What Is Pay Per Head?

If you are thinking about becoming an online bookie, you might have come across the phrase pay per head or price per head, pay per player, PPH, and other similar words. Yet, you might still have some questions about it.

Here, we expound on the topic to ensure you understand what the concept entails before you sign up for it.

The Concept of Pay Per Head

The concept of pay per head is not complicated as most people assume. To understand the model, you need to consider yourself as an onshore bookie agent incapable of launching a sportsbook the size of William Hill. Yet, you still want to offer betting services to your clients.

This is where the concept comes in. You can partner with a pay per head provider, who is based offshore, to provide betting solutions using its automated sportsbook software for a fee.

The service is anonymous and helps bookies avoid legal repercussions. When you use the service, your clients will log in to an offshore kind of betting platform.

The price per head shop also provides customer support. This means that you do not have to answer calls around the clock. Instead, hired customer representatives at the PPH’s call center can provide solutions to your bettors.

Using pay per head solutions has many advantages. For example, bookies partner with experts to run their betting services. Another advantage is that it is cost-effective.

Today, you would spend thousands of dollars to launch your sports betting services in the country. You would need to apply for a license and pay the license fee, build a website and invest in sportsbook software, set aside a running cost and bankroll, and spend other miscellaneous costs.

However, when you use the PPH service, you can slash capital and operational cost by over half.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

The first step is to contact a pay per head provider such as A1PPH. You need to provide your name, email, and number that the company will use to set up a bookie account and launch it.

You can choose your preferred template, customize various features and create player accounts. During customization, you can choose which sports betting markets to offer, set betting limits, and other details.

You can also set the minimum vig percentage and adjust it accordingly. Once you are through with that, you can leave the complicated part of bookmaking to A1PPH. The site’s oddsmakers will set betting lines and adjust them.

Meanwhile, you can enroll more clients to increase your overall profit. Contact A1PPH to set up your betting platform.