Ramp Up Live In-Game Wagering With A1 Price Per Head

The ability to wager on a sporting event after it has gotten underway is the best way to add even more excitement to the action on the field, ice or court. The coronavirus shutdown basically eliminated this aspect of betting sports over the past few months.

As a bookie, many of your sports betting customers are still waiting for the NBA, NHL and MLB to return to live games. Unfortunately, that is still going to take some time. What you do have at your disposal right now is international soccer along with NASCAR racing, MMA fights and boxing. The PGA Tour returns to the mix later in June.

It may seem like a slow start on the road to recovery. However, a big part of your job as a private bookie is to get your betting base excited over the sports and sporting events they can bet on right now. By working with A1 Price Per Head to develop live in-game wagering opportunities, you will take a big step in the right direction.

The Benefits of A1 PPH Live-In Game Wagering

The main reason you should be pushing live in-game wagers all year long is profitability. Given the fast-paced nature of this type of betting, it lends itself to an inflated hold percentage on all the action coming in.

The lines are always changing as each sporting event wears on. This has a way of increasing the overall handle for any event with in-game betting options. International soccer could be one of the best sports for multiple wagers as the match wears on.

Just about every major country offers a professional league so the action is almost endless. In the major countries for soccer through the UK and Europe, the familiarity of the various teams offers global appeal.

Whether it is the English Premier League or La Liga in Spain, it becomes rather easy to generate some betting interest across your entire sports betting base.

Right now, soccer would be your biggest live in-game betting opportunity and you can always count on A1 for a wide array of betting options for every daily match.

Expanding Live Betting Options With A1

If you cannot expand the number of different sports and sporting events on your board, the best alternative is the expand the betting options for the ones that are live right now.

Just because you did not generate all that much revenue on motor racing, golf, MMA fights or boxing in the past does not mean that these sports cannot be viable options in today’s sports betting environment.

Avid bettors have shown an interest in international table tennis, rugby and even eSports over the past few months. As more and more mainstream sports return to action, your best betting customers will remain eager to wager on anything you have on your board.

This is where A1 bookies services comes in. True professionals in the sports betting industry, this PPH service has the ability to fully leverage their longstanding relationships with some of the best oddsmaking services in the world. They also employ expert line setters as part of the in-house staff.

The end result is a never-ending supply of betting lines and betting odds for everything and anything that is going on right now. This selection will continue to expand as more and more sports leagues and sporting events find ways to go live.