Setting Up Your Betting Board with A1 Price Per Head

Just like the menu at a restaurant, you need to set up your betting board as a bookie in a way that satisfies all of your customer’s tastes.

From a wider selection of sports and sporting events to more betting options for the games, a built-out betting board can be used as a powerful marketing tool when it comes to attracting sports bettors to your bookie services.

Even more important to your success is the fact that a built-out betting board can build your weekly handle and hold without having to necessarily expand your active betting base.

A1 Price Per Head bookie services has a long history of helping private bookie agents just like yourself level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks with a wide selection of betting odds and betting options.

How Does A1 Set Betting Lines?

Based in Costa Rica, A1 Price Per Head has been offering its weekly bookie services package for more than a decade. During all that time, this top-rated PPH service has developed a high level of experience and expertise in the sports betting industry.

As an integral part of the in-house business support team at A1, sports betting experts work with some of the best external oddsmaking services in the world to help you build out your betting board.

The goal has always been to provide fast and sharp betting lines for a every sport and sporting event players are looking to bet on. This includes every sport and sporting event in the US as well as a host of international betting options.

Within each sporting category, A1 also looks for opportunities to expand all the betting options. This includes team and player props for every game, futures options beyond the basics and a full set of live in-game betting lines for all the daily action.

Signing on with A1, you will have fast and easy access to everything these line setters have to offer. This lets you build out your board in a way that best meets your business needs and the betting needs of your entire customer base.

How Does A1 Help You Manage That Board?

Running and managing a successful bookie business hinges on taking the guesswork out of the decision making process. With the right tools in place, A1 can provide everything you need to properly manage that betting board.

Centered around your online bookie dashboard, you always have instant access to real time business analytics that can break down every aspect of the daily and weekly action coming in.

Any of your line movements and changes to your board are instant. You can also quickly adjust betting and credit limits on an individual basis. A1 helps you take advantage of opportunities ahead of time while eliminating issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.

Everything you need to manage your bookie betting board is included in your weekly PPH plan with no added fees or hidden costs.

How Does A1 Support Your Betting Board?

The in-house business support team at A1 Price Per Head comes from an extensive background in the online sports betting industry. Many of these pros enjoyed an extended and successful career working for some of the biggest offshore books in the world.

These pros are also more than willing to share that experience and expertise when it comes to helping you run and manage your bookmaking operation.