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What is Price per Head?

Price per head or pay per head is the term used to refer to an online service that local bookies are making use of. This solution allows local bookies to offer their services to their players through an online location. Bookies pay a fee per active customer and the management of their business is taken care of. The price per head service will develop and manage a customized website for the business. It will offer sports, wagering types, top odds, a range of lines, a wealth of information and helpful and accessible customer service.


Advantages of using A1PPH.com

There are many advantages to using a price per head service, both for the bookie and for the player. For the bookie, these services allow them to offer a complete, well-run and convenient service. By only paying for active customers, it is financially worthwhile, while at the same time giving the bookie more time to focus on building his business. The agent is provided with detailed reports to help improve his business, risk management and more. In addition, the site and the functions can be customized to suit the bookie, his business and his customers. If there are any aspects that are not currently available, A1PPH.com will accomodate your needs, get in contact with us and we will develop the feature you need. For the player, they now have access to a much wider range of options that are available 24/7 via the convenience of an online site that can be accessed from the comfort of home.


Wager Menu

Just by having a look at the wager menu available through A1 price per head services, you can get an idea of the vast range of options available to players through these sites. While local bookies were largely limited to local sports, this is not the case when they move their business online. Major sporting events around the world are now available and the range of wagering types has also increased greatly. Some of the bet types available include bet it all, straight bets, parlays, teasers, round robins, if win only, if win or tie, win reverse and action reverse. Players can choose the type of bet to suit them best and bookies can choose to offer the range of bets that they would like to see made available to their customers. This can be customized by the bookie, according to preference and demand. Bookies are provided with detailed reports of the bets that players are placing, among other things, and these are useful in seeing which bets are popular and which are not. If any bets are not available that the bookie would like to see made available, this can be requested from the price per head service and may be added.

When looking at the wagering menu, other information is also available including pending bets and betting history. This information is important for the punter and for the bookie and is an example of the level of detail that is offered through the price per head services.