume in June, and this will be a nice warmup to live golf returning.

Prop Bets Available

Betting on golf and the match is a great chance to win some money, but there are several intriguing prop bets being offered as well. There is a great chance to earn some extra cash by nailing some of these top prop bets.

Will Tiger Woods Wear a Red Shirt?
Yes -600
No +350

Tiger famously wears a red shirt on Sundays, but you should expect him to wear a red shirt for this event.

First Player to Have a Football Highlight Shown?

Peyton Manning -130
Tom Brady -110

You know that TNT will be airing quite a few football highlights during the broadcast. Since there are better odds with Brady, take him with this pick.

Which Player Will Make the Most Birdies?
Tiger Woods -130
Phil Mickelson -110

Tiger Woods wants to win this matchup, and he will be locked in. Look for him to make more birdies in this event.

Tiger Gets Revenge Will Help From Manning

Tiger Woods is extremely competitive, and he is not going to let Phil Mickelson get the best of him on two straight occasions. Woods is paired with the better golfer of the two quarterbacks, and that will likely make all of the difference.

You can expect that this match will be tight throughout, but Woods and Manning will eventually be too much for Mickelson/Brady. We are taking the combo of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in this one, at our top 5 per head bookie site

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