The SEC Beefs Up Your A1 Price Per Head College Football Board

The college football season has basically been an afterthought for bettors this year with so much action on the board. The top four major professional leagues in the US have occupied most bettor’s attention.

The NFL is still at the top of the list but the excitement of both NBA and NHL playoff action is also commanding quite a bit of attention. With the MLB postseason ready to get underway with an expanded lineup, things are really heating up.

Normally, college football draws in quite a bit of weekly action. Next to the NFL, it can account for a large percentage of any private bookie’s weekly handle.

So far, this year has been spotty with several NCAA football conferences cancelling or postponing play. As the biggest power conference in college football, the SEC is responsible for a large share of the money bet.

Starting on Saturday, Sept. 26 with a full slate of games, the SEC is back in action. Turning to the national rankings for the Top 10 teams in nation, six of the teams are in the SEC including the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide.

It All Starts With A1 Price Per Head

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Making the Most of 2020 College Football With A1

As mentioned, there is quite a bit of action going on right now. That is not going to last forever. Come November, football will be the only game in town.

Fortunately, the football betting handle and hold percentage is enough to reach all of your financial goals. However, you will still need to maximize your efforts for both NFL and college football games. This is where A1 can really add value to the products and services it offers.

Once again, it comes down to sharp lines to build out your football board. It also comes down to expanding betting options that meet all of your betting customers’ needs. A1 can provide both on a regular basis.

You will also have the proper business tools to manage that board. A1 offers real time business analytics that keep you way out in front of the action coming in. You can also move your betting lines in an instant across that board. Any necessary changes to your board will be in place in a moment’s notice.