Make The Most of Mobile Betting With A1 Bookie Services

It was not that long ago when the majority of sports bets where placed over the phone. Going even farther back, that bet was probably placed through a household landline. As technology continued to advance, sports bettors could place their action from anywhere with the use of a handheld mobile phone to call in that bet.

Fast forward to today’s online sports betting industry and the mobile phone remains the primary equipment to place bets but in an entirely different fashion.

Household phones gave way to mobile phones to make landlines in individual residences basically obsolete. Advanced mobile phones with direct internet access has made calling in sports bets to a bookmaker basically obsolete as well.

What is left is a sophisticated mobile betting platform that caters to sports bettors with today’s latest smartphones and tablets. Today’s private bookie has been able to rapidly expand that business with the use of this advanced mobile technology.

Unfortunately, too many private bookies are not taking full advantage of this new and improved way to generate additional sports betting revenue and net profit.

A1 Price Per Head’s Mobile Edge

Just about every pay per head bookie services provider offers a mobile betting platform for smartphones and tablets. However, do not kid yourself into thinking that every pay per head provider offers the same level of quality in that platform.

Many of the newer PPH services are simply riding on the coattails of the true online sports betting pioneers that blazed a trail in this relatively young industry. Going back two decades or so, the primary tools of the trade for private bookies were a phone, pen and notebook.

The rise of the internet gave rise to online betting software solutions that completely automated the sports betting process by taking it online. Since then, the applications have gotten more and more sophisticated through the hard work and deep investments by veteran bookie service providers such as A1 Price Per Head.

Over the years, the owners and operators of this pay per head site have remained committed to their craft. Proprietary software solutions have been developed and perfected to create a turnkey bookie services package that adds tremendous value to their low weekly per head fees.

One of the biggest advances was in the area of mobile sports betting. While most PPH services can offer this feature, few have perfected it to the level A1 has. Just because you have mobile betting capabilities does not mean they are safe, secure and reliable.

The team at A1 have made the necessary investments to ensure that every online transaction processed through their mobile platform is completed in a safe and secure manner. This platform also has an ultra-high level of reliability that keeps your bookie business up and running on a continuous basis.

There is a big difference between offering a feature and perfecting one. A1’s mobile betting platform ranks as one of the best in the online sports betting industry.

Marketing A1’s Mobile Betting Edge

Just about every daily task can be completed through today’s highly advanced mobile phones. Working with A1 as your price per head shop, their superior mobile betting app gives you something to talk about in terms of expanding your current sports betting customer base.

Fast and easy access to an online betting account, mobile betting and tracking betting results are all features of this system that can be used to market your bookie business. Ease and safety of use along with a high level of reliability are still very important benefits of your bookie services that will capture a potential sports betting customer’s attention.