Per Head Sportsbook

Nowadays the competition between bookmakers is fierce, which is why it’s important to offer the best service possible. By using our pay per head sportsbook service you can offer the top backend management tools that are needed to run a business efficiently and effectively. We provide and manage these tools for you so you can use your time and money recruiting and retaining customers, making sure your business grows. You won’t have to worry about the daily operations. Some of the benefits of using our service are:

– Customized website

– Backend management associated with payouts and odds

– Secure betting environment

– Player performance and player wagers reports

– Increased games and wagering options

– 24/7 call center

– Multilingual services

You will be able to set limits, check wagers, close accounts and much more. Your website can be customized to provide a unique interface for your customers when they place bets. With our service you will be able to give your customers more wagering options than ever before. They can choose from a huge selection of sports around the world and wager types. Some of the wager types included are: straight wagers, teasers, money lines, propositions, if bets, reverses, totals and more.


Our pay per head sportsbook service will allow you to generate reports focused on player performance, player wagers and more so you can have a comprehensive picture of your business. You can organize the reports in the most convenient format to retrieve valuable data quickly. With these reports you will be able to maximize your knowledge and put it to use to grow your business. More options equal happy customers, which means, more business. If you offer more options you will see more player retention and more opportunities to build your business because the players will be impressed by what you offer and player loyalty will develop, increasing your profits significantly.


It’s no secret that in any business people always want as many options as possible. By providing a pay per head sportsbook service with a wide variety of options you create a win-win situation. Everybody wins, your customers will appreciate all the options and you will benefit from player retention.