How Pay Per Head Services Help Bookies

It is crucial to think about the benefits of a service before you hire a company. As a bookie, you must consider how you benefit from the services of your pay per head bookie providers. This will help you determine whether a company is right for you.

Today, we discuss how pay per head service providers help bookies. We will also share the cost of benefiting from these benefits.

Betting Board

To understand the benefits of a betting board, you must consider traditional or offline classic betting. The betting service that you offer with your pen and paper. This type of service can only let you be a part-time bookie because you cannot offer multiple betting markets concurrently.

With pay per head services, you can offer action on numerous sports concurrently. The service provider offers a betting board with all the sports betting market. However, you can activate and deactivate relevant and irrelevant markets based on your targeted clients.

The betting board features multiple types of bets. You can get future bets, proposition bets, pre-match bets, and alternate lines.

Customer Support

It takes a lot of time to address customer needs during a support call. This could cost 24 hours of your day, taking multiple calls to provide player’s with solutions to their issues and questions.

Pay per head can save you time by offering customer service to your clients. These companies have call centers equipped to handle clients’ needs.

The company also provides multiple communication channels, including mail, telegram, text, phone, and social media pages. This allows bettors to access customer service conveniently, 24/7.

Comprehensive Bookie Solutions

Pay per head companies offer turnkey solutions. They have bookie software, websites, bookmaking tools, and a ready-to-use payment system. You only need a username and password to access the platform.

Once you have the login information, you can view betting lines, players’ profiles, risk management tools, and the backend of the bookie website. This access allows you to customize betting lines, impose limits on player accounts, generate and analyze reports, and perform other bookmaking duties.

Is your pay per head bookie service meeting your needs? There are three primary things you need as a bookie. This includes customer support, bookmaking tools, and a betting board.

A1PPH offers these services and tools. The company has the best betting templates, incredible customer support for you and your clients, and all the bookmaking tools you need to run your business. Contact the company to set up your bookie website and take advantage of the above and many other features.