Lines & Profiles

Price per head software line profiles

Our price per head software gives all agents the flexibility to place their players, on individual line profiles, to maintain a house edge. This type of tool is extremely useful when an agent has players that bet sharp lines.

We have a large range of lines that include all sporting events around the world. Our most popular types of lines are money lines, spreads, totals and handicap lines, for special sports like soccer we have three way lines. We also have regular propositions for televised games on US major sports.


What guarantees

We are always on the agent’s side and we strive to provide you with the tools you need in order to closely monitor your players action and have an edge on your players. In order to give you an advantage we have a highly-customized reporting system that will keep you informed of the wagers your players submitted. You will also have the ability to remove access to certain applications online or over the phone. guarantees that you will only be charged for your active players, this is one of the features that separates us from the rest of price per head providers. Our clients will only pay for the players that were active on that particular week. A1PPH will always benefit you, the agent. this is accomplished by giving you tools and reports that help you keep an eye on your player’s action. This reduces your monthly bill, by not charging you for players that have not been active on that particular week.

Lines-1024x628 offers a high level of customization

One of the popular features at is the customization level that we offer all our agents. One of the highly-requested features, is a customized website. We offer a large variety of templates to choose from or we can upload a template of your choice. In terms of customization, we have a team of developers and graphic designers that can handle any project that you want to accomplish.

The flexibility that our software provides is second to none and we have customized reports that give you a financial overview of your player’s action, these reports are popular with all our agents.