What Software Do Bookies Use to Run Their Business?

Bookies have discovered a secret, to use a pay per head software instead of the traditional kind. This has helped them save on capital and running costs. It has also helped them make better profits consistently.

There is one question that has gone unanswered. What software are bookies using to run their businesses successfully? This article has the answer, so keep reading.

It Costs $7 or Less Per Player

The first characteristic of this software is the cost per player which stands at $7. This is pretty fair, considering you would have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase traditional programs.

Look at it this way, every week, you can make over $7 in profit from a single player. You can use your profits to pay the price per player fee and remain with much more to put in your pockets.

This fee lowers when you increase the number of active players on your platform. So, if you start with ten players, you will pay $700 per week. However, you can lower this fee by increasing your players to at least 30.

The best part is that you can use the software for four weeks without bills. This saves you hundreds of dollars for the first few weeks.

It Is Comprehensive

Another characteristic is the comprehensiveness of the software. When you take your bookie business online, you want a complete solution. You want the software to automate the process, run efficiently, host many betting lines simultaneously, and much more.

Fortunately, this software does it all. It hosts over 100,000 betting lines annually and features different leagues for each sport. Moreover, players will find the live betting markets thrilling and engaging.

This leads to more bets from your players. Do you know what else follows? Incredible profits from all the betting.

Free Virtual and Live Casino

Today, a bookie website looks incomplete if it lacks a casino platform. Since you do not want that, you need to get this software.

A virtual and live casino is incorporated into it. This gives your clients a new product to enjoy while not wagering on sports.

The best part about this is that you will get the platform at no extra cost. Also, you will get two sources of income, helping you reach your financial goal.

It is unfair to let you go on a goose chase. So, it is time to name the software. A1PPH is a bookie software businesses use to make profits.

Apart from the above characteristics, this software has so much to offer. Contact the company to get yours.