Pushing Betting Props With A1 Price Per Head

Purists in the sports betting industry may look at prop bets as gimmicks. Professional handicappers focus most of their energy on correctly predicting the outcome of a game either straight-up or against the closing spread. That might be true but winning a bet is the main goal of any sports gambler.

The big commercial online sportsbooks started adding prop bet options to the mix to appease their sports betting clientele that were looking for different ways to create action on the sports they love. What the big books started to realize was all the added revenue and profit these types of bets started to bring in.

Most of the money made by bookmakers still revolves around bets on a game’s side and total line. Yet, there is nothing wrong with boosting the total handle with added betting options such as props.

Prop Bet Variations

As more and more commercial books started to expand their prop bet selections on a regular basis, savvy pay per head sites such as A1 started to expand their availability for private bookie agents.

The best thing about betting props is that they are only limited by an oddsmaker’s imagination. They can cover whatever areas they want. They can be worded in any fashion they choose. There is also no limit to how many different props can cover one game or sporting event.

Betting sides is big but limited. If Green Bay is a seven-point favorite over Chicago, the only thing that can change is the actual spread. Bettors either win or lose depending on which side they bet.

Props are a whole new way to bet on a game. Does Green Bay score first and win? Does Chicago score its first points with a touchdown? Which player scores the first touchdown? The list of possibilities is almost endless.

Prop Bet Originality

Another attractive aspect to props is originality. Every sportsbook and every bookie is going to have the Green Bay vs. Chicago game on the board with a spread and total line. While there is some duplication of prop bet options between books and private bookies, there is also the ability to offer options that are unique.

A1 bookie services can help you build out your betting board with as many options as you choose. This site works with professional line setting services along with in-house sports betting experts. Their goal is to provide sharp betting lines for everything you need when you need it. This means that your overall betting board can rival the board of the biggest commercial online sportsbooks.

As a private bookie, you are only limited by your imagination. You can create your own prop bet options for anything you want. Even if you do not fancy yourself as an oddsmaker, working directly with A1, you can build out a board that is filled with betting options your customers will not find anywhere else.

This concept can also be used as a powerful marketing tool if you are trying to expand your customer base. Through your own A1 customized business website and targeted use of various social media tools, you can easily promote the fact that you are offering props for a particular sports event.

As an independent bookmaker, you always have the freedom to take action on anything you choose. A1 Price Per Head helps you formulate your betting board while also helping you execute your marketing plans to promote that board.