How to Build Your Handle and Hold With Pay Per Head Service

The best pay per head (PPH) service can change a bookmaker`s life. More importantly, the ideal service can increase your handle and hold percentage.

As a bookie, you have set a specific target amount to receive from bettors daily, weekly, or monthly. Without this target, you run your bookie blindly. Fortunately, you can leverage pay per head services to build your handle and hold.

How? Continue reading this article to learn how to grow your handle and income with PPH services.

Expanding Your Betting Board

PPH service providers have an enormous betting menu. The menu can have sports like soccer, American football, baseball, tennis, golf, crickets, darts, politics, entertainment, hockey, and volleyball. Ideally, a pay per head bookie could offer over 15 sports betting markets.

The bookie can spread the offering to include popular leagues and the least-known betting events. For instance, several soccer leagues exist, including the English Premier League, La Liga, UEFA, Serie A, and others. Instead of featuring EPL events only, a bookie can include even the least popular leagues, such as Serie A.

The goal is to have many betting options to encourage your clients to expand their scope. For instance, if you only offer bets for EPL, your clients will not feel the need to wager on another event because it is unavailable. However, once you include more betting lines, the client realizes they can wager on more than one team, sport, or player.

It is crucial to include exotic bets too. For instance, if you only offer straight bets, you can add parlay bets to increase your handle and hold. A1PPH offers an extensive betting menu to ensure your hold percentage is above average.

Enroll Only Quality Clients

Suppose you have ten clients wagering $1,000 each weekly. Now imagine you have 100 clients wagering $100 each weekly. Which situation sounds better?

Managing a few clients is better than 100, even with the best tools. So, working with a few quality clients is better than a thousand that fill your fill with small bets.

Remember, the hold percentage is the same. For instance, if your hold percentage is 10 percent, you will earn 10 percent from a client wagering $50 and a client wafering $1000.

The $50 client will wager $55, whereby the $5 is your hold, while the $1,000 client will wager $1100, leaving you a $100 profit. Subtract the overhead fee from the profit. In the first instance, you barely have enough to pay the overhead fee, while the second client will leave you with more.

Head over to A1PPH website to become a part of top bookies. Your partnership with the site will lead to a better handle and hold percentage.