Is Your Pay Per Head Service Causing You Problems?

Is your pay per head service frustrating you? You should know that a pay per head solution is supposed to make your bookmaking experience better. So, it is time to change your service provider if you are having headaches, losing money, or experiencing any inconvenience.

You might not even realize it if you still make a few dollars. But it does not have to feel like an uphill task to earn some money. Here is what a bad pay per head service looks like.

Low-Quality Software

When was the last time you had a software upgrade? Do you see newer features in other pay per head software, but yours looks like it just visited from 1994?

An outdated software inconveniences you and your clients. The difference is that your clients leave when bothered while you stay.

It takes ages to load the software on modern devices. Clients cannot find updated odds in time. The system also fails several times a day.

If a company is not upgrading its software, you will be stuck with a low-performing bookie. Fortunately, you can always jump to another pay per head solution provider.

Limited Customer Support

A company can provide customer support alongside other bookmaking solutions. However, the quality and availability of the service might not be ideal.

So, if you are operating a betting service 24/7, you want customer support to be available around the clock. Otherwise, your clients will not get solutions as soon as they need them.

Instead, they have to wait until specific hours to get solutions. This slows down your operation.

Device Incompatibility

Your players would like to use their preferred device to place bets. Yet, your software might not be compatible with the player`s preferred device.

For instance, if ten players prefer to use mobile devices over desktop, you could lose them if the pay per head bookie software is not compatible with mobile phones. You might want to monitor player accounts on the go.

This means you have to carry your laptop with you all the time. However, no one would notice you checking on your clients if you were using software compatible with mobile devices.

You will lose clients if you use a low-quality pay per head service. You will go crazy yourself. Yet, running a bookie business should not feel like the 9-5 job you do not like.

Being your own boss should come with perks. By using the proper pay per head service, you can turn around the experience for the better. Contact A1PPH to get the best pay per head solution to make running your bookie profitable and fun.