Pay Per Head Reviews- A1 Price Per Head


Private bookies looking for a complete online bookie services package that adds genuine value to the weekly per head fees it charges for active customers will appreciate what A1 Price Per Head has to offer.

The online sports betting pros at A1 have put together an online sports betting software package that offers a ‘complete solution’ to running and managing a successful independent bookmaking operation.

From an internal operating system that is built to be both reliable and secure to professional business support from industry experts, A1’s bookie services are both comprehensive in design and turnkey in actual implementation.

By taking a ‘complete solution’ approach to the bookie services provided, this package is not piecemeal or slapped together in a haphazard fashion. These are value-added features that act as meaningful benefits for anyone running a private book...

Another important aspect of A1’s ‘complete solution’ approach to bookie services is an advanced online gaming platform. It is user friendly for bookie agents and their customers. It is also integrated into one single betting platform to operate an online sportsbook, racebook and casino.

Another big plus to this PPH service is one weekly per head fee with no added costs or hidden fees for anything it offers.

Primary Features & Benefits

  • Sportsbook

A1 Price Per Head sportsbook solutions offer the following lineup of key features that act as value-added benefits to a bookie’s bottom line.

  • Continuous Operational Reliability and Performance
  • Online Business Reporting Management Suite
  • Professional Betting Board Maintenance

These three major headings cover quite a bit of territory when it comes to day-to-day operations. A1’s operating system ranks better than most pay per head sites. It scores high marks for reliability levels that keep bookie agents continually up and running online. Security concerns have been properly addressed to safe guard sensitive data.

The business management suite is one of the best in the business. Comprehensive real time analytics aid in the decision making process. From individual account profiles to general activity summaries, agents can drill down into the numbers to gain a deeper understanding of daily, weekly and monthly business results.

A properly run betting board is paramount to success as a private bookie. The combination of professional line setting services and in-house sports betting experts creates a steady stream of viable betting options over a wide array of sports and sporting events. Betting board management also scored high grades with instant edit capabilities across the board and for individual player accounts.

  • Racebook

There are a number of attractive features in A1’s racebook software solutions. They include:

  • Access to More Than 75 Race Tracks
  • An Odds Setting Tool by Individual Track
  • Control Over All Wager Options and Limits
  • Promotional Tools to Offer Player Rebates

Betting customers will appreciate the ease of use while bookie agents can maximize net profits through exceptional racebook management tools. This added revenue stream can increase weekly cash flow while filling in any voids in the sports betting calendar.

  • Online Casino

As another viable revenue stream for private bookies, this online casino software solution package also scored high grades.

The slots and video poker selection is better that most PPH services. Options for popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps help to recreate a land-based casino experience.

The added bonus is access to live-dealer table games for Blackjack and Roulette. This also bridges the gap between the bookie agent’s online casino gaming capabilities and the big commercial applications.

Agents have the ability to:

  • Set Daily Win and Loss Limits
  • Set Individual Table Limits
  • Create a Customize Gaming Portfolio

Other Intangibles

In a very crowded marketplace, quality pay per head sites separate themselves from the competition through the level of experience and expertise it can bring to the table. A1 bookie services does just that to rank among the best.

This site is owned and operated by sports betting experts that also have an extensive background in developing online gambling software solutions. The end result is proprietary online betting software that has been customized to meet a private bookmaker’s specific needs. A1’s ‘complete solutions’ approach to its bookie services is evident throughout the company site.

Overall Rating: 4.75/5