How Does Pay Per Head Work?

Some bookies still use a pen, paper, and rotary phones to book bets. Some have partially moved online and use excel to record bets and run their businesses. The smartest bookies use pay per head (PPH) sportsbook software and solutions.

As years go by, new inventions to simplify work and make processes convenient come up. The betting industry is no different. It has moved from people placing their first bets with Ogden, the first bookie at Newmarket in England, to logging in to your sportsbook account through internet devices.

With new changes, there is a need to meet bettors’ needs. This led to the invention of the pay per head industry.

What Is Pay Per Head?

This is a service for offline bookies that want to take their business online. Inside the package is a private website, sportsbook software, customer support, bookmaking tools, risk management tools, system maintenance, and technical support.

Other phrases to describe this service include PPH, price per player, price per head, and pay per player. Anyone is eligible for this service. It is the better alternative to buying sportsbook software and hiring your team for maintenance and updates.

With PPH software and solution, your work is focused on recruiting clients and managing players` accounts. The service provider focuses on ensuring the site runs 24/7, updating betting lines on time, and handling the backend aspect of the business.

How Does It Work?

To understand how PPH works, you must remember the functions of a bookie and how bookies make money. In other words, a bookie collects money, offers betting odds, takes bets, and pays winning clients. Bookies make money by charging a commission, commonly called juice or vig.

When you put the price per head software into action, it automatically books bets, grades them, displays betting lines, and automates many other processes. Your players can log in to the website, scroll through the betting market, and place their bets. They do not have to call you around the clock to meet their needs.

Meanwhile, bookies pay a small fee per player to the company providing the PPH software and services. Usually, you can afford this fee because players lose more bets than win in a week. This leaves you with enough money to pay the weekly fee and keep some as your profit.

Using a pay per head solution is better than investing in conventional sportsbook software. You only pay for services when your players wager. Call A1PPH pay per head service provider today to enquire more about the solution.