Create Multiple Sources of Revenue With A1 Bookie Services

Being a private bookie is generally associated with taking bets on sports. Throughout the history of sports betting, the local bookmaker was always portrayed as the guy in the backroom on the phone writing down bets on a chalkboard.

The private bookmaking business has come a long way since then. The biggest change came with the advent of the internet. The chalkboard and phone were replaced with a computer. Pay per head bookie software service providers automated the sports betting process and took it online. For a low weekly fee per active bettor, private bookies could run their entire operation online while rapidly expanding their overall customer base.

The only thing that has not really changed from the old days is the bookie’s role in the eye of today’s avid sports bettor. They tend to only focus on sports. They are not looking at their bookie in the same way they may think of a famous casino hotel & resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Yet, in reality they can each provide the exact same real money gambling services.

A1 Price Per Head’s Total Bookie Software Solutions

As a top-rated bookie services provider, A1 Price Per Head offers a comprehensive online gambling software solutions package that can turn your sports booking operation into a full-service online gambling site.
Covered under the same low weekly per head fee for any active bettor, your sportsbook can add an extended racebook for betting on horses as well as an online casino complete with live-dealer table games.

Everything a gambler would find in a Las Vegas casino can now be delivered to their desktop or laptop. A1 has developed an advanced mobile betting platform that extends all play to any handheld device with internet access.

The racebook and casino software solutions are just as easy to navigate as the online package for betting sports. Each of your customer’s online betting accounts can be integrated to combine all three forms of gambling into one centralized account. This makes it very easy to clear the ledger when it comes time to settle the balance owned or to be collected.

This all-in-one approach to running your business not only mirrors what the big commercial online books are offering, it adds the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that today’s highly sophisticated players are looking for.

Highlights of the A1 Price Per Head Racebook

At the top of this list would be fast and easy access to more than 75 different race tracks. This covers all of North America as well as international horse racing hot spots such as the UK, Australia, Japan and Dubai. If one of these tracks is running a live daily card, your customers can bet the races.

A other highlight is an extended list of betting options. From basic win, place and show bets to complex exotics, if you can bet it at the track you can bet it at your private book. You will still have the ability to set your own wager options as well as any betting limits you want in place.

Highlights of the A1 Price Per Book Online Casino

As with any land-based casino, the highlight of your online casino is diversity. From all the most popular game titles for slots and video poker to betting action at live-dealer Blackjack and Roulette tables, A1 has you covered with a wide variety of casino gambling options.

The other big highlight is your personal management tools. This includes:

  • Setting daily win and loss limits
  • Setting individual table limits
  • Create a customized selection of games