Why Bookies Choose A1PPH for Their Pay-Per-Head Solutions

The sports betting industry is so competitive that bookies might not survive long offering their services. Those that survive have discovered that using pay-per-head solutions improves their chances of business growth and incredible profits. A1PPH has been at the forefront of offering its comprehensive sportsbook solution.

The site has designed its solutions to ensure bookies and bettors are satisfied. In fact, bookies choosing A1PPH swear by the solutions offered by the company. Here are three key reasons bookies will continue to choose A1PPH.

  1. Comprehensive Package

There are three main forms of gambling: sports betting, casino, and racebook. Like other land-based and online sportsbooks, you should strive to offer all forms of gambling. This increases your monthly profits.

A1PPH provides sports betting markets, horse racing betting lines, and casino games on one website. That way, players do not need multiple accounts with different bookies to meet their gambling needs. Instead, they can log in to the website and choose where to spend their money at any particular time.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Platform

Around 70 percent of bettors place their bets on their phones. Therefore, bookies must have a platform that can launch on desktop and mobile devices.

Fortunately, the A1PPH sportsbook is optimized for iPhones, Androids, and desktop devices. That way, players can deposit, find bet markets, wager, and withdraw their winnings. Meanwhile, a bookie agent can manage players, create betting lines, and complete other tasks on their phones or desktops.

  1. Betting Lines on All Major Sports

A1PPH also has betting lines on all major sports, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, and others. This means bookies can offer sports betting throughout the year as different sports seasons spread across 12 months.

Apart from that, bookies love extensive coverage of live betting. The site provides bets for thousands of markets each year, ensuring your clients have numerous bets to make. Meanwhile, bookies make more profits in a specific period than those not offering live betting lines.

A1PPH offers many other betting options, including parlays, moneyline, point spread, teasers, etc. This means that your clients can choose their preferred bet options. Ultimately, this creates customer satisfaction.

You, too, can benefit from these three elements and more from A1PPH. You can offer thousands of betting lines each year and earn as much as you want as you keep your clients satisfied.

All you have to do is contact the company to set up your sportsbook the same day. Remember to ask for a trial period to test the quality of the pay-per-head services.