Pay Per Head Software and Service Trial

There are some things you do not need to test to confirm their quality or whether you like them before purchasing them. For example, if you want cranberry juice, you do not go open to taste it in the store before carrying it home. This is okay because you spend a few dollars on it.

When investing in something that you will use for several months or years, you need to test it. These items or services are usually expensive. For example, you are allowed to test drive a car before closing the deal with the seller.

Similarly, you cannot afford to sign up with pay per head services without testing them. So, if a site is offering it, you should take it.

It allows you to test the service and evaluate it first-hand to determine whether it is right for your business. Here are some features you should be keen about during the trial period.

Software Reports

Sportsbook software should have a reporting tool. These go a long way in helping run your business efficiently. Reports give actionable information you can use to better your services and understand how operations are going.
There are several specific reports you should look out for. First, analyze the hold percentage report. This shows how much you earned from each game.

Check out the player action report. This analyses how players wagered, how much they wagered, when, and on which games. This report helps you understand your clients and curate services according to their needs.

Call Center and Quality of Customer Support

The other thing you should pay special attention to is the quality of customer support. You will need support to run your business. Additionally, your clients might need assistance.

Find out whether your clients are satisfied with customer support. If they are satisfied, you can keep using the pay per head service.

User Friendliness

The user-friendliness of sportsbook software is crucial. Retaining your clients depends on it.
Ensure the software and betting template work seamlessly. Additionally, confirm your clients have a great user experience on the platform.

Find out how long it takes to load the betting platform on browsers. Also, find out whether the platform is multilingual, and your clients can change the language interface to what they prefer.

Pay per head sites offering free trials give enough time to test their product. This means you have enough time to use the reports tool, seek customer support, and confirm whether your betting platform is user-friendly.
At A1PPH, we offer a four-week free trial. Contact us to get the trial and confirm our services and product meet your standards.