Opening a Sportsbook Has Never Been This Easy

This statement sounds unrealistic, considering the lengthy process entrepreneurs take to open a sportsbook. Forget that because there is an easier way to launch a bookmaker.

It takes a few hours for bookies to launch through this procedure. Some take 5-10 minutes.

It is unfair to keep you waiting. Here is a three-step procedure to open a sportsbook today.

Recruit At Least Five of Your Friends

People often forget the market closest to them. They think they have to look on the furthest end to get good clients. However, this is not true.

The best clients for your bookie are your friends and family. These are people that will support you no matter what. Some seem uninterested until you ask them.

So, come up with a way to sell your friends your new idea. You are the first brand ambassador for your company. Therefore, speak highly of your platform even if you do not believe you can.

Tell your friends how they will benefit from wagering with you. Advertise the perks and how you intend to keep your clients interested with quality betting odds, betting lines throughout the year, and customer service.

Create a reward program rewarding your clients for every client they refer to your bookie and register successfully. This will ensure the continuous acquisition of clients, with little effort from you.

Partner With Pay Per Head Service provider

This is a critical step. Therefore, pay extra attention to it.

A pay per head provider is a company providing bookmaking services for a weekly fixed fee per player. Fortunately, there are many sites like these. Unfortunately, some offer below-average solutions.

You must consider several factors to pick the best provider. These include:

  • Company reputation
  • Service fee
  • Features of the sportsbook software
  • Customer support
  • IT and technical support

Ideally, your company of choice should have a good reputation, as it will go a long way in building your brand. The service fee should reflect the quality and quantity of features provided. Lastly, the provider should offer customer, IT, and technical support.

Launch Your Sportsbook

Partnering with a pay per head service provider brings you closer to launching a sportsbook. Usually, your betting template is ready before you contact the provider. The remaining step is to choose your skin and other customizations, and you are ready to launch.

Create player profiles for your clients. Choose betting markets you want to start with and customize things like wager and withdrawal limits. Launch your sportsbook.

We bet you did not expect such a short, straightforward procedure to launch your bookie. Make this your reality by contacting A1PPH for a personalized guide.