Software & Reporting

Price per Head Services

Price per head services are used by bookmakers in order to remain competitive in the gaming industry. These services offer a complete package that is accessible, convenient and simple to use. The bookie pays a fee per active customer and is able to offer a wide range of sports, sporting events, wagering types, information and customer service. They differ from offshore online sportsbooks in that they do not handle money, making them a safe and more personal solution. Players still need to meet with bookies for payments and to settle debts. However, the software that price per head services utilize is the same as the software packages used by major online sportsbooks and other price per head sites like This means that the interface and the features and functions available to the player are on par with the major sportsbooks. Our prize per head services, offers premium quality software in order to offer a world class service that allows its agents to compete with the largest online sportsbooks in the world.



The software used by allows players to make use of a wide range of features and functions for a smooth, user-friendly betting experience. While in the past, players may have been required to wait hours for the clerks to process the outcome of the games and work out how much you have won or lost, with the software used by A1PPH, this information is available in a matter of seconds. Bookies will not need to spend money on clerks who can process the outcomes of the games and work out who owes and who is owed. This software will save the bookie both money and time, allowing him to put more effort into growing his business. For the player, betting through a site that utilizes this software is attractive as it creates a smoother and faster service.



Reporting is an importing aspect of any business. It allows the bookie to gain an overall picture of his business and work out the areas of strength or weakness so he can improve his business accordingly. At the same time, it allows him to focus on specific aspects of his business to gain a more detailed picture of the performance in those areas. The software utilized by the sites offers reports in a wide range of categories and these can be adjusted according to the bookies’ preferences and needs. Reports focus on areas such as the history of each player, cash flow, total exposure on specific games, open bets, credit limits for each player and much more. Bookies have the ability to adjust lines, credit limits for players or even to close player accounts and being able to view a detailed reports will help give a better picture of what adjustments need to be made. In addition, new reports can be created according to the bookies’ needs and the software used helps to create these new reports as required. Using will give the bookie access to all of these functions and options to help create an improved service.