How to Sign Up for Pay Per Head Service Free Trial

How many service providers would allow you to use their services or products for free? You guessed right; barely anyone wants to offer their services for free. But, a reputable pay per head (PPH) service provider has no problem offering a few weeks of free service.

Signing up for free PPH service is easy. Here are the steps to follow.

Find a Site Offering a Free Trial Period

There are tons of PPH sites offering bookmaking solutions to bookies. However, not all of them offer a trial period. So, start by identifying a site offering a free trial period.

This site openly advertises this opportunity. By visiting different homepages or keying several keywords on your browser, you can find a PPH site offering a demo period.

Sign Up

Usually, you will find a signup form on the homepage of the pay per head site. The site asks for basic information to allow you into the trial period.

You will need to fill in your name, email, phone number, preferred agent name, and the number of your players. The PPH site uses this information to create your free trial betting platform.

Characteristics of a Perfect Free Trial Period

What is the catch? Why would a business offer its services for free yet it costs money to run the PPH solution?
These are important questions to ask yourself. They can help you choose a service with your eyes open.

For starters, a perfect free trial period does not come with absurd requirements. For instance, some companies can ask bookies to deposit a certain amount. They promise not to subtract the weekly fee until the trial period is complete.

This is a huge commitment. It means you have to use the PPH service after the trial period otherwise you will lose the deposited money.

Suppose you did not like the bookmaking solutions provided by the company. You will still opt to use the service a little longer to deplete the overhead fee you already paid.

Another requirement a site may need from you is to hit a certain number of players to get free services. For instance, you may need at least 20 clients to start. You would not benefit from the service if you have ten or fewer clients.

Yet, you do not want to test the services with a lot of clients. By working with a smaller group, you can collect information from the clients to decide whether to continue using the PPH service.

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